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Saturday 30 September 2017

HPPNK 2017 ~ Hari Peladang, Penternak Dan Nelayan Kebangsaan & Malaysia Food Festival 2017 At MAEPS Serdang

Amazing Day Out At HPPNK 2017 
Hari Peladang, Penternak Dan Nelayan Kebangsaan 2017 
MAEPS Serdang
 D24 Durian At HPPNK 2017

Hi guys... I'm excited to share my fun and the amazing experience on my day out trip at HPPNK 2017 today. If you're still wondering what HPPNK 2017 stands for, it's actually the Hari Peladang, Penternak Dan Nelayan Kebangsaan 2017. HPPNK 2017 is happening now from 28 September to 1st October 2017 at Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS) from 10am to 10pm daily.

My family and I have been to MAHA 2016 event last year in December 2016.  There so many things to see, play, explore and eat while spending our family time together at MAHA event. For those who have not been to MAEPS, Serdang before, I suggest you should take some time off during this weekend to pay a visit with your family or friends.

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HPPNK 2017
Hari Peladang, Penternak Dan Nelayan Kebangsaan 2017 
MAEPS Serdang
28 Sept - 1 Oct 2017

Well, let's take you on a quick tour of my day trip ~ being out and about at HPPNK 2017. Come follow Auntie Lilly to EAT, PLAY and EXPLORE the whole new attractions HPPNK 2017 have to offer to you this time!

Surrounded by lush greenery and well-kept grounds, the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS) offers the perfect setting for HPPNK 2017. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this unique venue provides a relaxing environment for visitors to enjoy the event. One of the largest exhibition complexes in Asia, MAEPS boasts a total floor space of 42,000 square metres spread across several exhibition halls. Its comprehensive range of facilities and services includes various agricultural showgrounds and park attractions.

The HPPNK 2017 event, that takes place together with The Farmers, Livestock Producers and Fishermen’s Day (HPPNK) programme, actively promotes agriculture and agro-based industries, showcasing all the different components of this fast-growing industry.


7 Locations at MAEPS You Must Know When Coming To HPPNK 2017

1) PARKING - Follow the signboards and traffic controls to the visitors' car parking lots. Trams are provided to the arrival hall.

2) ARRIVAL HALL - Sale of Fruits, Floral Plants, Livestock Exhibits and Petting Zoo, Agriculture Machinery Exhibit, Farmers Caravans and Mobile CTC Services.

3) HALL A - Sale & Exhibit of Main Farmers Produce, Seafood, States Pavilions, Chefs Cooking Demonstrations such as Chef Zam, Chef Ismail, Chef Fazley, Chef cilik Danish Harraz, Chef Ezani, Chef Naem.

4) HALL C - Technology and Farmers Machinery At The LivestockMalaysia Expo

5) HALL D - Surau, ATM, Thursday Night: Perdana Ehwal Islam Forum, Friday: Solat Jumaat, Saturday & Sunday: Food Tasting At Food Feast 

6) HALL D - Ground Floor - Empayar Makanan or Food Empire with an offering of more than 401 delicious menus to choose from all over the country. 

7) BOULEVARD - Centre Stage with Live Performances by popular artists Ramli Sarip, Yabang, Aiman Tino, Hattan, Eka Sharif, together with the fresh sale of mutton and camel's meat, Food Kiosk. 

Our 1st Pitstop is the Petting Zoo where visitors especially those family with young children will have an enjoyable time getting up close with farm animals. We were in awe of many exotic chicken species that many have not seen before. Do look out for the 'Laughing Chicken' too. 

 Unique Species Of Farm Chickens

 Enclosure With Farm Animals Such As Ducks, Chickens & Rabbits

 Nice To Patting This Cute Bunny

Watch The Petting Zoo Video


Guess The Weight Of This SADO Cow?

 Black Cow

Our 2nd Pitstop was at the 'Durian Kem' where we were treated to the sumptuous treat of durian-licious D24 Durian.  

RM 119/Kg

 Mandatory Post Before The Tasting With 2 Big D24 Durian

 5 Minutes Later - Everything 'Wallop' By Durian Lovers
 Check Out The Fragrant and Thick Flesh Of D24 Durian

Yummy & Refreshing Mango & Dragonfruits Desserts

 Local Kiuh-Miuh & Snacks 

Happy To Meet Familiar Faces Of The Pacific West's Chefs  

 Thumbs Up To Delicious Creation Of The Bamboo Charcoal Kuro Prawns

Moving on to Hall A, we were just in time to help ourselves to the food-tasting session at the Pacific West booth. I was happy too to have met some of my chef's friends at the cooking demonstration. You will find a variety of fresh seafood, unique and latest be offered such as the deep-sea tuna, sea prawns, lemang sushi, Kuro Prawns, Churros lekor, Tuna sate, and Salted Baked Snow Fish too.   

 Bamboo Charcoal Kuro Prawns

 Fish Churros

Pacific West Products

Great-Tasting Food Always From The Best Chefs At Pacific West 

Oh yes, more tasting again! While we were chilling at the fisheries department, we check out a sate stall not selling chicken or beef sate but instead they are grilling a whole new type of Tuna Sate. Loved this Sate Tuna as it's rich in nutrients and omega 3 fatty acids. Remember to check it out!

 Nutritious Tuna Sate

BOB NANAS is one of my favourite stalls to visit every time I'm at MAEPS event. Make sure if try out their pure, delicious and freshly squeezed pineapple juice to quench your thirst. If you like, check out their fresh cut sweet pineapples too.      

Abang BOB NANAS in Orange

Gigantic Display Of Pineapple

An educational experience awaits you at HPPNK 2017 at the Agro Bazaar. We were given a short talk about the benefits of 'Bromelain' - enzyme extract from the pineapples with therapeutic properties for medical purposes.    

Hybrids Of Pineapples

Corn For Chicken Feed

Fresh Red Chillies

Guess & Win Contest 

Participate in the 'Guess & Win' Contest by taking part in the fun contest of guessing how many pieces of jackfruit is in this giant fruit?        

Lovely Display Of VIP Orchids

At HPPNK 2017, we were introduced to food for wellness and health such as Kelulut Honey, Walit Bird Nest, seaweed, virgin coconut oil, soursop and fruit powder. So do take your time to browse through and check out the latest offering for a better health and wellness living.   

BIRD NESTS - Burung Walit


A New Functional Food Supplement  


Come and explore the world of fresh products from farm to table at HPPNK 2017 - Argo Bazaar. At this section, we were introduced to many selections of new products not for sale in Malaysia as they are made for export quality. 

Fret not, you can still get hold of these products by purchasing online their Website: www.agrobazaar.com.my being offered at affordable and reasonable pricing.

Malaysia Food Festival 2017

Last but not least, our final pit stop is at Empayar Makanan or Food Empire. This is one of the biggest food festival and agricultural held in Malaysia with a total of 600 stalls or food trucks in an area of 80,000 sq meter. 

Foodies will be spoilt for choice in this biggest stalls and food trucks gathering serving up to 401 food menu categorised in 4 selections which include #NostalgicFood, #HipsterFood, #ViraliciousFood dan #Foodgasm.

 Durian Crepes & Ice Cream

Grilled Chicken

Come & Feast Your Eyes On this Fusion Burgers

 Cendol Songkok Tinggi
Gulai Lomak Chili Api 

 Lontong RM 5


Thumbs Up From YB Dato' Sri Ahmad Shabery Cheek 

Lucky me, getting to meet YB at the Empayar Makanan while we were dining there. So we took the opportunity to get a photo taken for remembrance with warm and friendly Minister on that day!

All-in-all, it has been a super fun and eye-opening experience for my hubby and me at the HPPNK 2017. There are some much things to see, watch, explore and taste (many free-tasting booths) at this once-in-a-year event. New technology, new concept and new inventions are all for us to check out this HPPNK 2017!

Fresh Food & Fresh Fruits - HPPNK 2017

Do take this golden opportunity for this weekend to come over for some exciting new outing! Remember to dress comfortably in casual clothing and wear a pair of good walking shoes if you intend to explore the whole of HPPNK 2017. Bring along an umbrella as it's been raining a lot nowadays. Have a great outing day at HPPNK 2017!

Let Me End My Posting With Video of HPPNK 2017 - Food Empayar

Malaysian Agriculture, Horticulture & Agrotourism 
MAEPS Secretariat Building
Mardi Headquarters
43400 Serdang
Selangor D.E.

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