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Friday 29 November 2019


A place where you can linger with good friends, good food, and good drinks!

TANSEN IZAKAYA JAPANESE BAR & RESTAURANT in SS22 Damansara Jaya is definitely a place for those looking for an authentic Japanese dining experience. 

With Izakaya-style interior and ambience, Tansen Izakaya a newly opened casual Japanese bar is the perfect place for people to hang out and unwind with friends, enjoy a few drinks and enjoy fresh Japanese food for the evening. Read more from here...  

36, Jalan SS 22/25
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel 010-811 1712
Opening Hours
Tuesday To Sunday
5pm to 12 Midnight

Because of the bright and colourful neon lighting on the exterior, you will never miss this place. Located strategically facing the main road in Damansara Jaya, they offer a large menu ranging from appetisers to mains, echoes the specially crafted cuisine from the chefs.

Ensconced in the affluent neighbourhood of Damansara Jaya, this place is fast making its name in becoming a popular and thriving casual drinking spot for many city slickers. What Tansen Izakaya takes pride in is not just its selections of food offered, but the wide range of pocket-friendly Japanese beer and sake.  

Newly opened for more than two months ago, Tansen Izakaya has an extensive wide list of interesting range of alcoholic drinks to choose from such as Sapporo Premium Black beer, Suntory Premium Malts, Saito Premium Sake, Rin King whiskey, Hoppy Black/White Shochu, wines and liquor to choose from - perfect for a drink or two with their delicious 'otoshi' (small bites). 

Truly a swanky place for drinks with a long list of jovial beverages to get you boozy and tummy happy too. The atmosphere is unique and you can feel yourself sliding into a real authentic Izakaya watering hole as you enter Tansen Izakaya.
The restaurant predominantly offers a large menu of  Japanese gastronomy cuisine with an array of small bites, appetisers, Kushiyaki, Sashimi & Maki, Ramen & Noodles, Age Bar, Donburi, Wok-Fry and salads to choose from. 

During a special preview, we were offered a chance to savour appetising creations of Tansen Izakaya's chefs for that special night. Let me feature my highly recommended dishes from the menu on the blog here.

 Japan Air Flown Sea Grouper Set Meal: Sashimi & Nabemono for 2 person
RM 38 
(Normal price: RM 68)

This place rocks when it comes to offering the DECEMBER SAKE PROMOTION with: 
  • 'Purchase With Purchase' Offer of Purchase Hokkan Sen 1.8L to get Grouper Sashimi & Nabe for only RM 1!
  • Japan Air Flown Sea Grouper Set Meal: Sashimi & Nabemono for 2 people at Promo Price of RM 38 only. (Normal price: RM 68)
Those who enjoy best cuts of the premium, highest quality of sashimi might find something to their liking on Tansen Izakaya's menu. Tansen Izakaya December Promotion is offering Japan Air Flown Sea Grouper Set Meal: Sashimi & Nabemono for 2 people at Promo Price of RM 38 only. (Normal price: RM 68)

Here's LIVE FISH CUTTING session for the Japan Air Flown Sea Grouper 

Ocean-Fresh Sea Grouper

The Sea Grouper serves at Tansen Izakaya come directly from the live fish before being thinly sliced and served together with Kombu soup with mushrooms, vegetables and Sake.

Sea Grouper Sashimi

Diners can enjoy the freshest Sea Grouper either having it's as Sashimi or Shabu-shabu style to be eaten with the soup and vegetables.

Hamachi 4-Course OMAKASE Meal 
RM 54 at 50% Discount
RM 10.80 at 90% Discount 

Hamachi lovers can now enjoy Hyoshoku's Hamachi, an air-flown premium Hamachi 4-Course OMAKASE Meal (RM 108) at a special price ~ featuring the fresh and succulent Hamachi served or prepared in not one but four different style - Sashimi, Tataki, Teriyaki and Nitsuke. 

Hamachi Sashimi

Tataki Hamachi

An ongoing promotion from Tansen Izakaya offers 𝐔𝐏 𝐓𝐎 𝟗𝟎% 𝐎𝐅𝐅 𝐇𝐀𝐌𝐀𝐂𝐇𝐈 𝐎𝐌𝐀𝐊𝐀𝐒𝐄-𝐒𝐄𝐓! Diners now can enjoy either 90% or 50% off our brand new Hamachi Omakase Set when you purchase either a 1.8L Hokkan Sen Sake (90%) or a Medium-sized Carafe of Sake (50%)

Terms & Conditions:
  • Limited to 1 set per purchase of Sake (1.8L / Medium Size Carafe)
  • Unlimited orders of Sake (IE: 4 sake = 4 set discount)
Teriyaki Hamachi

Nitsuke Hamachi

Now diners just pay RM 54 at 50% Discount when you buy one bottle CARAFE SAKE for RM 28 or pay RM 10.80 only with 90% Discount off the original price of RM 108 for the Hamachi 4-Course OMAKASE Meal when you buy one bottle of 1.8L HOKKA SEN SAKE for RM 168.   

9 Kind Sashimi
RM 138

Sashimi lovers must try the '9 Kind Sashimi Set', which came beautifully presented on a platter with Salmon, Salmon Belly, Grouper, Ebi, Tako, Tuna, Ika, Bonito and seasonal fish such as Hamachi too. 

Salmon Sashimi

Hamachi Sashimi 
Grouper Sashimi

Tako Sashimi

 Salmon Belly Sashimi

 Premium Overflow
RM 38

If you love raw fish on its own, then the Premium Overflow is the perfect dish for you to indulge on. Featuring an overflowing of assorted raw fish in cubes, every bite would be bursting in the juicy and fresh chewy bits of this sashimi. 

A mixed of Salmon, Tuna, Hamachi are served with Edamame, Dashmaki and Zucchini before being topped generously with Tobiko and Ikura to complete the dish. Mix it all up with the Wasabi on the side for the extra kick to this amazing dish!  

Hamachi & Tuna

Tansen Prawn

From the Seafood Kushiyaki menu, diners can try out either the Tansen Prawn or Tansen Clams. Fresh seafood cooked to perfection served on a bed of hot-burning charcoal in a clay pot while retaining its natural brine flavour.   

 Tansen Clam

No additional sauces or flavouring were used for this dish as the most important thing when cooking in this hot-charcoal clay pot style is to preserve the original taste of the clams or prawns, without adding too many ingredients. Absolutely perfect with some ice-cold beer!

 Kushiyaki Set

Tansen Izakaya has much to offer for the Yakitori selection with over 25 types of skewers to choose from, among them the hot favourites are the Pork belly, Enoki Roll, Asparagus Roll, Leek Roll, Chicken and Eggplant.

 Pork Belly
RM 4 Per Skewer

Enoki Roll & Asparagus Roll
RM 5 Per Skewer

 Leek Roll (RM 5), Chicken & Eggplant (RM 3)

These grilled skewered delights the rave in Tansen Izakaya. You can view yakitori delicacies being grilled in an open kitchen - waiting to be served fight off the grills smoking hot to you!

Live Grilling Session At The Open Kitchen

The restaurant used only charcoal which is the traditional way to grill the yakitori.

 Grilled Scallop Shoyu
RM 11 For 2 Pcs

Apart from the juicy meat on skewers. you can try the seafood Kushiyaki. Recommended by the chef are their Grilled Scallop and Grilled Squid. Touted as one of the cheapest in town, you can indulge in these juicy and fresh grilled to perfection seafood delicacies without burning a hole in your pocket! 

 Grilled Squid Teriyaki
RM 20 

You can choose to have them serve in 3 different flavours - Shioyaki, Teriyaki, Himono for the squid and as for the scallop, they are available with Shoyu, Mayo Cheese or Gratan.   

 Assorted Seafood Tempura

Kushikatsu Set

Deep-fried items are always the crowd's favourite among diners in any restaurants. Tansen Izakaya's Kushikatsu menu offers more than 20 varieties of seafood, pork, chicken and vegetables to delight your appetite.  

Top picks of breaded delights are Prawn, Shishamo, Hotate, Chicken Thigh, Negima (Leek) and Cuttle Fish Kushikatsu. Price ranges from RM 3 for their vegetables Kushikatsu to RM 4 for the Chicken and Pork Kushikatsu and RM 5 for the Seafood Kushikatsu. 

 Himono One-Night Air Dried Fish

Tansen Izakaya also serves house air-dried fishes to delight your taste buds. Choose from their Himono one-night dry fish selections of Saba, Sanma, Snapper, Hokke, Threadfin and even the Squid.

Grilled to a beautiful browning on the flesh with crispy skin, most of the small bones are dried by the heat and salt that you can just crunch them up - so yummy!

 Chicken Namban Don
RM 20

Chicken Namban Don is a crowd-pleaser -- think of crispy and crunchy bits of tempura melting in your mouth. Rated satisfactory, the tempura has a thin crispy golden skin filled with the meaty chicken meat within.  

 Mentaiko Fried Rice

Those wanting something more filling can opt for Mentaiko Fried Rice - flavourful rice cooked with the salty Mentaiko and drizzles with more Mentaiko sauce to enhance the flavours. 


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