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Saturday 21 March 2020



Those who are fans of Chinese-style Steamed Fish might find what they are looking for at SIONG TONG GAI Restaurant in PJ Tropicana Gardens Mall in Petaling Jaya. This seafood restaurant, famous for its Cantonese-style delights cooked up a few of its signature a la carte dishes when we stopped by for lunch one afternoon. 

PJ Tropicana Gardens Mall
Lot CC-37 & 38
Concourse Floor
Tropicana Garden City Mall
No. 2A, Persiaran Surian
Tropicana Indah
47410 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 017- 477 5368
Opening Hours
Sunday-Thursday: 10am - 10pm 
Friday-Saturday: 10am -10.30pm
From outside, Siong Tong Gai looks like any other Chinese restaurants but their signature steamed fish dishes are testimony to the culinary talent that lies within the restaurant. This humble eatery has first opened its doors 8 years ago with its flagship outlet in Puchong. 

Running into their 8th anniversary this year, Siong Tong Gai Restaurant boasts of having nine outlets throughout Malaysia with the opening of their ninth latest outlet in PJ Tropicana Gardens Mall. 

Seafood lovers can take delight in their selection of fresh seafood, especially steamed fish dishes and order from the extensive seafood menu, waiting to be served with ocean-fresh mouth-watering fish, prawns, clams and squid dishes. 

Siong Tong Gai Restaurant specialises in steamed fish dishes, which are prepared with the finest and freshest selection of seafood to diners. Chefs will select the best live fish and when cooked, it's a feast fit for Kings and Queens.

A quick glance at the menu shows that it's dominated by drool-worthy Cantonese culinary treats of fresh seafood in their dishes. Seafood connoisseurs will be spoilt-for-choice with their menu featuring more than ten varieties of fish and over twenty types of seafood dishes prepared and cooked with their signature premium seafood broth. Click here for Full Menu.

 Spacious With Ample Seatings 

The restaurant offers diners a spacious air-conditioned indoor dining setting, with a live seafood display, an open kitchen concept and comfortable ambience providing an exceptional dining experience for diners.

Open Kitchen Concept

Live Seafood Display

Mama Steamed Prawns RM 0.88 
Every Order Of Signature Steam Fish 

Siong Tong Gai Restaurant is currently having its 8TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY PROMOTION at all outlets nationwide until 30 April 2020 that includes a plate of Mama Steamed Prawns at RM 0.88 only with every order of their Signature Steam Fish dish.

What constitutes a great serving of steamed fish? Without a doubt, the freshness of the fish and the broth that goes with it. Siong Tong Gai Restaurant nails this popular Chinese delicacy with both ingredients, making it a must-try for all fish lovers.

Checking Out Their Live Kitchen

Diners can choose either the Steamed River Fish selections including Soon Hock, Hi-fin Patin, Jade Perch, Silver Catfish, Black Talapia, Red Talapia to Steamed Sea Fish selections of Dragon Grouper, Red Fish, Red Snapper and Siakap too.

Signature Superior Steamed Three Treasure
RM 48 (Excluding Fish)

First, on the table - the highlight of our lunch was their signature Superior Steamed Three Treasure dish, taking centre stage at the restaurant on almost every dining table. The dish is priced RM 48++ for two pax (Excluding Your Choice Of Fish) and add-on RM 8/pax onwards. 

Serve To Us In Piping Hot Broth

Served in a mini wok, a plethora of prawns, squids, clams and Enoki mushrooms together with your choice of fish, they are steamed to perfection in their superior broth to preserve sweetness, flavour and texture. Prices for the fishes are charged according to its weight per 100grams.

Hi-fin Patin
RM10.90 For 100 grams
RM 89

We had Hi-fin Patin - famous for its smooth and sweet texture that makes one ask for seconds, especially when it's steamed with the flavourful broth topped with diced garlic and bird's eye chilli that provided an extra kick to the dish.

The 'Siong Tong' or signature clear broth was fragrant, wholesome and has rich flavours that go well with the variety of seafood in the dish. Apart from the signature dish, we also tried some of the other crowd's favourites served at the restaurant.

Steamed Kampung Chicken 
(Half Chicken) 
RM 50.90

The Steamed Kampung Chicken dish features free-range kampung chicken steamed with their superior broth and ginger. It was nicely done and the meat was tender and juicy.

The selection of free-range kampung chicken has more bite to it compared to farmed chicken and its evident in each bite. The preparation method allows its natural taste to shine, instead of marinating it and adding complicated flavours.

Dining at Siong Tong Gai, one can easily relate the restaurant's dishes to those cooked at home, as they are simple, no-frills, yet tasty. Two dishes that stood out were the Superior Steamed Three Treasure and Steamed Kampung Chicken. Both are highly recommended dishes to try when dining here.

Mama Steamed Prawns
RM 48.80

The chef's Mama Steamed Prawns was also lovely for its combination of ingredients and minimal use of flavours. 

Prawns dominated the plate while soft and smooth egg helped bring out the sweetness of the crustacean.    

 Sweet & Sour Popcorn Pork
RM 26.90

The restaurant offers many varieties of pork dishes, but I'm glad we choose the Sweet & Sour Popcorn Pork.

This dish would definitely appeal to the young children for its deliciously sweet and sour sauce coating the crispy popcorn pork.

Signature Tofu
RM 18.90

For something lighter, try the Signature Tofu dish. Senior citizens are likely to enjoy the home-made egg tofu that is smooth and silky in texture.

Mildly flavoured with soya sauce and shallot oil, it's garnished with chopped scallion and deep-fried dried prawns to enhance its flavour.

Three Treasures Vegetable
RM 19.90

Also on the menu is the Three Treasures Vegetable dish - A Stir-fry dish of 'Tau Miu' or Sweet Pea Sprout with two types of mushrooms, namely the fresh white and brown Shimeji mushrooms. 

I enjoyed this refreshing dish with natural sweetness in it, especially when cooked with the fresh mushroom which pleases the taste buds with a fresh green note. 

Topping with crispy fried garlic makes the dish so appetizing especially when it’s just fried hot from the wok.

All-in-all, Siong Tong Gai has much to offer showcasing a wide selection of Chinese cuisine specialising in churning up classic good old-fashioned steamed seafood dishes to delight your senses. Prices are pretty affordable and reasonable for their premium and top quality fresh ingredients used for their value-for-money dishes.

We were utterly satisfied over the hearty and mouth-watering comfort food for lunch. The authentic flavour is the secret to attracting diners who crave for good old-fashioned, wholesome and simple family treats just like from your mom's kitchen.

So if you have cravings for some of the best-steamed fish cuisines in town, then head over to their any of their nine outlets for some memorable dining experience with your loved ones!

Address Of All Outlets In Malaysia

Siong Tong Gai 蒲种上汤街 - PJ Tropicana Gardens Mall
PJ Tropicana Gardens Mall
Lot CC 37& 38, Concourse floor
☎ 017-2150388
⏰ 10AM - 10PM

Puchong BT.14 (HQ)
No. 1, Jalan BPU 5, Bandar Puchong Utama, 47100 Puchong Selangor.
☎ 011-18680068
⏰ 11AM - 10PM

Kuchai Lama
B-0-13A, Tulin 28, No. 1, Jalan Riang Ria 8, Taman Gembira, Kuchai Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur.
☎ 011-18680046
⏰ 11AM - 10PM

Puchong IOI Mall
Lot FS06, FS07, Food Street, First Floor, IOI Mall.
☎ 011-34789963
⏰10AM - 10PM

EkoCheras Mall
M-LG-07, EkoCheras Mall.
☎ 011-34789961
⏰10AM - 10PM

JB R&F Mall
G-150 & G-151, Ground Floor, R&F Mall.
☎ 013-8768048
⏰10AM - 10PM

Klang Bukit Tinggi Aeon Mall
LOT F13, Aeon Bukit Tinggi.
☎ 017-3518068
⏰10AM - 10PM

JB Toppen Shopping Centre
L1-13A, Toppen Shopping Centre.
☎ 017-2390388
⏰ 10AM - 10PM

Kepong Aeon Mall Metro Prima
F17, Aeon Mall Metro Prima, Jalan Metro Prima, Taman Kepong, 52100 Kuala Lumpur.
☎ 017-2510388
⏰ Mon- Thurs:10AM - 10PM;Fri - Sun & PH 10AM - 11PM


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