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Friday 18 July 2014

Seow Man Hot Soups ~ A Claypot of Goodness @ Semenyih Kajang

One of my latest finds is an obscure little restaurant called Seow Man Hot Soups located in Semenyih, Kajang. My hubby and I happens to chance upon this eating place when we were on our annual Cheng Meng festival trip to the nearby Nirvana Memorial Park to pay homage to our ancestors.

Upon entering we knew that something good and delicious coming our way just by observing the amount of customers waiting patiently to be served that afternoon. It was packed to the brim during lunch hour. Parking space are aplenty. Customers usually finds parking right infront of the restaurant which is facing an empty lot.  

We were also informed by the owner that they will soon be relocated to nearby new shoplot at the address stated above in a week or two. Thanks goodness, we got 'mouth-luck' as we managed to check out this place before they gone missing the next time. I enjoyed eating the food so much that I promised the lady boss I shall blog about this and help to promote her food plus the relocation of her new shop.

Incidentally, there is a 'Copy-Cat' Hot Soups restaurant just right next door, trying to replicate the restaurant maybe to confuse patrons, so do not get mistaken and ate at the wrong shop. Hahaha ...

Here is the food list, a short 20 items menu to choose from bestsellers Seow Man Hot Soups dishes to go with your rice. Sometimes, I prefer a short list as we can focus on ordering the best of the bests, signature dishes and not going through a trial & error trying to find out which is the tastier one in a restaurant.   

For drinks, there are a good list of perfect thirst-quencher of healthy juices such as Passion Fruit Juice, Honey Lemon Lime, Chlorophyll to herbal drinks such as the Special Ice Jelly Bee, Ginseng Chrysanthenum tea,  Sugarcane with Water Chestnut, Longan with Lou Han Guo and Winter Melon Drink too. Prices are reasonable as they ranged from RM 2.50 to RM 3.00.

Crunchy Starter: Foo Chuk Pork Rolls

Foo Chuk Pork Rolls
My first dish which was a hot favourite on every diners' table. This must-have Foo Chuk Pork Rolls does makes a very good appetizer before the main meal. Juicy minced meat with chopped carrot and chestnut makes a good filling for the foo chuk roll. 

It was full of flavour and seeing that the cook was an old-timer, he did not stinge on the main ingredients. You can taste the flavoursome meaty portion with a very crispy foochok wrap on the outside. So good, you gotta eat this on its own without the dipping chillie sauce.  
Seriously Hot Pepper Soup
For the main dish, of course we have the famous dish they are popular for - Hot Pepper Soup. They served a variety of hot pepper soups ranging from pork belly, innards to pork stomach and even chicken too. Since I'm not a fan of pork innards, we opted for a mixed version with some chicken for me and the kids, together with some pork stomach to satisfy my hubby's craving.

Served in their signature claypot, this fragrant and herb-laden hot soup comes with lots of chinese celery (kang choy in Chinese or daun sup in Malay). A fragrant herb usually added to many types of broth like the sup kambing or sup ayam, perhaps bring out the flavour in it. The soup had a strong and distinct peppery taste, not too spicy, just what a pepper soup should taste like. 

I also wished to highlight that the chicken used here were of the better grade, kampung chicken grade where the meat is tender and chewy. So the end result is of course, a tasty tummy-warming soup to soothe your soul!    

Mouth-watering: Hot Pepper Pork Belly
Next up was an excellent Pork Belly cooked dry-styled called the "Fah Chiew Fah Yok", translated to Hot Pepper Pork Belly. The savoury dark, caramelised black sauce comes from the light soya sauce, oyster sauce, dark soya sauce, sugar and Shaoxing wine. 

Actually I'm not a fan of pork belly for its fat layer, but for this case I gave it a miss.The stir-fried pork belly with chillies padi and dry chillies, drenched in the black sauce were soft and tender, bursting with delicious savoury and hot spicy flavours. And it went so well with hot steaming white rice.

My young son was basically scrapping the bottom of the claypot for more of the tasty black sauce to go with his rice. Well in the end, I gave in and let him pour his rice in to the claypot instead for him to enjoy his hearty meal! 

 A Close Shot of  Porki-li-cious Pork Belly coated in the savoury sauce

Packs a Fire Punch of Chillies

My perfect choice of drink that day was this very special Ice Jelly Bee. A concoction of lime juice with honey mixed with soft, slippery jelly, this is a light and refreshing drink that brought relief to me from the heat of the sun especially after visiting the humid memorial park. 

Our total bill came to RM 41.90 only, with food, rice and drinks included for 4 pax. Real value for money and it can't get any better than this for the good standard of food served here.  

Overall, Seow Man Hot Soups is a great place to eat, good food with reasonable pricing for all their dishes. Besides that, you can be rest assured that each dish is cooked to perfection, credited to the years of experience that lies with the reputation of this old restaurant. 

Seow Man Hot Soups
No: 50 Jalan 1/9 Seksyen 1
Bandar Teknologi Kajang
43500 Semenyih
Tel: 016 - 604 0666 & 010 - 231 9429

Facebook: Seow-Man-Hot-Soups

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  1. When my foodie son starts to scrape the claypot for more sauce, it can only meant that the food were super AWESOME !

  2. Overall, Seow Man Hot Soups is a great place to eat, good food with reasonable pricing for all their dishes. Besides that, you can be rest assured that each dish is cooked to perfection, credited to the years of experience that lies with the reputation of this old restaurant.


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