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Friday, 28 September 2018



Authentic Minang Cuisine at NATRABU XPRESS in PutrajayaMinang or Padang food lovers need not travel far in search of a good Dendeng Balado, Rendang Daging, Ayam Pop, Sotong Padang or any other Minang or Padang delicacies. Now, they can head down to Natrabu Xpress for an authentic homemade style of cooking and experience, right here in Putrajaya.

G66, 12012, Nadi 15
Jalan Perak P15
Presint 15
62000 WP Putrajaya
010-3781343 (Putrajaya)

Opening Hours 12pm - 10pm (Last Call 9:30pm)

Excited At The Grand Opening Of Natrabu Xpress Putrajaya

Posing With VVIP & Guest Of Honour At Natrabu Xpress 

Thanks to a wonderful invitation recently, I was invited to the Grand Opening of their 3rd outlet Natrabu Xpress located at Precinct 15 in Putrajaya. With 2 others outlets located strategically in the Klang Valley with the one in Jalan Maarof, Bangsar and another at Jalan Kuching, Taman Tasik Indah, Natrabu Xpress is all set to enthral the local folk in Putrajaya with popular Minangkabau cuisine from West Sumatra, Indonesia. 

Legacy Of Natrabu - Haji Rahimi Sutan
The well established modern Minang restaurant originated from Jakarta, Indonesia. Natrabu is a Minang Restaurant founded by the late Haji Rahimi Sutan 6 decades ago way back in 1958 as a travel agency. His mother, an avid cook, shares her cooking with Haji Rahimi Sutan in Natrabu and never look back since.    

Natrabu Restoran Minang Jakarta Grace By Dato' Ser Dr Mahathir Mohamad 
13 May 2014

The name 'NATRABU' is an abbreviation from his travel agency called 'NATIONAL TRAVEL BUREAU'. In July 1967, Natrabu officially opened its door to serve Minang food in Jakarta accommodating only 20 diners with five tables.

3 Generations Of Natrabu 
Ganefo Dewi Sutan (better known as Ibu Ivo), Brand Owner from Indonesia flanked by her mum, Ibu Jasni Rahimi Sutan & her daughter

Coming back to the present, now this family rich heritage business has expanded to 8 Natrabu restaurants, in addition to 3 outlets in Malaysia. The love and passion for good food drive Haji Rahimi Sutan's family to open up more restaurants serving their family time-honoured recipes that have spanned over 3 generations.  The 3rd generation now runs Natrabu both in Indonesia and Malaysia restaurants to immortalised their great grandmother's legacy.

Joyous Moments Of The Ribbons Cutting Ceremony 
Grand Opening Of Natrabu Xpress Putrajaya 

  Ibu Ivo With Her Mum Ibu Jasni Rahimi Sutan & Tengku Daud Shah, Managing Director for Natrabu Malaysia

Ibu Ivo Giving An Opening Speech 

Natrabu Minang Restaurant takes great pride in its Minang delights. The menu here is dominated by drool-worthy Minang or Padang culinary treats such as Dendeng Balado Cabe Merah Kering, Rendang Daging Beef, Ayam Goreng Rempah, Ayam Pop, Sayur Daun Singkong, Perkadel and Sambal Hijau among others.   

Fascinating Minang Cuisine By Natrabu Xpress 

At the grand opening, we had our taste buds tickled and our appetite satiated with the best of authentic Minang dishes created by Natrabu Xpress that day. We were treated to a wide variety of fascinating Minang cuisine, which is well-known for its richness using coconut milk and aromatic flavours from the extensive use of herbs and spices, adding a rich dimension and flavour to every meal.

Here are some of the special signature dishes in the house...

Rendang Daging Beef (3 Chunks)
RM 18

Rendang Daging Beef  ~ The Minang version of beef rendang features a rich and dark beef stew. Beef knuckle is simmered for 8 hours in coconut milk and spices and cooked until dry. Complex and unique in taste, it was totally delicious when eaten with warm white rice with its melt-in-your-mouth beef. Highly recommended dish to eat when dining here!

Dendeng Balado Cabe Merah Kering 
RM 8

Dendeng Balado Cabe Merah Kering ~ Deep fried beef tenderloin marinated in coconut water with shallots, garlic and coconut oil. The thin crisp and super addictive flavourful beef slices are served with ground red chillies for the extra kick. 

 Ayam Gulai ( 2 Pieces)
RM 25

Ayam Gulai ~ Chicken lovers will enjoy this yellow curry chicken thigh cooked with authentic 'Bumbu Kuning' and coconut milk. To those uninitiated, you may wonder what's this 'Bumbu Kuning'? Yellow Spice ~ It's a concoction of basic types of spices seasoning, namely made from garlic, onion, candlenut, turmeric, ginger, pepper and salt pounded together into a yellow paste.

Ayam Goreng Rempah (2 Pieces)
RM 23

Ayam Goreng Rempah ~ Features traditional aromatic deep fried chicken. If you enjoy the chewy texture of chicken meat, then this is the perfect dish for you to try. 

Well-marinated on the inside and deep-fried to a perfect brown crispy outside, the meat was juicy and tender to bite. Absolutely sinful but you just have to scoop up the crispy fragrant bits of the deep-fried coating to eat with your rice!   

Udang Kentang Pete Balado / Sambal Udang Kentang Petai 
RM 15

Udang Kentang Pete Balado ~ Pan-fried shrimp served cube potatoes, petai and ground red chilli paste. First time trying a prawns and petai sambal dish with potatoes. Each ingredient provided contrasting flavour and texture with the petai was still crunchy, prawns were fresh and succulent and last but not least the soft potatoes pretty much absorb up the flavourful sambal sauce.    

 Perkadel / Bergedil 
RM 3

Perkadel or better known in Malay as Bergedil is the simple and delicious potato croquettes. 

 Gulai Sayur Daun Singkong / Gulai Pucuk Ubi
RM 6

Gulai Sayur Daun Singkong ~ Steamed cassava leaves (tapioca leaves) cooked with yellow curry in its thick and rich coconut milk. This is a very common dish served in many restaurants and even roadside stalls nowadays.    

Sambal Hijau  
RM 4

Sambal Hijau ~ A combination of chillies (green/red), fermented shrimp paste (belacan), tangy lime juice, sugar and salt - all pounded up with mortar and pestle creating a great side dishes to goes with any meal. 

Nasi Putih, Keropok & Bawang Goreng
RM 3

All the above Minang dishes are best eaten with warm white rice with crackers and fragrant fried shallots on the side.  

Overall, I'm utterly satisfied having tasted their classics well-loved Minang dishes such as the Rendang Daging Beef,  Ayam Gulai and Udang Kentang Pete Balado - being my top pick for the day. With Natrabu's heritage age-old recipes, I believe that this is one of those establishments in the food business, driven by passion and not money alone to share and preserve the heritage of Minang cuisine.     

Before I end my post here, let me share some of these pretty amazing creative eye-catching floral congratulatory boards that were displayed at the grand opening day of Natrabu Xpress. 


 Simple & No Frills Interior Of The Restaurant 

Posing At The Entrance

 Natrabu Takeaway Boxes

G66, 12012, Nadi 15
Jalan Perak P15
Presint 15
62000 WP Putrajaya
Opening Hours 12pm - 10pm (Last Call 9:30pm)

Lot G-15,
188, Jalan Kuching
Taman Tasik Indah
51200 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours 11am-10pm (Last Call 9:30pm)

NATRABU Fine Dining
182, Jalan Maarof
59000 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours 11am -10pm & Closed 3pm-5pm
(Last Call 9:30pm)

For bookings and more information, you can get in touch with them at 016-6542401 (Whatsapp), 010-3781343 (Putrajaya), 03-2201 4498 (Bangsar) & 03-6242 2420 (EcoSky).


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