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Friday, 21 September 2018

PASSIONE RISTORANTE ITALIANO ~ The Best Of Italian Cuisine With Chef Stefano Criber

The Best Of Italian Cuisine
With Chef Stefano Criber

Are you in the mood for some hearty Italian food? My latest 'discovery' is an Italian Restaurant called Passione Ristorante Italiano at Seri Petaling in Kuala Lumpur. My recent food adventure has brought me to this hidden gem, a  newly opened  Italian ristorante helmed by Italian Chef Stefano Criber.

Passione Ristorante Italiano
No 19 Jalan Radin Bagus 9
Sri Petaling
57000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel 03 - 9055 3833 
Open Daily 
11am to 2:30pm 
6pm to 11pm 
Except for Tuesdays

Situated at the cosy suburban neighbourhood in Sri Petaling at the old premise of Le Pont Boulangerie, the cafe famous for their French pastries, this brand new Italian restaurant has been in operation since its soft launch in June 2018.

Italian Chef Stefano Criber

The brainchild of Italian Chef Stefano Criber, Passione Ristorante Italiano is set to introduce to Malaysian diners a taste of artisanal Italian cooking, done the good old-fashioned way, thus strictly keeping with the most authentic of flavours of the Italian food tradition. 

Made From Scratch The Pizza Dough!

Chef Stefano believes the best dishes are those cooked with heart and soul, especially when prepared for family and loved ones. He believes in simplicity in cooking to ensure quality, to allow the natural flavours of the ingredients to come through by using the freshest ingredients to enhance the natural beauty of food.

Experience a classy and attractive fine dining culinary meal at the first-ever affordable with authentic Italian food such as antipasti, spaghetti, pasta, grilled dishes and more for your Italian food feast which you won't want to miss out on.

Spacious and elegant setting with modern and cosy at the same time, making it the perfect setting for diners to indulge in their own time and appreciate the finer things in life. 

 One Of The Instagramable Spot
It offers a comfortable and contemporary dining space for you and your family and friends to dine and wine while enjoying scrumptious Italian fare crafted with flair by Chef Stefano. Apart from that, it's also a great place for some romantic day or night out for lovers. 

Be prepared to feast upon a wide array of highly appetizing meals such as Spaghetti Primavera, Linguine Pancetta Funghi Crema Di Formaggi, Wild Boar Tagliatelle, Pizza 3 Salumi, Pizza Margherita, Pizza Pescatore and many more! Click here to see the Full Menu

Pizza 3 Salumi
RM 35

Italians are known throughout the world for their pizza, pasta with tomato sauce, and pizza is one of the most popular Italian meals that almost everyone loves. Well, with this in mind, of course, the first course to order has to be their PIZZA!

The first-of-its-kind speciality in the neighbourhood, Passione's wood-fired pizzas relive the age-old Italian method of making pizzas by hand and baking under high heat in brick ovens. At the high heat of up to 400℃ allows for better heat distribution and caramelisation of ingredients infusing a natural smoky aroma for its authentic Italian pizza.

The Pizza 3 Salumi comes with toppings of savoury fresh homemade tomato sauce, spicy salami, honey ham, salsiccia (Italian sausage), onions, and generous toppings of mozzarella cheese before being baked till golden brown. 

The wood oven baked crispy crusted pastry was filled with a generous amount of cheese baked to perfection to a perfect crunch. Loved it especially when this was served piping hot, warm to bite, with a perfectly crisp exterior and just the right amount sauce and toppings.

 Spaghetti Aglio Olio & Peperoncino
RM 20  
With Add-Ons - Bacon RM 5, Mushroom RM 2 & Grilled Chicken RM 2 

Happiness comes in all forms of satisfaction. For me, it comes in the form of a good meal. Just like this simple but absolutely delicious Spaghetti Aglio Olio & Peperoncino dish in their menu. Chef Stefano, a true blue Italian, insists that pasta should only be enjoyed fresh and handmade on the day itself.

Dining here you get to savour the moist, aromatic and flavourful pasta transporting one back to the pleasant simplicity of a Italian cooking. The homemade spaghetti was really delicious, tossed in garlic and chilli infused with extra virgin olive oil. 

Spaghetti Aglio Olio & Peperoncino
With Add-Ons - Bacon, Mushroom & Grilled Chicken
RM 29

The spaghetti dish combined with the generous amount of our chosen add-ons ingredients such as bacon, mushroom and grilled chicken made this another comfort food candidate indeed.  I liked the part where diners get to choose from the variety of add-ons ingredients that includes bacon, mushroom, prawn, grilled chicken or sausage.

In this way, the diner gets to choose and pick their favourite food thus making it an easy, tasty, comfort food - nothing short of heavenly. 

Rolle' Di Pollo Alla Paprika Con Bouquet Di Verdure  
RM 32

Next, we ordered the main - a chicken dish that comes with ratatouille vegetables. The dish 'Ratatouille' was made famous by an animated movie about a little cute mouse named Remy who dreams of becoming a famous chef despite being a rat in a definitely rodent-phobic profession.  

The name of the dish in Italian is quite a mouthful -  Rolle' Di Pollo Alla Paprika Con Bouquet Di Verdure but basically it's a baked chicken dish of rolled chicken breast dumpling in red paprika stuffed with honey ham, red capsicum and heavenly smoked cheese. Comes served with ratatouille and broccoli on the side.

This is another winner in its own right. The chicken was flavourful, juicy and tender and I suspect that chef must have cooked it sous-vide style before grilling it in the oven for the light crisp on the outside. The savoury fillings of honey ham and smoked cheese enhanced the taste and texture making this a very delectable dish indeed.  

I have a wonderful experience dining at Passione Ristorante Italiano for real authentic and value for money Italian dishes served here. Chef Stefano also makes sure that his patrons get generous portions and this is evident in all the dishes we tasted today.

For amazing Italian cuisine at reasonable prices, do drop by and come to Passione Ristorante Italiano, the little pizza and pasta heaven in Seri Petaling now. And of course, buon appetito!

Location Map To Passione Ristorante Italiano
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