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Tuesday 19 September 2017

IndoBowl ~ Malaysia's First INDOMIE Cafe @ LakeFields Sungei Besi

Malaysia's First INDOMIE Cafe
The Ultimate Mumbo Jumbo
RM 59

Attention! Calling all IndoMie fans out there, if you still have not heard about IndoBowl, Malaysia's First INDOMIE Cafe in town then you're real 'out' lei! This latest craze of eating IndoMie noodles loaded with a variety of mouth-watering dishes such as steak, chicken chop, lamb chop, and sate went viral the beginning of this September, resulting in long queues, full house with many foodies coming from near and far to try out this noodles cafe.

Pretty amazing having a place dedicated to only serving Indomie as their main dish. IndoBowl has opened its doors in Kuala Lumpur at Lake Fields, Sungai Besi early last month, is the first and only cafe in Malaysia specializing in Gourmet Indomie. This pork-free cafe serves up epic Indomie with a twist to excite your senses. IndoBowl is a pork-free cafe and is currently on its way to being halal-certified.

Watch This Noodle-Licious Video

More Yummy Video Of Mambo Jumbo Platter

With IndoBowl now, you can enjoy your curly and springy noodles to the max with add-ons such as beef ribs, chicken chop, lamb chop, satay, prawns, and even salmon. The crowd favourite has to be the massive serving of 'Mumbo Jumbo Platter'! 


 Lamb Chops

  Chicken Chop

More Chicken Chop




This delicious platter of Indomie comes complete with sate, chicken chop, steak, and ribs - topped four runny sunny side up for the extra decadence!   

 Green Sambal

 Red Sambal

The Mumbo Jumbo Platter With Red & Green Sambal
RM 59

The ultimate star in all their serving is their very special housemade quintessential red and green sambal. The red sambal is the spicier variant while the green is more subtle yet fragrant. Both pairs very well with the IndoMie and if you are looking for an extra kick of spiciness, then go for the red sambal for the ultimate challenge. I believe it's the authentic Indonesia-style condiments that gives these dishes the winning flavour!    

Well, apart from the Indomie dishes, (if you don't like Indomie), they offer a wide choice of tasty rice dishes just to fill up your hungry tummy. Try their Signature fried rice, a crowd favourite for many dining at IndoBowl. 

Indomie Signature Sambal
RM 6

Pricewise is pretty affordable within the range of RM 10 with as low as RM 6 for a traditional basic Indomie, Indomie Signature Sambal, that comes with sunny side up. 

Nasi Iga  
RM 15

During this tasting, I didn't have the chance to try Indobowl's rice dishes but nevertheless, my daughter's recommendation was to try their Nasi Iga, a braised beef short ribs rice served with special Indonesian sambal.  

  Crowded As Usual

IndoBowl Malaysia's First INDOMIE Cafe @ Lake Fields Sungai Besi Kuala Lumpur

No 72 Jalan Tasik Utama 7
Lakesfield Sungai Besi 
57000 Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: 10am-10pm
Facebook: IndoBowlOfficial
Instagram: IndoBowl
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