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Friday, 16 October 2020

RECIPE: Beetroot, Corn & Carrot Soup From Auntie Lilly's Kitchen

Auntie Lilly's Kitchen 
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Beetroot, Corn & Carrot Soup 
RECIPE: Beetroot, Corn & Carrot Soup From Auntie Lilly's Kitchen

Any Soup Lovers Out There? I bet many of you are a great fan of those tummy-warming, soul-soothing delicious and nutritious soups your mom or grandma prepared for you when you were young. Need some easy and quick dinner ideas? Try one of these simple recipes for an easy but delicious and nutritious soup for the family. 

For me, soups are simple comfort food that goes well with almost anything... be it with rice, noodles, and even with bread. Auntie Lilly remembers all those nourishing Chinese soups my late mother used to cook for me when I was young. Read more for my latest family favourite ~ Beetroot, Corn & Carrot Soup recipe on the blog now!
Auntie Lilly's quick meal ideas and simple recipe ~ Beetroot, Corn & Carrot Soup is wholesome, homemade and affordable, just require a few fresh ingredients of Beetroot, Corn, Carrot, Red Dates and any meat of your choice.  

Super Food - Beetroot

I opted for lean pork and chicken feet, why not? Chicken feet are rich in collagen, not only good for the skin, they’re delicious when eaten with some light soy sauce and bird’s eye chillies. If you don't eat pork, you can switch to chicken meat!

6 Ingredients For The Soup

Ingredients For Beetroot, Corn & Carrot Soup (Serves 3-4 Pax)
✔️ 1 Medium Size Beetroot
✔️ 1 Carrot
✔️ 1 Corn
✔️ Lean Pork
✔️ 6-8 Chicken Feet 
✔️ 5 Red Dates 

Medium Size Beetroot

Corn & Carrot

Lean Pork

Blanched Chicken Feet

Red Dates

Direction: How To Prepare The Soup
Parboil pork & chicken feet in boiling water for about 3 mins to remove scum. 
 Remove, rinse & add on to the pot. 
Place all ingredients into the pressure cooker. 
Add just enough water to immerse the ingredients & bring to a boil. 
Then cook on medium-low heat for 15 to 20 minutes. 
Season with salt & pepper to taste & serve warm.

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This old Chinese root soup has stood the test of time, and it never gets old in my family. Have a go at this Chinese beetroot soup recipe & let me know what you think. You can’t beet a healthy bowl of soup. Bon Appétit and enjoy ya!

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