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Saturday 15 February 2020



HO HO STEAMBOAT RESTAURANT (好好海鮮火鍋之家) has stood the test of time and been around since 1999 with its flagship outlet at Sri Petaling in Kuala Lumpur. Steamboat restaurants are a dime a dozen but Ho Ho Steamboat sets itself apart with its special clear soup, signature chilli sauce and fresh ingredients - freshly shipped daily from Pulau Ketam. Read on for more of my favourite steamboat place...

No. 19, Jalan Radin Anum Satu
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling
Sri Petaling
57000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 012-289 3119
Operating Hours: 4.30pm – 12am
WEBSITE www.steamboat.com.my

For me, Ho Ho Steamboat has always been my family's favourite dining option for steamboat when we crave for the wholesome hot pot of goodness filled with fresh ingredients.  

A wholesome pot of goodness with fresh ingredients is the perfect meal to warm the heart and soothe the tummy

Over the years, Ho Ho Steamboat had garnered many regulars over the years. Hailing from Pulau Ketam, the restaurant is famed for its enjoyable clear soup base that's prepared with the aromatic dried halibut fish or dried flounder powder, also known as 'Chor How Yi' or 'Tai Tei Yi'. This is used to make great taste in the soup.

We can never have enough of this delicious fragrant soup based which was bursting with fresh and sweet flavours brought about with that special fish flavour. They also offer Tom Yum Spicy Soup option but I would highly recommend you guys to just opt for the signature Clear Soup instead as the Tom Yum was just ok-ok for me.

RM 39.80 Steamboat Set For 2 Pax

You can opt for ala carte orders and choose from more than 70 kinds of steamboat ingredients, including fish balls, fish noodles, handmade dumplings, as well as QQ tofu. Their crab, white pomfret, squid, sliced pork, giant grouper fish head and Siakap fish head are not to be missed.

For my family of five, we usually opt for the value-for-money set option at RM 39.80 for two pax by having 2 sets of it which is good sharing portion for 5 of us. The set comes with prawns, meatballs, fish balls, fish fillets, tofu, vegetables, dumplings, a variety of bean curd products, eggs and noodles. 

My Favourite Chilli Sauce 

Oh yes, we just loved their punch-packed homemade chilli sauce just seals the experience at Ho Ho Steamboat. We just loved the spicy and sour homemade chilli sauce that goes really well with the steamboat items.

One point I need to stress when dining at here is that lately services were not as good as last time - could be they are short-handed due to lack of staffing. So if you're looking for good services, please avoid the dining crowd from 6pm to 9pm especially on the weekends.

Over the years Ho Ho Steamboat has maintained its standard in serving top quality steamboat to its diners including yours truly who has been dining there for more than 10 years. Do check them out if you're around the vicinity of Sri Petaling and let me know your verdict in the comments below! 

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