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Tuesday 5 November 2019


Keeping A Family's Noodles Dish Tradition Alive 
A-Mee Noodles

Hi Everyone! Bet every family has a recipe or two that they cherish—family recipes. Family recipes are certain foods that remind us of warm feelings and happy memories with the ones we love. These can be foods our family always makes for celebrations and events and, more often, foods we enjoy eating together all the time.

Family recipes tell a story. They’re often connected to people, places, and special memories. They have a who, a where, and a why. You’re making family history when you prepare and eat these foods with your family. Read on for full story and recipe too!

So today, I'm taking the time to write a blog post that's close to my heart, sharing family recipes with my readers with a special food post dedicated to one of my family's closest family friend, who everyone's calls her affectionately, Fei Yee or Fat Aunty.  This special 'A-Mee' recipe has been passed down from Fei Yee and is “keepers” at my house. 

Our dear Fei Yee comes from Medan, Indonesia and she's a great cook. As she was a very caring and loving person, she would shower us with love in the form of good food ~ by cooking us delicious homecooked dishes such as A-Meen, Acar, Sambal Sotong, Nasi Lemak, Curry Chicken and many more. Fei Yee once told me ~ 'A' means very good or top marks. so she gave the name of 'A-Meen' to this dish. Hence, this special noodle recipe of hers is named 'A-Mee' or 'A-Meen' in Cantonese which mean 'A-Noodles'!

So this 'A-Meen' is one of her favourite dishes and recipe has been passed down to my mum-in-law, then to me now. Late Fei Yee is no longer here with us now, but her recipes live thru us now!

Ingredients For A-Meen

I will not go to great lengths in giving you a full recipe with measurement in grams or weight but rather in a straight-forward instruction as to how to prepare this dish. The portions of the meat, noodles, bean sprouts and so on is entirely up to your liking. If you have more people to feed, then just add it up.

You'll need yellow noodles, bean sprouts, zucchini, coriander, hard tofu, lime and minced meat. This A-Meen is best eaten with Sambal Belacan. So the first step is to prepare some super addictive Sambal Belacan to go with the noodles! 

 Ingredients For Sambal Belacan

Chillies Padi, Red & Green Chillies, Shallots, Calamansi Lime & Belacan  

Fry The Belacan With Oil Till Fragrant

It's Smelling Really Good In The Kitchen 

Add-In All Ingredients Except The Calamansi Lime To Fry Till Well-Coated With Belacan 

Put Into Blender & Add-In LIME & Some Water To Blend Into A Paste

Blend It To The Consistency Of Your Liking

If there are still chillies seeds, this means you need to blend it a bit more.  

Final Product
My Sambal Belacan Is Ready To Be Eaten with A-Meen

Pan Fry The Hard Tofu With A Little Oil

Cook The Minced Meat With Garlic & Season Well With Dark Soya Sauce, Light Soya Sauce & Oyster Oil 

Blanch The Bean Sprouts 

Blanch The Yellow Noodles Too!

Oh yes, I have missed out taking photos on how to prepare the soup. Basically, you just need some ikan bilis broth - seasoned it with salt & pepper, add thick black soya sauce to make it dark in colour & add-in tapioca flour paste (tapioca flour + water) to thicken the soup to the consistency like gravy.

Put In All Ingredient Together
Blanded Bean Sprouts, Noodles, Shredded Zucchini, Coriander, Tofu & Eggs Into A Plate

Already Looking So Yummy before Adding In The Gravy

Well - Voila, The Final Product 
A Soul-Warming & Tummy Happy A-Meen 

Add-In Sambal Belacan For The EXTRA KICK & SPICINESS 

Enjoy Ya!

My Family's Favourite Comfort Food and Auntie Lilly hope you can try it for yourself - it's a simple and easy to cook dish with lots of fresh ingredients - fresh vegetables + healthy + wholesome good for the family! 

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