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Friday, 29 April 2022

Domino’s ‘Kasih & Piza’ Programme For Ramadan & Syawal Celebrations

Domino’s ‘Kasih & Piza’ Programme For
Ramadan & Syawal Celebration 
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Celebrations With The Less Fortunate
Domino’s ‘Kasih & Piza’ Programme For Ramadan & Syawal Celebration

More than 2,000 underprivileged Malaysians are celebrating Ramadan and Syawal with bigger smiles and happier hearts thanks to Domino’s ‘Kasih & Piza’. Throughout the season, several individuals worked together with Domino’s to share pizza meals with the underprivileged. “Kasih & Piza'' provides customers with an opportunity to share love and spread kindness to those in need. It offers a variety of meal sets which are ideal to be purchased as a surprise meal for the underprivileged communities or even for family and friends simply by sharing a meal.

The programme is available throughout Malaysia and recently, with ‘Kasih & Piza’, it has helped us to distribute over 200 Kasih & Piza sets, totalling a value of more than RM42,000.

Domino’s ‘Kasih & Piza’ Programme For Ramadan & Syawal Celebration
The first two to participate were Eddy, a foodie enthusiast and Fatin, a talented make-up artist with a penchant for community service. They decided for this Ramadan they were going to go out and spread some joy to children who are less fortunate. They got together to pay it forward with Domino’s ‘Kasih and Piza’ to give the children an amazing pizza experience. Working together with Domino’s Pizza, the two friends distributed ‘Kasih & Piza’ set meals to Pusat Jagaan Telaga Kasih Nur Muhammad, a home housing about 40 orphans as well as staff, located in Kota Damansara.

Domino’s ‘Kasih & Piza’ Programme For Ramadan & Syawal Celebration
Even though Eddy is a non-Muslim, this did not stop him from wanting to spread some love during Ramadan. Eddy said, “I’ve participated in many outreach programmes, this one is especially close to my heart because it is quite the experience to see the children enjoying a great pizza moment. The feeling of joy you see when you reach the home is priceless, beyond measure. I love the idea that we get to spread joy not only during Ramadan but also in the months ahead. I would love to do this again for Deepavali as the ‘Kasih & Piza’ programme is ongoing throughout the year.”

Domino’s ‘Kasih & Piza’ Programme For Ramadan & Syawal Celebration
While Fatin expressed her happiness, she felt being able to ‘berbuka puasa’ with all the children was such a heart-warming time. “I am so happy to be here. I am able to get to know the children better as some of them are quite shy, it takes time to get them to open up. There are a lot of stories that they keep under wraps, and they can only be discovered if we sit down with them. There was even a boy who said this is the first time he has ever had pizza, and this touched my heart because this may be a normal occurrence to us, but it is a treat and an adventure for them,” said Fatin.

Linda Hassan, Group Chief Marketing Officer of Domino's Pizza Malaysia, Singapore, and Cambodia, said, “It gives us great joy to have this programme as it is important that those who are less fortunate are not forgotten. We feel that sharing pizza meals is one of the best ways to extend acts of kindness, especially during Ramadan and Raya. It is truly a pleasure for us to be able to do this for everyone here, and we look forward to doing more in the coming months.”

Domino’s ‘Kasih & Piza’ Programme For Ramadan & Syawal Celebration
Apart from Pusat Jagaan Telaga Kasih Nur Muhammad, the ‘Kasih & Piza’ outreach also went out to children at the Rumah Anak Yatim Cahaya Mahkota, Pondok Shihabuddin Watahfizul Quran, and Rumah Amal Al-Firdaus. This is in line with Domino’s brand promise ‘It's All About You’ as the outreach has managed to reach out to many children with the help of caring individuals like Ayu Rafikah, Aireen Sofia, and Maha.

Domino’s ‘Kasih & Piza’ Programme For Ramadan & Syawal Celebration
It was especially poignant for Maha as he could not physically go to the home he wanted to share the pizzas, however, Domino’s ‘Kasih & Piza’ was able to make this happen. “It was easy, all I had to do was place my order online at the Domino’s website and enter the address of Rumah Anak Yatim Cahaya Mahkota. This made things more convenient for me since I can still ‘buka puasa’ through a video call with the children which is very important to me and Domino’s has made it possible,” said Maha.

Domino’s ‘Kasih & Piza’ programme has been part of their charitable outreach since August 2020. The programme allows the community to be able to participate in the act of giving in a convenient way. Domino’s ‘Kasih & Piza’ allows freedom to spread acts of kindness as customers are able to order ahead or even reach out to those who are located in another state or far away from the receiver. The intention of ‘Kasih & Piza’ is simply to encourage one another to embrace kindness and reach out to anyone by simply sharing a meal together.

Since the launch of ‘Kasih & Piza’, Domino’s has assisted many individuals to distribute pizzas to several people in the community. These include front liners, security guards, charity homes, single mothers, the differently-abled, the underprivileged, as well as friends and families all over Malaysia. 

The ‘Kasih & Piza’ programme is a way for anyone to reach out and share a Domino’s pizza experience, with a selection of ‘Kasih & Piza’ meal sets ranging from RM30 (Save RM27.30), RM50 (Save RM48.70) to RM100 (Save RM110.20) respectively. All ‘Kasih & Piza’ sets come with sides, such as Breadstix or Cinnastix, along with Roasted Chicken Drummets and for the larger set it comes additionally with 2 bottles of 1.5L soft drink. And good news for cheese lovers, you can try the new Mega Cheese pizza which comes with up to ½ kg of cheese on any ‘Kasih & Piza’ set.

Domino’s ‘Kasih & Piza’ Programme For Ramadan & Syawal Celebration
To place the order, apply the promo code at www.dominos.com.my on the promo & coupons page using code KKP1 (RM30), KKP2 (RM50) or KKP3 (RM100). For those who like a personal experience, the ‘Kasih & Piza’ meal sets can be ordered online via Domino’s website or mobile application, and you can either select Potong-Q or Pandu Ambil. This allows the individual to deliver the pizzas to the ones they care about personally. Whereas those who prefer the delivery option are required to enter the full details of the delivery address with who they intend to share their happiness and Abang Domino’s would deliver.

For more information and ways to share a meal, please visit https://www.pizza.dominos.com.my/blog

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