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Friday, 9 October 2020



THE LOAF PAVILION may be best known for their amazing coffee and artisan baked treats with an extensive selection of buns, pastries, croissants and bread, but their latest restaurant offerings 'Dine-In With Chef Yusuf' menu serves up a smacking assortment of hot meals to fill up big appetites, too!

 Level 3 & 4
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
WhatsApp 6010 - 212 2195

Thanks to a wonderful invitation, Auntie Lilly and Uncle Hong was at The Loaf Pavilion Kuala Lumpur recently for a gastronomical adventure of fine authentic Malaysian cuisine specially curated by The Loaf very own Asian Head Chef, Chef Yusuf Mahron.

Friendly & Warm Chef Yusuf Introduces His Dishes

Launch in October 2020, The Loaf's 'Dine-In With Chef Yusuf' new menu features selections of local delights where Sarawakian Chef Yusuf takes diners on an adventure of taste with his cuisine showcasing a variety of local favourites to delight your palate.    
Introducing the taste of home from the West and East Malaysia, creative Chef Yusuf aims to bring the real authentic taste of Malaysian food to excite your senses through his extensive menu of Laksa Sarawak, Nasi Lemak, Pari Asam Pedas, Daging Balado, Ayam Kampung Masak Lemak Cili Api, Sambal Terung Ikan Bilis and many more.

Snippet Video Dishes Served

'Dine-In With Chef Yusuf' is themed in a traditional kampung ambience with a dine-in extravagant arrangement that will bring old memories in a breeze. Serving from the simple Gulai Ayam Kampung to the authentic Laksa Sarawak, the entire menu is a treat for adventurous taste buds. 

The Interior Of The Loaf Pavilion

Many of the dishes on the menu are inspired by Chef’s various journey across the Peninsular, Sabah and Sarawak. His Patin Tempoyak is a signature dish that originated from Pahang while Pari Asam Pedas, Sting rays served in a spicy sour sauce is Malacca's favourite. Chef also introduces Negeri Sembilan’s delicacy of Ayam Kampung Masak Lemak Cili Api and brings in his roots with the slurp-worthy Laksa Sarawak. 

Kuching-born Yusuf Mahron, fondly known as Chef Yusuf by The Loaf family, always knew where his heart and passion was. He has travelled all over the Asian region and as far as Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Australia, introducing unique and authentic Malaysian cuisine in his gastronomic venture for 12 years. 

In 2006, he joined The Loaf family and has been a dedicated member since, crafting his culinary skills in serving the taste of homes such as the infamous Laksa Utara and Ayam Percik. Over the last two years, Chef Yusuf has been invited to cook his signature dishes for the royal family, ministers and many other dignitaries on special functions. 

“The inspiration behind this menu is purely from my love for travelling and exploring the various signature dishes that are well-known and much loved by Malaysians. The kampung ambience gives the whole experience a homely feel that resonates well with all of us who may be missing home in this tough time,” said Chef Yusuf. 

Laksa Sarawak 
RM 25

We started off well with aromatic noodles dish - Laksa Sarawak which got me hooked. A stunningly original version of the popular Laksa Sarawak, this is by far one of best I have tasted so far in town. 

A comforting Malaysian variant of the traditional laksa noodle soup, Chef Yusuf's Laksa Sarawak was bursting with warming flavours of sweet, spicy and sour. You can taste the rich and creamy coconut-based noodles soup made from scratch with ingredients of fresh herbs and spices where all the robust flavour is developed.     

A noodle soup like no other, bright, colourful and absolutely delicious noodle dish consisting of  Rice Vermicelli noodles, prawns, shredded chicken, omelette strips, bean sprouts and finishing off with a squeeze of fresh lime and special housemade sambal for the extra kick. 

Oh yes, I heard that it was Anthony Bourdain’s Top 10 dishes where he named the dish the 'Breakfast Of Gods', you know it’s a dish that’s well-deserving. Special showcase from 'Dine-In With Chef Yusuf' dishes and available only at Pavilion KL outlet. Highly recommended and a must-try when dining at The Loaf Pavilion for the first time.   

Chef Yusuf has come up with a small, curated menu of carefully-crafted dishes at nicely-placed prices reflecting the restaurant's comfort food leanings. Diners get to taste the chicken, beef, fish, prawns and vegetable dishes from the main course selections to go with Basmati Rice set.

From the 'Dine-In With Chef Yusuf' menu, we sampled Daging Balado, Ayam Kampung Masak Lemak Cili Api, Pari Asam Pedas and last but not least the Sambal Terung. My top favourites have to be the Ayam Kampung Masak Lemak Cili Api and Pari Asam Pedas. 
Ayam Kampung Masak Lemak Cili Api

Selecting the best and most famous dishes from various states in Malaysia, the Negeri Sembilan's Ayam Kampung Masak Lemak Cili Api was an excellent choice indeed. Chef has prepared it authentically using fresh herbs and spices - flavoursome and rich or in Malay, I would say it's 'cukup rasa and cukup lemak'. 

The chicken dish was well-cooked in coconut milk with the tender meat of the Ayam Kampung surrounded by a rich golden yellow gravy with the aromatic flavours of fresh turmeric, lemongrass and bird eyes chilli

Best eaten with warm white Basmati rice and Sambal Belacan.   

Pari Asam Pedas

Fish lovers should definitely try the spicy dish of Pari Asam Pedas. This famous kampung-style dish originated from Malacca is hard to resist dish especially when cooked with stingray or Ikan Pari. 

The ocean-fresh fish take up all the attention and the bright red gravy is not too spicy nor sour and complements the naturally sweet fish meat. Again, it's best enjoyed with hot rice, fish crackers and perhaps, the Budu Sambal sauce.        

Daging Balado

Next, up is Daging Balado which literally means Beef With Chilli. Chunky beef is cooked to perfection with a generous portion of pounded fresh chillies may look like a simple dish but this is a hit with beef lovers. Those who love beef will no doubt take to the satisfying Daging Berlado which comes with the spicy flavourful sauce.

Sambal Terung

For greens, there's the Sambal Terung featuring fried brinjal in sambal paste topped with crispy anchovies for the added crunch. 

Diners can choose from their three selection of meal set from either one to two or four pax menu for dine-in option as follows: 
  • Meal Set For 1 pax (1 Rice + 1 Main Dish) at RM 32
  • Meal Set For 2 pax (2 Rice + 2 Main Dishes + 1 Vege) at RM 66
  • Meal Set For 4 pax (4 Rice + 4 Main Dishes + 2 Vege) at RM 126

There's also have the option of Add-On for Rice Set RM 5, Mains RM 23 and Vegetable dishes RM 15. 

Great Ambience & Bright Dining Space At Level Three

The Loaf also serves its very own line up of hot food menu downstairs on level three spanning from Asian Delights to Burgers and Healthy Choices. Those looking for a quick bite should check out some of their best sellers of local fusion dishes to whet your appetite. 

Nasi Lemak Rendang
RM 24

Those who love Malay cuisine should try out the appetising Nasi Lemak Rendang which comes with coconut flavoured Basmati rice paired with Chicken Rendang, cucumber, anchovies, peanuts, hard-boiled egg and of course, the Sambal Tumis.

Chicken Rendang

The simple yet local favourite Nasi Lemak Rendang is sure to tickle your taste buds while the Kecek Kelate Burger is sure to ignite a gastronomic curiosity. 

Kecek Kelate Burger 
RM 26

Kecek Kelate Burger is Chef Yusuf's creative take on the burger dish paired with our local Kelantanese Ayam Percik dish. 

It features a grilled chicken patty in Percik sauce sandwiched with Romaine lettuce, sauteed onions and zucchini between a Danish Doughnut. Served with sides of curly fries and salad of the day.      

Kerabu Mee Siam
RM 24

Light eater will take delight in this Kerabu Mee Siam ~ Thai-inspired vermicelli in lemongrass based sauce served together with Kerabu Salad, prawns and squid. 

Spaghetti Pad Thai 
RM 28

Their Spaghetti Pad Thai is a fusion not to be missed and indulged upon. 

Thai-inspired Spaghetti in Tamarind based sauce sauteed with egg and assorted seafood including prawns and squid.  

Last but not least, The Loaf's Japanese artisan bread and pastries will surely appeal to many foodies. 

Should you drop by for coffee and snacks, do try their baked artisan bread, handmade and daily fresh from the oven. 

Trust me, it totally worth your while for every bite of the calories in those heavenly delicious buns, pastries or croissants.

Caramel Mix Nuts Danish, Chocolate Croissant & Chicken Mushroom Pie 
(Clockwise From Top) 

Oh yes, The Loaf signature bakery item, Oyaki is created from a rich and soft moisture dough made from 100% soy milk, no preservatives, artificial colouring or chemicals. Their best-sellers are Cranberry Cheese Oyaki and Black Beauty Oyaki. 

Top Pick Of The Day
Caramel Mix Nuts Danish

For more details on Dine In With Chef Yusuf and The Loaf, head over to their Facebook or Instagram or you may drop them an email at hello@theloaf.asiaDo check out the following Loaf-ers at the outlet nearest to you at:
  •  NU Sentral
  •  Sunway Pyramid
  •  IOI City Mall
  •  EkoCheras Mall
  •  Plaza Cenang, Langkawi
  •  Perdana Quay, Langkawi


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