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Monday 23 March 2020

Hanoi Street Food Walking Tour At Tiệm cô Mận - Đặc sản Cốm Vòng ~ Cốm Vietnamese Green Rice

Cốm, the Vietnamese Green Rice Traditional Pastries

Hi Foodies! I'm excited to share and post my first Vietnam food blog post today - sharing Auntie Lilly's dining experience on my first 'Hanoi Street Food Walking Tour', seeking out some of the best Vietnamese food along the streets of the Old Quarter in Hanoi. Read more for full story...  

We had a wonderful experience with an insight into the local life and culture and with local street food with Ms Mun Thảo as our private food guide for the night. Mun Thảo was a wonderful food tour guide - warm and welcoming, she explained well in English, shared her stories, tales and traditions from each stop and food we tasted. 

Our Awesome Host - Miss Mun Thao 

We were at Tiệm cô Mận - Đặc sản Cốm Vòng where Mun Thao introduces us to Cốm, the Vietnamese Green Rice - an immature rice kernel roasted over very low heat then pounded in a mortar and pestle until flattened. 

Cốm xào, Green Sticky Rice Cakes 

We tried the traditional pastry of Cốm Vòng, sticky glutinous sweet rice grains, and Cốm xào, green sticky rice cakes that night.

Cốm Vòng, Sticky Glutinous Sweet Rice Grains

Even if you are not hungry, it is hard to turn down a plate of sweet steamed green sticky rice. This dish is made using fresh soft and very dry green rice flakes and sugar, topped with shredded coconut.

Com is often eaten by hand from the lotus leaves, chewed slowly to enjoy the flavour. It can be eaten with persimmons or bananas. Both were chewy, sticky and smell pleasant like the scent of green rice, it has some elegant, fresh and simple flavour.

Tiệm cô Mận - Đặc sản Cốm Vòng

I was told that the locals love to eat these lightly sweet and fragrant young green rice at street food stalls while enjoying the fresh air on a cool night by the streets in Hanoi. Hanoi connoisseurs will know to enjoy Com Vong with sips of green tea from Thai Nguyen.

LOCATION OF Tiệm cô Mận - Đặc sản Cốm Vòng

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