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Thursday, 2 May 2019

MFC Malaysian Food Culture At Berjaya Times Square Kuala Lumpur

A Restaurant In Berjaya Times Square Offers Hearty, Homemade Meals By Keeping It Wholesome & Simple 
MFC Malaysian Food Culture At Berjaya Times Square Kuala Lumpur

It was love and passion for good wholesome Malaysian cuisine that led to Deng and his wife, Mandy starting MFC - Malaysian Food Culture at Berjaya Times Square Kuala Lumpur recently. This newbie eatery is a Muslim-friendly F&B outlet that opens its doors two months ago in March 2019.

Hungry shoppers in Berjaya Times Square looking for a hearty, well-prepared Malaysian meal, should stop by MFC - Malaysian Food Culture, located at level 3 of the shopping mall. This family-oriented restaurant serves up a plethora of popular Malaysian's favourites under one roof. Read on for more ...

03-107-01, Berjaya Times Square
No.1 Jalan Imbi
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel 012 - 800 1388
Opening Hours (Daily)
Monday - Friday (8am to 10pm)
Saturday & Sunday (10am to 10pm)

     A Quick Tour Of MFC - Malaysian Food Culture

MFC - Malaysian Food Culture is the brainchild of husband & wife team who are both passionate people aims to serve wholesome and simple food with recipes shared from their families. The restaurant uses fresh ingredients and prepares everything from scratch, where all their sauces and soups are homemade with quality ingredients cooked on-the-spot.

MFC - Malaysian Food Culture offers a more relaxed and spacious dining experience and an extensive menu from several varieties of nasi lemak, classic noodles to clay pot dishes, stir fry dishes and many more. 

Plenty Of Seatings & Spacious Settings 

The restaurant sports a cheery and bright decor with no-frills settings. You will notice that the owner has put up some delightful pretty and creative touch to the restaurant with colourful Oriental umbrellas for the ceiling and nice little straw hats as shades for the lightings at the bench seatings.  

Although MFC - Malaysian Food Culture specialises in Chinese food such as noodles and clay pot dishes, they rock in serving one of Malaysian's most famous dish, the ultimate Nasi Lemak in a variety of menu honouring our national dish.

MFC's Hot Selling Menu

MFC's dishes to look out for is their signatures such as their Nasi Lemak dishes, a delightful treat for all Nasi Lemak lovers. Take your pick from the highly recommended not one but four Nasi Lemak's selection ~ Classic Nasi Lemak, Fried Nasi Lemak, Sizzling Nasi Lemak to their hot-selling Nasi Lemak In A Parcel.
With Sambal Petai & Prawn 
RM 17.90

You will be intrigued with the signature NASI LEMAK IN A PARCEL in a Telur Bungkus, served with sambal petai prawn and brinjal, totally wrapped in an omelette, total enjoyment for me from the fragrant coconut rice to spicy savoury sambal.

Close Shot - Sambal Petai & Prawns With Brinjal

Deng particularly recommends the FRIED NASI LEMAK that comes with a few selections of chicken in rendang, curry, Ayam Goreng Berempah or original version because of the chicken is always fresh and bought daily from the market, and that's why people say it is juicer.

With Chicken Rendang
RM 15.90

Coming Back For This Yummy Chicken Rendang!  

All nasi lemak dishes come with a variety of meat choices such as chicken rendang, curry, Ayam Goreng Berempah, original, seafood or sambal petai and prawns. For me, each of these nasi lemak dishes is an interesting combination and complemented the coconut rice. The rice is fragrant with creamy coconut milk thus providing a great balance to the chicken and spicy sambal.

With Curry Chicken
RM 12.90

Tender & Juicy Curry Chicken

I loved the fact that they are generous with their flavours and portions. setting the mood for a hearty and satisfying meal, while taking Malaysia's national dish up a notch with the creative menu. 

Apart from the nasi lemak, there are more noodles dishes such as Clay Pot Pan Mee, Handmade Ramen, Duck Egg Wantan Noodles and Clay pot Lao Shu Fen to delight your senses. 

Clay Pot Lao Shu Fen
RM 10.90

 Clay Pot Pan Mee In Soup
RM 10.90

Handmade Noodles
200 grams Per Serving

Among these offerings on the menu that have diners coming back for more are the tasty servings of Clay Pot Lao Shu Fen and Clay Pot Pan Mee. This pork-free joint serves both noodles dishes with minced chicken, fuzhok and vegetables. 

All soup base is made daily fresh, prepared from long hours of boiling the stock with a combination of ikan bilis and chicken stock for a flavourful soup. Not comprising on the quality and quantity of the food served in MFC, each portion of the noodles weights at 200 grams per serving.

Dry Duck Egg Noodles (Wan Tan Mee) 
RM 10.90

Meanwhile, the Duck Egg Noodles (Wan Tan Mee) was definitely a pleasing meal if you are into egg noodles. I was told that Deng went to great length to source a home-based noodles maker to supply MFC with this special handmade noodles just for this dish.

Chicken & Prawns Wantan Soup

Chicken Char Siew

I happily sampled the duck egg noodles and find it pretty good in taste and texture, springy and fine with an al dente bite to it. Each serving comes with chicken Char Siew and Wanton in a soup. 

  Spinach Ramen in Soup
RM 14.90

Those who would like to have ramen can try the handmade Spinach Ramen in Soup. It comes looking very appetising with four plump and juicy chicken and prawns dumplings, fuzhok and vegetables in the flavourful soup. 

Handmade Spinach Ramen

Plump-Looking Juicy Dumplings


MFC's housemade condiments of this nice-tasting crunchy and flavourful fuzhok. You'll notice they practically topped this crispy fuzhok in their noodles dishes for the added flavour. I also found out that this is one of the food items in 'Yong Tau Foo' dish - the thin foo chok that was cut into strips and deep-fried to a crispy texture! 

Clay Pot Seafood Curry
RM 16.90

Seafood lovers can opt for the Clay Pot Seafood Curry, another chef's recommended dish to try in MFC. The curry is made from scratch with fresh herbs and spices served with mixed seafood of prawns, squid, fish, long beans, brinjal, Tau Pok (deep fried beancurd) and cabbage.

This is a milder version of seafood curry - moving towards the Chinese version with less intense flavours and less spicy as compared to the Indian curries which are usually thick and very rich in its gravy.

Nevertheless, this Clay Pot Seafood Curry earns top marks with its tweaked version and goes well with a warm bowl of white rice. For me, the single portion is generous - good for sharing for two small eaters. So you can order an extra bowl of rice and share it with someone else.

MFC Herbal Delight
RM 7.90

For desserts, I would recommend the special MFC Herbal Delight. This sweet herbal soup is special and close to Mandy's heart. It's her mom's recipe and she grew up drinking this healthy concoction made by her mom when young!

Made from Luo Han Guo or monk fruit, this tea recipe is consumed for its health benefits to relieve heatiness from the body. Naturally sweet, this healthy chilled dessert drink is prepared with a host of tasty ingredients such as Nata De Coco, longan, Lychee fruit, Chin Chau, cendol and even sweet potatoes.

White Coffee
RM 3.80

 Teh Tarik
RM 3.80

 Fresh Fruit Juice 
Ambarella or Buah Kedondong
RM 6.90

Oh yes, did I forget to mention that MFC - Malaysian Food Culture is in the midst of getting HALAL Certification for the restaurant? Stay tuned for latest updates and good news via their FB Page.

PORK-FREE - Muslim Friendly Restaurant 
No Pork, No Lard 

All-in-all, MFC - Malaysian Food Culture aces in delivering traditional local favourites to cater to the local taste buds. Whether it is just for snacks or a full-fledged meal, nasi lemak and noodles lovers are bound to be spoilt for choice at this newly opened restaurant in Berjaya Times Square. Prices are made pocket-friendly and affordable from as low as RM 10.90 for a decent meal at a shopping mall set up.  

So if you are on a shopping spree at Times Square and is looking for some good local eats, do come over to MFC - Malaysian Food Culture for good satisfying treats!

Location Of MFC - Malaysian Food Culture

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