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Wednesday 13 September 2017

Healthy & Happy Cooking With Diamond Coral Alkaline Water

Healthy & Happy Cooking 
With Diamond Coral Alkaline Water 
Healthy & Happy Cooking With Diamond Coral Alkaline Water
Healthy & Happy Cooking With Diamond Coral Alkaline Water 

Water is life. Life can not exist without water. We must constantly be adding fresh water to our body in order to keep it properly hydrated. Water can be a miracle cure for many common ailments such as headaches, fatigue, joint pain, and much more. We can go for weeks without food, but only 3 days without water!

Diamond Coral Alkaline Water
Diamond Coral Alkaline Water 

Water plays a vital role in nearly every bodily function. Water is essential for proper digestion, nutrient absorption, chemical reactions, and proper circulation in the body. Water helps remove toxins from the body, in particular from the digestive tract. 

 Drink Up 8 to 10 Glasses Of Water Daily

Having said that, it's important we must drink up to 8 to 10 glasses of water daily (about 2.5-3 litres) to provide the body with its MINIMUM water replacement requirements. But, have you ever ponder to think that the water we consumed daily is clean or good enough for our body?

Enjoy The Benefits Of Coral Alkaline Water™ A Simple Way For Family Health

DIAMOND CORAL Uses Up To 6 Filters Multiple-Filter Design

Today I wish to share with you the wonder of drinking and using natural alkaline water by Diamond Coral Alkaline Water Filter. You see, most of the health problems such as constipation, skin allergy, headache and high uric acid level are caused by the acidic nature of the body. Hence, by consuming Coral Alkaline Water™ will help to neutralize the acidity and improve health in the long run.

Testing pH Value Of Coral Alkaline Water™

Well, with the recommendation from a close friend of mine, I just recently installed Diamond Coral Alkaline Water Filter in my home. Being a mother and wife, I always make sure my family's health and well-being are taken care with utmost importance.

I have read a lot about the benefits of consuming alkaline water on how it can improve one's health and the many other uses of this amazing alkaline water. As Coral Alkaline Water™, rich in minerals and trace elements, it provides me with smart cooking ideas and lots of joy in the daily use of the Magic Water in my life.

As I'm a stay-at-home mother with a family of 5 to feed, I spend most of my time at home in the kitchen cooking, churning out healthy but good-tasting meals for lunch and dinner. Having Diamond Coral Alkaline Water Filter in my home now, I have to say it's been a great experience using on a day-to-day basis for my cooking, drinking, soaking, cleaning and many other uses too.

Let me share my experience and some tips on how I use Coral Alkaline Water™ for my daily use in my kitchen.

Soaking vegetable with Coral Alkaline Water™ reduces the sourness & preserve its freshness and sweet taste

With a big family to feed, I cannot afford eating organic fruits or vegetables every day due to the high-cost, so I make it a point to soak my vegetables and fruits in Coral Alkaline Water™ removing 99.6% of toxic agricultural chemicals and pesticides from fruits and vegetables after it has been submerged for 30 over minutes. 

Soak the vegetable with Coral Alkaline Water™  also reduce the sourness and preserve its freshness and sweet taste. This gives me the peace of mind that they are thoroughly clean and free from chemicals.

Soak Fruits & Vegetables With Coral Alkaline Water™ Help Preserve Freshness

 A Must To Soak My Snack Of Cut Apples & Turnip

Soak Cut Apples

I also make sure my family's diet consists of a varied, well-balanced diet and eating fruits on a daily basis is part of it. With Diamond Coral Alkaline Water Filter now, I soak cut fruit such as apples, guavas, grapes, and pears in Coral Alkaline Water™ to prevent them from oxidizing, turning to a brownish hue and help to preserve its freshness. 

 Coral Alkaline Water Does Wonders To My Homecooked Soup

 Fresh Ingredients Goes Into Making Of A Tasty & Nutritious Soup

 The taste of soups are flavourful & more enhanced by using Coral Alkaline Water™

Soup cooked with Coral Alkaline Water™ is tastier and nutritious as the ingredients are boiled to extracts out their flavours seeping into the soup making it more flavourful. Hence, by cutting short my boiling time, so I save time and energy with it.

Tofu Soak In Coral Alkaline Water™ Stay Fresher & Last Longer 

My family loves soups and I regularly boiled soups two to three times a week for my beloved family. One of the main favourite ingredients that go into the soup is soft tofu. I do a weekly shopping at the wet market and often buy a large stock of tofu to be kept at home for future use. 

You see, tofu deteriorates less easily and now, I kept them fresh and good by soaking in Coral Alkaline Water™. Now, these tofu remains fresh and can be kept up to a week in the fridge if I change the Coral Alkaline Water™ every 2 days.  

The same goes for soaking and keeping my bean sprouts fresh and crunchy. I clean them well and soaked to store them in Coral Alkaline Water™ to maintain its freshness. To lengthen the lifespan of the bean sprouts, remember to change the water every once or two days. 

These are Day 4 of my bean sprouts being kept in fridge that is still looking fresh and white.

Organic Honey For My Tea Brew In Coral Alkaline Water™

Make coffee and tea with Diamond Water for richer aroma and better taste. Coral Alkaline Water™, rich in minerals and trace elements, contains sweet taste and high penetration power and it is easier to be absorbed after magnetization.
It creates wonders in making a variety of beverages such as my tea or coffee will not just keep its authenticity, hence will give enhanced the flavour.

 Cooking Brown Rice With Coral Alkaline Water™ 

I also discovered that cooking rice with Coral Alkaline Water™ makes my brown rice tastier because it's more fluffy and softer. 

 Soaking Of Overnight Oats

Apart from making beverages, my daughter, Carmen Hong, an advocate of healthy eating, makes her overnight oats using the Diamond Coral Waterbar that supplies instant 50°C warm water at a touch of the button with  Coral Alkaline Water™ too.

Convenience at my finger tips. Preparing my overnight oats with Diamond Coral Waterbar at 50°C Warm water with 100% love. Compact in size and so convenient, instant hot or warm water at your fingertips. The 3 seconds instant warm water dispenser is on sale now at RM 799 only for a limited promotional price.

Oh yes, apart from using  Coral Alkaline Water™ for kitchen use and drinking, my daughters and I have been using it as a facial spray to moisturize and refresh ourselves throughout the whole day. 

There are much more uses of this amazing alkaline water such as using it to soak dried fungi, mushroom and dry scallop to quicken the softening process. It also helps to effectively penetrate into frozen food hence quickening the process of defrosting. 

Apart from that, you can remove foul odours and prevent eyes from tearing when you soak pungent vegetables like onions and petai before cooking. Do wash fishes and shellfish with Coral Alkaline Water™ to eliminate the fishy smell and use it to clean your hands to remove the fishy smells from your hand after handling seafood.

With this Diamond Coral Alkaline Water Filter, it was absolutely an amazing and eye-opening experience for me. With numerous health benefits and uses of Coral Alkaline Water™, I'd recommend that each household should have a unit each for keeping your family healthy and fit.

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