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Wednesday, 1 May 2019


Premium Thai Beef Noodles & Hot Pot With Lavish Difference Of Australian Wagyu Beef

Have you heard of 'SHOWER BEEF'? Newly-opened ROD DEE DED in SS 21, Uptown Damansara, Petaling Jaya is offering beef-lovers a new way to enjoy sliced beef introduce for the first time in Malaysia. SHOWER BEEF is a new way to enjoy sliced beef introduce with Premium Wagyu and Prime Wagyu which explains why it was so tender and ridiculously delicious in every bite!

'SHOWER BEEF' Dining Experience At ROD DEE DED Malaysia

This is my first 'SHOWER BEEF' dining experience at ROD DEE DED Malaysia, indulging in a beefy-licious meal with a selection of premium beef such as the oyster blade, ribeye, sirloin, chuck and short rib. For more beefy story, read on...

15, Jalan SS 21/37,
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya
Opening Hours:
11am - 3pm
6pm - 10pm
Tel 013 - 531 3113


ROD DEE DED, establish in 1965, is a 50-year-old restaurant chain with multiple branches across Bangkok, Thailand. Famous as the best beef noodle shop in Thailand, now Malaysians need not travel far to taste the best-selling premium Thai Beef Noodles as well as the Thai-style Hot Pot too!

This place is a must-visit for all beef lovers. ROD DEE DED heightens the tasting experience to a higher level with their signature noodle Shower Beef and Hot Pot.  Diners can choose to enjoy the best cuts of premium and prime wagyu with hot pot or a la carte style pairing with either rice or noodles. 

At ROD DEE DED MALAYSIA, diners can enjoy all of these over hotpot - piping hot beefy goodness of spicy or original beef soup with beef meatballs, stewed tendon & brisket and vegetables too. 

For Thai Hot Pot, diners can choose between the original soup or spicy soup priced at RM 9.80 each. The selection of various cuts of Australian wagyu beef including sirlion, short rib, chuck, oyster blade and ribeye - is then paired with more than 10 different types of fresh vegetables to be cooked by the diner at the table.

Signature Shower Beef 

The name 'Shower Beef' refers to the way of cooking slice beef over piping hot broth in a bowl. Pick your choice beef cuts place on the bowl and simply scoop the hot broth over it. Tilt your bowl at an angle and gentle 'shower' your beef with the broth and swish it around for a few seconds - pour the broth into the hotpot.

Shower Beef  Video

Repeat this process a few times till you get the right texture of either medium rare, medium or well done according to your personal liking. When showering the beef, be careful not to overcook it. I like mine medium, so pouring the broth 2 to 3 times over the beef should be just perfect.

Just gently immersing the beef in the broth briefly does the trick as one gets to enjoy its full flavour when some parts are still rare. The lean meat with decent marbling melts in the mouth, leaving a luscious creamy taste on the palate.

The beefy-licious broth is every bit as savoury and rich in flavour, thanks to its carefully-selected ingredients from Thailand.  The broth base made from quality beef bones boiling it over long hours to obtain the richer flavours.

Fret not, if you are in a hurry and have no time to dine for the hotpot meal. You can still enjoy the shower beef experience as the restaurant is also offering this in their ala carte lunch menu.

Choose your choice of noodles - Rice Vermicelli (Sen Mee), Thai Kuay Tiew (Sen Lek), Ipoh Kuay Tiew (Sen Yai) or Egg Noodles (Ba Mee) together with types of beef in either original or spicy soup. Let the experienced chef shower your beef and get your meal ready in no time!  

Beef Noodles Soup Dishes
Original Beef Noodles Soup With Meatball, Beef Slices, Brisket & Tendon (MUA)
RM 26.80

Savour the meaty broth of original or spicy beef noodles dish with beef slices, tendon, brisket and more meatballs for a satisfying meal at ROD DEE DED!

Spicy Beef Noodles Soup With Meatball, Beef Slices, Brisket & Tendon (MUA)
RM 26.80 

Wide Selection Of Ala Carte Dishes

Apart from the Hot Pot meal, ROD DEE DED's menu also features a selection of appetizers, rice and noodles dishes for Thai food lovers. They surprised us with chicken and noodles additions which are worthwhile trying besides the hot pot treats.

Starting with appetizer, the restaurant's kitchen offers Fried Chicken Wings to tickle our palate. The wings were amazing ~ well-marinated way beyond the skin right into the meat. The chef prepares it crispy on the outside and it was nice and juicy on the inside.

Fried Chicken Wings
RM 9.80

Sinfully delicious and we have seconds and thirds helpings to this delicious appetizer. Oh yes, the Thai dip accompaniment brought the dish alive, with a mix of spicy, sour and just a teensy-bit of sweetness to add flavour to the deep-fried chicken wings.

Pad Kee Mao
RM 16.80 (Chicken)

Other chicken dishes include the Pad Ka Pow, Pad Kee Mao and Chicken Green Curry. Those who enjoy noodles with Wok-Hei must try their Pad Kee Mao. It features a simple but flavourful stir-fried noodle of Thai Kuey Teow, with chilli sauce, egg, bell pepper, chicken and basil for the extra flavour.

Pad Ka Pow
RM 13.80 (Chicken)

There's also the one meat rice dish of Pad Ka Pow ~ I loved any kind of basil generally and so this Stir-Fried Thai Basil With Chicken dish appeals to me. The Thai basil adds aroma while the flavoursome sauce coats the chicken and it goes so well with the warm white rice and fried egg too.
 Chicken Green Curry & Rice
RM 18

Other chicken dishes worth a try includes the Chicken Green Curry ~ This is a perennial favourite for many Thai food lovers, which Malaysians often use as yardsticks to compare the standard of Thai restaurants they visit.  

The green curry gravy is thick and flavourful, aromatic with coconut cream and fresh herbs. Portion-wise is generous and even good for sharing for two small eaters.

 Stewed Tendon

 Stewed Brisket

 Stewed Brisket In Claypot With Rice
RM 25.80

If you fancy stewed beef items, try the Stewed Brisket In Claypot With Rice. Everyone enjoyed the fork-tender with melt-in-the-mouth brisket cooked in the flavourful sauce served with bok choy at the base of the clay pot. 
 Green Curry Beef

Green Curry Beef  - First time tasting beef in green curry and it was smooth, creamy and more importantly, the beef chunks were not tough and of the right tenderness. Again, the presence of Thai basil adds aroma to this rich-tasting Thai curry with spicy notes.

Stewed Beef With Rice
RM 10.80

Last and not least, their Best Value Meal ~ SPECIAL LUNCH DEAL offer for beef items is the Stewed Beef With Rice. Real value-for-money offer for RM 10.80 and available daily for lunch even for weekends and public holidays.

 Thai Iced Coffee/Black Coffee
RM 6.80

All-in-all, ROD DEE DED had much to offer in terms of value for the premium cut beef serving an array of tantalising and authentic Thai cuisine to the local folks in Klang Valley. 

Their beef dishes take centre stage with their affordable ~ pocket-friendly and delicious Thai cuisine and for me, they are truly living up to the tagline of  'THE TASTE THAT MOOO-VES YOU'.

Do drop by if you are around the vicinity and try out my recommendations of the beefy-licious dishes!       

Location Map For ROD DEE DED Malaysia

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