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Friday 7 September 2018


 Famous Sichuan Hotpot Cuisine Restaurant Has Arrived At Sunway Pyramid

The famous and much-sought-after super spicy Sichuan cuisine restaurant, Hotpot Kitchen has finally arrived at Sunway Pyramid last month. Making its mark in Petaling Jaya, Hotpot Kitchen is pleased to open their 3rd outlet in Sunway Pyramid reaching out to their discerning spicy food lovers recently. You can also check out their other 2 outlets respectively at One Utama and Mid Valley in Klang Valley. Click here: Locations Of Outlets

 Always A Satisfying Treats At Hotpot Kitchen 

I first discovered this hidden gem when Hotpot Kitchen opened their first flagship outlet at One Utama Shopping Centre 2 years ago in October 2016. Since then, they have grown by leaps and bounds expending to two more outlets in town. Click on this link to read more about their flagship outlet: HOTPOT KITCHEN At One Utama  

SPWF002A First Floor
Sunway Pyramid
No 3 Jalan PJS 11/15
Bandar Sunway
47500 Subang Jaya
Tel: 016-323 3206
Mon-Sun : 10am - 10pm 
I have to say that Hotpot Kitchen was one of our favourite restaurants to dine when we are craving some great eats of delectable and spicy Sichuan's 'Ma-lat' to ignite our senses. My daughter, Carmen is their No.1 fan of Hotpot Kitchen and she's a regular at their outlet in Mid Valley each weekend.       

 Great Food, Good Taste, Great Thrill For My Family 

Happy Carmen At Hotpot Kitchen

She has been missing dining at Hotpot Kitchen ever since she works abroad. So we took the opportunity to check out the newly opened Hotpot Kitchen at Sunway Pyramid when she came back for a break in Malaysia last month.

Entrance Of Hotpot Kitchen In Sunway Pyramid

You can never miss this restaurant with its eye-catching bright red neon light signboard. Located next to Padini Concept Store or you can come in through the Sunway Clio Hotel to reach the restaurant. Hotpot Kitchen draws in the crowds for their simple and down-to-earth cuisine with fresh ingredients of the finest quality at all of their restaurants in town.   
The Interior Of Hotpot Kitchen

Be prepared to queue if you are dining here at their peak hours. Otherwise, if you do not want to queue for your food, you can choose to come at their non-peak hours around 3 to 4pm to get a good bite with the family and friends. 

Spacious & Comfortable Settings 

 Exterior Dining Area

Hotpot Kitchen utilises a self-service concept where diners 'DIY' their own choice of dishes - select the meat and vegetables, choose the favourite sauce, pay up and wait to pick up their dishes when ready.

First of its kind in Klang Valley brandishing a new concept, where diners get to self-pick their favourite choice of ingredients that go into the cooking pot (hotpot), pick your level of spiciness and pay before being served with your choice of dishes.   

Diners enjoy the perfected house made 'Ma Lat' Spicy sauce inspired by the well-loved flavours of Sichuan cuisine and Chongqing cuisine. From the mildly spicy to the fiery hot, there is something to suit every individual’s taste. For those looking for a non-spicy sauce, can opt for 'Unique Platter' sauce specially concocted for young children and older folks.

Fresh Meat

 Pig Stomach, Pig Intestines, Pig Ears, Meatballs, Sausages

Assorted Sotong Balls, Chinese Sausage, Fishcakes, Crabmeat 

More Choices Of Food Items

What I enjoyed about dining at HotPot Kitchen is that we get to determine the portion of meat or vegetables we wish to consume. Apart from that, we can handpick our personal choice of meat and/or vegetables for a balanced meal while dining there. Even the vegetarians, can come by and pick up a plethora of fresh vegetables offered for the day to eat with rice or noodles too!

Daily Fresh Vegetables

RM 3.99/100g For Vegetable
RM5.99/100g For Meat 

There a wide spread of choice ingredients available includes fresh seafood, succulent meats, healthy vegetables and delicate handmade fish cakes, meat rolls in addition to the staples such as rice and noodles. Fresh meats and vegetables are sourced daily to ensure freshness from the local wet market, therefore vegetables are on a rotational basis. 

Assorted Greens 

My Top Pick Of Vegetables 
Kale, Leeks & Tong Ho (Crown Daisy)

Special Beancurd Slice, Tau Kang, Hard Tofu & Tapioca Noodles 
(From Top Left Clockwise)

Dining here is as easy as ABC. Get busy with the tongs, select the type and quantity that you can consume and place them in the vegetable silver bowl. The price is at RM 3.99 per 100gm regardless what the combination of vegetables. So guys, choose wisely ya!

Chicken Thigh Meat, Pork Belly, Chicken Breastmeat & Beef 
(From Top Left Clockwise)

Pig Stomach, Pig Intestines, Luncheon Meat & Taiwanese Sausages
(From Top Left Clockwise)

Fresh Seafood Of Brown Sotong, Squid & Fish Fillets 
RM 7.99/100gm

Next step, using another meat big bowl ~ come and select your choice of meat such as beef, chicken, pork belly, pork shoulder loin, pig stomach and pig intestines.  The price for meat is at RM 3.99 per 100gm while seafood is at RM RM 7.99/100gm. 

Balance Meal Of Meat & Vegetables

Weighing In Before Paying 

Finally, just proceed to the cashier counter for weighing in the chosen meat and vegetables. Take your pick of their two type of house-made sauce - Unique Platter (Non-Spicy) or the Ma Lat (Spiciness comes in 3 levels). 

Take The Pick Of Your Favourite Flavours To Suit Your Tastebud 

⇨ Unique Platters 清香味
This non-spicy full of Wok-Hei flavours is aromatic and pleasant to taste, mild but good enough to bring out the delicate freshness of the ingredients.

 ⇨ Spicy Fragrant 点点辣
Little spices always the perfect match to enhance your taste. This feature the Level 1 of spiciness, just right and not too pungent nor too spicy for anyone to bear.

⇨ Spicy Dynamic 爽口辣
Half the spicy, all the taste. This is the Level 2 with double the pleasure, double the spicy!

⇨ Spicy Xtreme 至尊辣
Behold the power of spicy! For many, this is the ultimatum of Level 3 - super crazy spicy and numbing on the tongue.

Unique Platters 清香味

Spicy Fragrant 点点辣

I would suggest you try out Level 1 which is spicy enough for Malaysian palate, go for Level 2 or 3 if you are daring enough because Ma Lat sauce is very spicy, and numbing Chinese sauce made from Sichuanese peppercorn, chilli pepper and various spices simmered with oil.

Deep Fried Chicken Wings

Apart from the Mal-lat Sichuan hotpot dishes, currently there are some small plates of savoury and addictive dishes to try from such as the stir-fry lala and deep fried chicken wings. Both are on the spicy side and good to pair with some cold beers. 

Stir Fry Fragrant & Spicy Lala

Free Flow Of Coffee

As for drinks, this is one of the many few restaurants that offer complimentary coffee of Nescafe Black or Nescafe Cappucino for its dining customers. Just get your free coffee from the coffee vending machine. I usually end up drinking two lovely cups of Cappucino even before my meal starts here while my hubby shall drink up a black coffee helping him to relax and unwind after a good satisfying spicy meal ay Hotpot Kitchen!  

On the other hand, if you are not into good coffee, maybe you can check out these healthy beverages offered exclusively by Hotpot Kitchen. There are the Hotya Drink Series which includes a choice of 4 flavours such as Hotya Herbal Tea (Longan Winter Melon Tea, Goji Red Dates Hawthorn Tea & Pipa Pear Tea) and Hotya Home Recipes Soy Milk (100%  Pure Soy Milk, Cocoa Soy Milk and Almond Soy Milk).

Promotion For SINGTAO BEERS 
RM 39.90

Hotpot Kitchen Tagline
Great Food, Great Taste and Great Thrill

Location Of Hotpot Kitchen In Sunway Pyramid
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