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Thursday, 16 January 2020

RYOSHI IZAKAYA SIGNATURE Best Japanese Restaurant Offers Chinese New Year Set Meal

RYOSHI IZAKAYA SIGNATURE Best Japanese Restaurant Offers Chinese New Year Set Meal
Award-Winning Restaurant Offers Special Menu For Festive Season
Chinese New Year Set Meal
RM 338 (2-4 pax)
RM 688 (6-8 pax)

Are you looking for a dose of different cuisine to celebrate your Chinese New Year?  Award-winning Japanese cuisine restaurant, RYOSHI IZAKAYA SIGNATURE has lots to offer with their splendid spread of Chinese New Year delights to help you kick-start the Lunar New Year with a bang!   

Wishing You A Very Prosperous & Fruitful Lunar New Year 

Lot G26, Ground Floor
Atria Shopping Gallery
Jalan SS22/23
Damansara Jaya
47400 Petaling Jaya
(North Entrance)
Tel 010 2020 200
Opening Hours 11:30am- 10:30pm daily
WEBSITE www.ryoshi.com.my

Ryoshi Izakaya Signature, winner of the 'World Top Gourmet Awards for 2019' is all set to roll out its super value Chinese New Year Set Meal priced at RM 338 (2-4 pax) and RM 688 (6-8 pax) featuring a variety of premium Japanese favourites to usher in the Year of The Metal Rat in style.   

For Japanese food lovers, Ryoshi Izakaya Signature is definitely a place for those looking for an authentic Japanese dining experience. 

With its strategic location at Atria Shopping Gallery in Damansara Jaya and coupled with its spacious and ample seating capacity up to 130 pax that's perfect for group dining for family and friends to gather for the festive celebration.     
To set the mood for a festive feast, the chefs at Ryoshi Izakaya Signature has specially curated the must-have auspicious 'Toss Dish' featuring Ryoshi Prosperity Yee Sang together with a cornucopia of  8 tasty treats of Sashimi, Maki, Teriyaki, Tempura, Kaarage, Nabe, Udon and Kushiyaki to delight your palate.

Happiest With Dining With The Bloggers Gang

Lucky me, Auntie Lilly and my bloggers' friends were one of the first few who got to savour their special menu for the festive season. 

Our CNY feast begins with the auspicious Yee Sang Toss of Ryoshi Prosperity Yee Sang. 

 Ryoshi Prosperity Yee Sang

We begin the indulgence with Yee Sang, a staple dish in any CNY celebration that's made from fresh salmon, multi-coloured vegetable mix, complemented with delightful condiments and tangy sauce.  

 Ryoshi Sashimi Mori

The highlight of the menu has to be the Ryoshi Sashimi Mori. A must-have in any Japanese dining, right? Beautifully served on a bowl of ice platter with shredded daikon and garnished with Shiso leaves, it's perfect for those wanting to experience the different textures from different types of seasonal fishes has to offer. 

Top Pick Of Sashimi Platter 
Salmon Belly

Keeping sashimi lovers in mind, the CNY Set Meal offers a delectable variety of additions such as Toro Salmon (Salmon Belly) and fresh combinations of Kampachi Sashimi (Amberjack), Sake Salmon, Nama Tako (Octopus), Hotate (Scallop) and Ama Ebi (Sweet Shrimp). 

So if you're a sashimi fan, then this Ryoshi Sashimi Mori will be a heaven for you. Ocean-fresh seafood is the best catch available offering air-flown delicacies from famous TSUJIKI Fish Market!

Dragon Maki

The picture pretty dish of Dragon Maki is my personal favourite. A must-try, this is special roll comprising of deep-fried King Prawn wrapped with seaweed, drizzled over with flavourful mayo dressing and finishing touch of tobiko as a garnish for the pretty impressive roll.

Saba Teriyaki

Another favourite of mine is the Saba Teriyaki, flaky fresh and succulent Saba fillets pan-fried to a perfect crisp on the skin and flavoured with the teriyaki sauce. Nothing fancy - simple and delicious on its own right!   

 Tempura Mori

Chef has also included deep-fried delights from the menu such as this Tempura Mori. An assortment of battered vegetables includes eggplant, Enoki mushroom, fresh Shiitake, pumpkin served with Tiger Prawns. 

 Karaage Tofu

Karaage Tofu is a good addition to the CNY set as it's a light dish with deep-fried Tofu that features smooth and silken texture served with flavourful bacon chips and onion toppings. Scallions and Bonito flakes give it an extra depth of flavour to the bland Tofu.

 Buta Bara

No Japanese food dining would be complete without these delightful bite-sized Butabara ~ Grilled Skewered Pork Belly. 

Thinly sliced skewered pork belly perfectly seasoned with sea salt that did not overpower the delicate taste of the meat. Keep it simple with a squeeze of lemon, the flavour of the pork is what you're going for here.   

 Tororo Nabe

Pleasing to the eye and palate is this piping hot Tororo Nabe ~ Hotpot lovers like me was over the moon with the soupy delights, a healthy mixture of pork, chicken, vegetables, mushroom and Japanese Yam hotpot.

Udon Noodles

The delicious Tororo Nabe was concocted from dashi broth, also go well with some Udon noodles.

Well, this mouth-watering bowl of steaming hot Udon noodles completes our satisfying festive menu tasting. 

All-in-all, I find Ryoshi Izakaya Signature's Chinese New Year Set Meal pretty complete with chef taking great care to incorporate an assortment of dishes served in different cooking styles from Sashimi, Maki, Pan-fried to Deep-Fried, Grilled and Soup choices too.    

Like all meal, I wish they have thrown in some desserts such as Matcha or Sesame ice cream for a sweet ending to this sumptuous festive menu.  

For more information and reservations, please call Telemarketing at  +6010-2020 200 or directly email to  info@ryoshi.com.my Visit their Website at www.ryoshi.com.my and make your BOOKINGS online at www.ryoshi.com.my/book-a-table

Auntie Lilly of FollowMeToEatLa wishes all readers ~ Prosperous with A Year of Good Fortune & Abundance Wealth On This Coming Joyful Metal Rat Year!


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