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Sunday, 15 May 2016

LOVE FOOD HATE WASTE Alam Flora KL Bloggers Hunt 2016 Campaign on 18th May 2016

KL Bloggers Hunt 
18th May 2016
Hi, today I'm going to blog about loving your food and reducing food waste.

I will be attending #LOVEFOODHATEWASTE KL Bloggers Hunt 2016 Campaign on the 18th May 2016 organised by the national waste disposal company, Alam Flora Sdn Bhd as part of their awareness programme to reduce food wastage in Malaysia.

As a proactive measure with the upcoming Ramadhan and fasting season this June, Alam Flora Sdn Bhd has initiated an amazing Love Food Hate Waste Campaign involving 16 prominent lifestyle and food bloggers partaking in the a fun and exciting awareness programme this month.  

Aims to create awareness to the public on the right way store food, extend food lifespan, portioning and planning of food purchases in households, this programme will also involve selected homeowners in PPR Flat Taman Mulia, Cheras in educating the public about separation at source.

In conjunction with the campaign, the KL Bloggers Hunt 2016 will be held for the first time on 18th May 2016 with the starting point from Wisma DRB-Hicom in Glenmarie, Shah Alam and will move to Pasar Tani Taman Connaught, PPR Flat Taman Mulia, Bangsar and Putrajaya from 8am - 6pm.

Well, look out for my social media postings on Instagram and Facebook on that exciting day and give me your support!

Food, Glorious Food In Malaysia

Our beautiful country Malaysia is a food heaven in reality. Being a multi-racial and multi-ethnic country, we have a gastronomic multi-cultural feast of cuisines to choose from such as Malay food, Chinese food, Indian food, Western food, the Mamaks, Thai food, Japanese food, Korean food, Vietnamese food and so much more.

Hari Raya Open House 
Picture Credit to www.melvister.com

Christmas Open House
Picture Credit to ww1.utusan.com.my

Apart from that, with our endless festivities celebration, the word 'food' always comes into the picture. Malaysian hospitality that loves to have 'Open House' or 'Rumah Terbuka' where everyone is invited to feast and celebrate with food during these festivities. 

Guests are treated to an abundance of food and the hospitable host often makes sure everyone is well-fed. At the end of the day, we normally cook more than the guests can consume, resulting in a lot of food wastage.

Ramadan Buffet 2016 At The BUZZ Restaurant, PREMIERE HOTEL KLANG

Ramadan Buffet 2016 At SUNWAY PUTRA HOTEL 

In between, with hotels and restaurants offering the Buffets or Eat-All-You-Can promotions throughout the year for the celebration of festivities, more food wastage is generated through this practice in our country.

Unfinished Food At Buffets

Leftovers Desserts At Buffets

Malaysian, on the other hand, are foodies by nature. Bad eating habits of Malaysian is another factor that contributes to the food wastage. They fancy ordering lots of food from the menu and have troubles finishing it, so more food wastage is generated. 

Shopping Heaven

Shopping at the local hypermarket can contribute to this problem too. Shoppers usually are attracted to offers and promotions during the sale period, so ended up buying more than they need. 

Honestly speaking, yours truly is one of those shoppers that cannot resist not buying something that's on offer at a special price. I often lose track of my own grocery shopping list and comes home with more food that I need.

According to Alam Flora chief executive officer Mohd Zain Hassan about 15,000 tonnes of 33,000 tonnes of wastage is a result of food waste, and 60% from the food wastage is avoidable by knowing the right way to store, plan and portion the household’s usage. 

Determine Your Needs From Your Wants

Well, one of the good habits to instill in everyone to reduce the food wastage is to have proper well-plan shopping and storing system. One must determine their needs and wants. We should only buy to replenish the food. It's important to clear your food at home before the next shopping trip to the supermarket. Everyone should be responsible working towards a nation that "LoveFoodHateWaste".

Do check out this awesome Website for more rocking ideas to saving your money by saving your food > www.lovefoodhatewaste.com

Buy Only What You Need

Plan your menu well, before shopping according to the average consumption to feed your family. First, make a list of all of the things you think you need to buy. Think of saving money on groceries while you make the shopping list often does the trick so we won't ended buying others food items unnecessary. You need to buy what you need. Shop on a budget, think of saving and remember never bring your kids during grocery shopping.    

Moving on, I would like to give pointers on the right way store food, extend food lifespan, portioning and planning of food purchases in households.

Proper Fridge Storage

Proper Fridge Storage plays a vital role in reducing food wastage. It's important to have knowledge of simple knows how to store our food in the fridge, get organised to prevent spoilage thus keeping our food fresher. 

Here's how to get a cleaner, healthier and more organised fridge in three simple steps:

1. Keep It Safe
Set the temperature in your refrigerator below 40°F. This keeps food cold enough to prevent bacterial growth, which can cause food poisoning. If your refrigerator doesn't have a built-in thermometer, an appliance thermometer placed on the centre shelf also will work.

2. Keep It Fresh
Making sure foods are at their peak of freshness not only protects your family from food poisoning, it also helps your food taste better. 

Schedule a weekly freshness check: Once a week, toss all spoiled leftovers and packaged foods that are passed their expiration date.

Wrap it right: Make sure all meat, poultry, and seafood are either tightly wrapped or stored in sealed containers. This will ensure that their juices don't leak and contaminate other foods.

Packaged raw meat: To prevent dripping which can contaminate other foods, store packaged raw meat on the bottom shelf.

Produce: Store fruits and vegetables in the crisper drawer. If yours has dual controls, adjust them to allow for higher humidity for vegetables and lower humidity for fruits.

Condiments: The door is the warmest part of your refrigerator, making it best for storing long shelf-life items.

3. Keep It Clean
Nothing spreads bacteria faster than a dirty fridge. Think of soap and water, give your fridge a thorough cleaning with hot, soapy water. Remember to wipe spills as it can spread bacteria fast. Get organized, by storing leftovers in clear glass containers making food easy to find. Freshen it with an open box of baking soda, so it'll always smell clean and fresh.

For more tips and information, check out these three websites:

Last but not least, please take a minute or two to watch this video and I hope will bring the message clear and precise why we must all work towards  the tagline of "LoveFoodHateWaste". 

Learn how you can Save The Food:

Follow the journey of a strawberry from the farm to the refrigerator to understand all that it takes to bring your food to you. Did you know that 40% of our food ends up wasted? Wasted food is the single largest contributor to landfills in the US - not to mention that it wastes water, labor, fuel, money, & love! 

In summary, 
  • Food waste not only hits us in the pocket but has a serious impact on the environment too. 
  • Producing, distributing, storing and cooking food uses energy, fuel, and water. Each of these emits greenhouse gases contributing to climate change.
  • Two main reasons why we throw away good food: we cook or prepare too much or we don’t use it in time.
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  1. My blog aims to create awareness to the readers on how not to waste food by learning the right way store food, extend food lifespan, portioning and planning of food purchases in households of their family. Respect & Love Your Food. Saving Money By Saving Food. Let us all work towards a nation that "LoveFoodHateWaste".

  2. now kita kena guna bakul supaya tak over spend kan auntie..if not sure nak beli semua hahahaha..omg i cant wait for ths wednesday..

  3. Important to inculcate a good habit towards food. We can stop the wastage thru proper food management and planning.

  4. wo much effort into this post.. i like it. I HATE WASTE too :D.. hehe :) good luck to you and me this coming Wednesday!

  5. Good info... Let's start love food hate waste!

  6. Nice entry and alot of info :)

  7. I am a food lover.
    But sometimes i wasted too.
    Now gotto teach myself to love it more. #lovefoodhatewaste

  8. I am a food lover.
    But sometimes i wasted too.
    Now gotto teach myself to love it more. #lovefoodhatewaste

  9. nak follow boleh
    Smile to Love Food
    Kill to Hate Waste

  10. best... harap semua sedar dan tidak lagi membazir


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