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Sunday, 23 July 2017

SENG KEE 成记香饼 Heong Peah At Gunung Rapat Ipoh

One Of The Best Traditional Made Heong Peah 
 Gunung Rapat Ipoh 
Seng Kee - Best 'Heong Peah' Of Ipoh 

'Heong Peah' or 'Heong Peng', literally means Fragrant Biscuits in Cantonese is one of the best and famous pastry in Ipoh. This is also one of my favourite childhood comfort food that I grew up eating these traditional Heong Peng. Each and every time my mother's friends returned with goodies from Ipoh, the biscuits will make its appearance in my kitchen.

Heong Peah Fresh From The Oven

Fragrant Biscuits 
Picture Courtesy www.foodconnection.com.my

Why do I like it so much? As a young child that time, I savoured every mouthful of the flaky and crispy pastry skins that break up upon each bite and followed by the flowy and sweet maltose fillings. 

So recently when I have the opportunity to visit Ipoh, my family and I made the maiden trip to visit the factory at Gunung Rapat in Ipoh. I was really looking forward to checking out the bakery that been churning out my favourite childhood goodies!

Seng Kee Food Trading
Gunung Rapat

Frontage Of The Heang Peah Business

Seng Kee Food Trading is a hidden gem in Gunung Rapat, on the outskirts of Ipoh that is still making and selling their delightful maltose-filled biscuits in the same old way right from their home.

Assorted Goodies For Sale Outside At The House Compound

Apart from their own biscuits, Seng Kee sold a wider selection of confectionaries such as the crumbly walnut biscuits ( Hup Tou Sou), Sungai Lembing's coconut biscuits, Kampar's Sek Kei ma and much more.

Nicely Packages of Freshly Baked Heang Peah For Sale

Each Packet Sold For RM 8.50 For 10 Pcs

If you are there at the right time, you might be lucky and get to witness on how they baked their biscuits in the coconut-shell traditional small kiln. This coconut shell definitely gives the traditional biscuits better aroma and distinctive smoky flavour.

Coconut Shells For Roasting Of The Biscuits

Upon entering the house-cum-factory, you'll be overwhelmed with the fragrant and aromatic smoky scent that permeates the whole compound with the baking process starts.   That flaky and crispy pastry skins filled with sweet maltose and shallots filling are made by roasting in the mini kiln, fuelled by burning of the coconut shells.

The Chief Baker

Baking these delightful 'Heang Peah' is pure hard work - with 'tonnes of sweat' that goes into the making process. I was told that he (the baker) have been doing this trade for more than 30 decades. He added that this is a dying skill/trade and no one is willing to take over this kind of tough job from him. Many biscuits manufacturers are resorting to using the electric oven to baking nowadays.  

Coconut Shells Kiln

It was an eye-opening experience for me to watch for myself on how labourious intensive these biscuits are made, right from the dough-making to filling it with the sweet maltose and to the heat-intense baking process. 

Piping hot traditional baked 'Heang Peah' from the kiln broiled with coconut shell.

Picture Courtesy www.foodconnection.com.my

Well, after the maiden visit,  looking at how the Heong Peah were made with labour of love, I can't help but develop a great sense of appreciation for these 100% handmade with love and care.  

So if you're in Ipoh, I would suggest you drop by to one of biscuits manufacturer and witness for yourself the traditional method of roasting the fragrant biscuits using coconuts shell in the kiln. Remember to taste them fresh from the oven too - freshly baked when the maltose filling is still warm and soft.

SENG KEE 成记香饼 Heong Peah
177 Lorong Gunung Rapat 3
Gunung Rapat
31350 Ipoh 
Tel 05-312 0972
Opening Hours 9am to 7pm
Closed On Wednesday

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