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Monday 2 June 2014

CO2 Laser for Removal of Milia/Oil Seeds @ Mediviron UOA

I would like to share my experience with you on my first CO2 laser for eye milia seed (oil seed) removal. As the years passed I noticed that the oil seeds been growing around the area of my eyes. There were times that I did attempt to remove them using the tweeter to squeeze them out but hesitated as it might leave ugly scar behind around my eyes.

Milia or Oil seeds at the corner of my right eye

Milia or oil seeds are small, superficial cysts filled with flakes of skin cells. These tiny little white bumps commonly found on the face, around the eyes and neck areas. Milia are formed when the top layer of skin does not shed normally but instead becomes trapped in tiny pocket on the surface of the skin. I read somewhere that frequent usage of rich, oil-based beauty products; especially moisturizers and eye creams can cause the growth of milia seeds.

Well, I was thinking that since I was on my on-going Medlite laser treatments with Mediviron UOA, I decided to seek medical advice from my aesthetic doctor for an evaluation of these pesky oil seeds appearing around my eyes areas.

She recommended the CO2 laser procedure for me while assuring me that this is a very minor skin problem. I was told that it can be easily treated with 1 session only to remove those milia seeds. Numbing cream was applied beforehand on the areas around my eyes to make it numb and very comfortable.

The procedure was done very professionally by my doctor’s ‘miracle hands’. She was very careful as some of the oil seeds were very near at the edge of my right eye. But she was really good and fast throughout the whole laser treatment. I would say that I didn't feel much pain as it was well tolerated with minimal discomfort throughout the whole session.

Well, before I knew it was over in less than 5 minutes. There was no bleeding at all, simple and very safe procedure. My aesthetic doctor took the time to further explain to me that what the CO2 laser did was it actually ‘scrape off’ the oil seeds from my skin. I was given Neomycin, an antibiotic cream to apply over the wounded areas, to help with the smooth recovery of the skin and to decrease the risk of infection.

After the procedure, a scab formed to protect the underlying healing skin. I was very careful too when cleaning my face the first few days, taking care not to rub the scabs. The antibiotic cream was applied to my cleanse face 3 times a day as per doctor order. The scabs fell off around the 7th day. I got pictures taken of them on Day 10 to share the "Before & After" of the CO2 laser.
Following are the pictures of my "Before and After" of the CO2 laser procedure. Day 1 showed scabs on the skin and Day 10 showed a fully heal (no scars) of my 'free of milia/oil seeds skin'.

Mind you, these pictures were taken with courtesy by my daughter; Carmen's Olympus EPL5 camera with her awesome macro 60mm lens (which she uses it to take pictures of tiny insects) ... so this is how close we can get to show the texture and result on my skin. If you see careful, my daughter's reflection can be seen on my eyeball!  
Picture of my right eye with 2 milia seeds removed 

 Picture of my left eye with one milia seeds removed 

 Another picture of my right eye with a milia seeds near the bridge of my nose

I’m very happy with the result as there was no visible scar or marks at all and all those ugly milia seeds were all gone!  I could not ask for more as the result was absolutely great. I was comfortable and relaxed at all times and I would recommend them to anyone who’s contemplating on getting some cosmetic procedures done.

For more information about the CO2 laser procedure, before and after and other details on their website :

Mediviron UOA
LG 9 Lower Ground Floor
Wisma UOA II
Jalan Pinang
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 - 2163 5699

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  1. Wow sounds very inviting!!!
    Costly to get those milia seeds removed?

  2. Not really, they charge RM100 per mm, around RM100 per oil seed.

    Anyway, consultation is FOC from Monday to Thursday only. Get the appt to see the aesthetic doctor to assess your condition & quote you the price for the procedure. No obligation at all.

  3. Hey thanks for the story. Your face is clear now? I did a milia seeds removal once by extraction but I still have a few now. Thinking to opt for laser treatment if they can remove it completely

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  5. Thank you for the information. I will be reviewing it soon and will let you know if we have any follow-up questions.
    Best Face Scar Removal Surgery Thank you for sending this info. I learned alot from it.

  6. I did CO2 laser..but my milia comes back. Any suggested cream@ serum after laser u used on your post laser?

    1. It's best for you to seek consultation with the doctor that treated you for the skin conditions


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