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Thursday 27 February 2020

Chuanxi Bazi Sunway Velocity Introduces All-New Dish, The Supreme Conqueror Dry Pot

Chuanxi Bazi 川西坝子-大马店 
Firing Up Appetites With The All-New Dish
  Chuanxi Bazi 's All-New Dish, The Supreme Conqueror Dry Pot

All fans of super spicy Sichuan cuisine should note of Chuanxi Bazi Malaysia's all-new one-pot meal ~ The Supreme Conqueror Dry Pot! Chuanxi Bazi Malaysia 川西坝子-大马店 at Sunway Velocity is excited to introduce the taste of traditional Sichuan cuisine to the discerning diners in Klang Valley.

 Sampling Chuanxi Bazi's New Dish ~  Supreme Conqueror Dry Pot

An amazing Chuanxi Bazi Ma lat experience awaits Sichuan enthusiasts firing their appetites in one of the most delicious Dry Hot Pot dishes ever introduced. Be ready to be fired up; having your mouth go numb in the name of good food in the likes of authentic, fiery Sichuan cuisine will be worth it. Read on for more... 

2nd Floor, V03A-02-02
Sunway Visio Tower, Lingkaran SV
Sunway Velocity
Jalan Cheras, Maluri
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-9202 3028
Business Hours :
Daily 12 noon – 11 p.m
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Hot Pot Style

Dry Pot Style

Chuanxi Bazi Malaysia has brought in Senior Chef Yang Hang from Szechuan China to whip up the authentic speciality one-pot meal, Supreme Conqueror Dry Pot. The Supreme Conqueror Dry Pot features a two-in-one-pot dining experience where diners get to taste both the dry pot and hot pot in one sitting. 

Originating from the Sichuan province in Southwestern China, this Dry Hot Pot is characterised by their spiciness from the liberal use of garlic and chilli peppers - particularly the distinctive Sichuan pepper, which creates a numbing sensation in the mouth.

Supreme Conqueror Dry Pot features an aromatic super fiery one-meal pot prepared with plenty of Ma lat spices and cooked with meat of your choice including Prawns (RM58), Pork Intestines (RM48), Chicken (RM38) or Spare Ribs (RM38).

Add-Ons for Prawns (RM10), Pork Intestines (RM9), Chicken (RM7), Spare Ribs (RM 7), Crispy Fried Pork (RM7), Udon (RM3), Steamed Rice (RM2), Fried Rice (RM3), Fried Fu Chuk (RM4) and You Tiao Chinese Cruller (RM3). 
For the red-hot treat for the senses, diners can choose to tone down the heat or heighten the spicy experience by choosing between three levels of spiciness: Mild, Spicy or Extra Spicy. One serving of Dry Pot is suitable to be enjoyed between a group of two to four diners.

Served in a Sichuan-style copper pot, the Supreme Conqueror Dry Pot was pleasing to the eye easily identified by the red colour of the dish and the number of dried chillies used. You can smell the pungency of the spices, mixed flavours from the many herbs used and the aroma of the chillies. 

There were chunky pieces of tender chicken parts topped with sesame seeds and cut dried chilli. Although I have a decent tolerance for spicy food, most of us found Chef Yang's mild to moderate spiciness level too hot to handle!

 Adding In The Udon Noodles Once The Chicken Dish Sizzles 

The dry pot was heated up under low heat and once it sizzles, the waitress helped to pour the udon noodles and mixed in gently. Oh yes, for those who must have rice, there's also an option of rice besides the udon noodles for this dry pot dish.

Silky & Chewy Udon Noodles 

Part 1 - Adding In Udon Noodles First

The first mouthful of the udon noodles was bearable as the spices did not sting the palate but as we continued and started eating the chicken, we could feel our tongue slowly going numb, creeps up on you after the accidental bite into those special Sichuan peppercorns.

Nevertheless, we enjoyed the udon noodles as it has a nice chewy bite and the chicken and spicy Sichuan sauce add in extra flavours. 

Part 2 - Adding In Bone Broth Turning Into Hot Pot

Once we are almost done to the last bite, we moved on to the second round of tasting - by adding in Chuanxi Bazi's signature bone broth. 

Chinese Cabbage Comes With The Order Of  Dry Pot 

Bring it to a boil, then add in some Chinese cabbage and enjoy some hotpot dish all over again!

I find Chuanxi Bazi's new dish pretty interesting - Something new and different where you get to enjoy the best of both worlds ~ starting off with the dry pot and finishing it up in the hot pot version. 

40% Discount ~ Offer Till Sunday, March 1st 2020 
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To all Sichuan Food Fans out there, do give this all-new one-pot dish ~ Supreme Conqueror Dry Pot a try, especially when there's an ongoing 40% DISCOUNT Valid Till 1st MARCH 2020! 

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