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Friday 12 May 2017

Ramadan Buffet 2017 At Resort Cafe SUNWAY RESORT HOTEL & SPA Bandar Sunway Petaling Jaya

Timeless Recipes as Chefs Capture The Legacy Of Classic Dishes, Taking Diners On A Culinary Adventure In Malaysia & Asia 
Ramadan Buffet 2017 At Resort Cafe SUNWAY RESORT HOTEL & SPA
Ramadan Buffet 2017 At Resort Cafe SUNWAY RESORT HOTEL & SPA 

This Ramadan, The Resort Café at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa has captured generational legacy of timeless recipes in creating a kaleidoscopic of over 400 authentic dishes for breaking-of-fast / buffet dinner from 27 May to 24 June 2017; as the team of chefs take diners back to a special place and moment, one plate at a time; serving nightly from 6.00pm to 10.30pm.

Ramadan Buffet 2017 At Resort Cafe SUNWAY RESORT HOTEL & SPA
Inspired by the proverbial invitation and expression “Jemput Makan”, diners are invited to immerse themselves into the bustling energy of The Resort Café, and be enticed by the interactivity, aromas and flavours of the nostalgic and traditional dishes from Malaysia and around the region; expansively displayed on the restaurant’s 60-meter long centre-island-buffet exhibition kitchen. 

The Resort Café’s Chef De Cuisine Parthiban Nalliah
The Resort Café’s Chef De Cuisine Parthiban Nalliah

This year, alongside the many perennial dishes, the brigade of chefs led by The Resort Café’s Chef De Cuisine Parthiban Nalliah and a team of 20 speciality chefs are introducing a melting pot of timeless and generational recipes to entice and rekindle the palate.

Embark on a culinary adventure with 16 varieties of Rendang, Steamboat with 70 choice ingredients with five (5) signature broths, Live Action Stations with Fresh and Grilled Seafood, Kambing Golek, Bubur Lambuk and Lauk Pauk, Seafood-on-Ice with fresh prawns, slipper lobsters and mussels, 18 varieties of speciality rice dishes including Nasi Hujan Panas and Nasi Kunyit Ayam, the popular Sup Gearbox Turbo and a dedicated island buffet filled with traditional and all-time local favourite desserts

As one of the key highlights on the buffet, originating from Indonesia and a synonymous Minangkabau tribe dish, the Rendang is a delicacy that many Malaysians enjoy and widely served during the festive seasons and traditional ceremonies. 

Rendang Dishes
Rendang Dishes

The team of chefs at The Resort Café will proudly display 16 types of Rendang and 18 types of Nasi prepared with timeless recipes. From the 16 types of Rendang, the three (3) types of Rendang that are must-have are the Rendang Ayam Minangkabau, Rendang Daging Tok and Rendang Ayam Kerisik. 

The others on the buffet rotation include Rendang Daging Minangkabau, Rendang Daging Rembau, Rendang Ayam Rembau, Rendang Daging, Rendang Ayam, Rendang Daging Mamu, Rendang Daging Nyonya, Rendang Daging Kerisik, Rendang Daging Serai, Rendang Ayam Serai, Rendang Berempah Hitam – Pasir Mas, Rendang Ayam Gelang Patah and Rendang Hati.

To accompany and complement the flavourful Rendang, The Resort Café will also feature 18 varieties of Nasi. The house specials and must-have Nasi are Nasi Tomato, Nasi Hujan Panas and Nasi Kunyit Ayam. 

The other Nasi that will be served are Nasi Minyak, Nasi Biryani Ayam, Nasi Biryani Telur, Nasi Biryani Gum, Nasi Biryani Udang, Nasi Kambing Biryani, Nasi Pelangi, Nasi Daging Arab, Nasi Kerabu, Nasi Bukhara Buah Gajus, Nasi Ulam, Nasi Minyak Nenas, Nasi Dagang, Nasi Arab and Nasi Beringin.

 These will be served on a daily rotation for buffet dinner from 27 May to 24 June 2017.

In addition to the extensive speciality dishes and offerings, The Resort Café will be serving Steamboat on the buffet with 70 choice ingredients featuring succulent seafood with varieties like Red Grouper fish fillets, bamboo clams, green and black mussels, flower crabs, and prawns; premium meats with the freshest slices of beef, chicken and lamb; a wide selection of vegetables, including six (6) varieties of mushrooms, white cabbage, leek, corn, baby spinach, bitter gourd and more.

There are familiar all-time favourite ingredients like fish balls, white bean curd, crab sticks and chicken franks for that added home-cooked flair. Accompaniments include seven (7) varieties of noodles with Glass, Mee Hoon, La mien, Wanton, Spinach, Yellow and Charcoal noodles will complement the meal.

A total of five (5) signature broths includes Assam Laksa, Tom Yam, Assam Pedas, Sichuan and a Clear Broth will be featured. On a nightly basis, two (2) of the signature broths will be made available on the buffet. 

A vastly popular dining option in many parts of Asia, diners at The Resort Café will be able to select unlimited servings of healthy greens to fried specialities and premium platters of fresh seafood to delicious slices of meats. 

Selections Of Sauces
Selections Of Sauces

The chefs will help cook / simmer the selected ingredients into the chosen signature broth and served into a large individual bowl. Adding a visual treat to the mouth-watering ensemble of ingredients and tasty broth is a choice of 16 different sauces, toppings and condiments like Garlic Vinegar Sauce, Sambal Nyonya, Spicy Black Bean Sauce, Tauchu Spicy Sauce, Teochew Spicy Sauce, Thai Green Chili Sauce, Soya Sauce, Chilli Oil, Sesame Oil, Sesame Sauce, Spicy Belacan Sauce, San Har Sauce, Chinese Celery, Spring Onion, Sesame Seed and Fried Shallot.

The carving station will feature the “Kambing Golek”, on the buffet spread where the chefs will slice the succulent meat directly onto the diners’ plate. The whole leg of lamb is boiled for two (2) hours and then marinated with local spices and mixed herbs (ginger, garlic, salt, masala, coriander, yoghurt, mint leaves and cumin powder) before slowly roasting for four (4) hours to retain its moisture, producing a tender and juicy meat for diners to enjoy.

Variety Of Fresh Seafood-On-Ice
Variety Of Fresh Seafood-On-Ice 

Seafood enthusiasts will be dazzled by the variety of fresh seafood-on-ice including Clams, Prawns, Half Shell Mussels, Slipper Lobsters, Flower Crabs, Salmon Sashimi and Tuna Sashimi; served with its complementing sauces and dips.

Sup Gearbox Turbo
Sup Gearbox Turbo 

Back by popular demand and the most sought after dish over the last two (2) years was The Resort Café’s Sup Gearbox Turbo – and it continues to be the restaurant’s must-have dish in 2017. This popular favourite is cooked over a slow fire for eight (8) hours and individual bone marrow which is the prized ingredient of this dish is served to diners from a large cauldron, providing diners with a visual feast and aromatic treat.

Another recipe which makes a comeback this year is the Bubur Lambuk, created by Chef Parthiban and Chef Norza. Inspired by Chef Norza’s grandmother’s recipe, the Bubur Lambuk Parit Buntar is a confluence of recipes and cooking methods from Kedah, Perak and Penang steep in tradition. 

The new recipe is a result of a clever infusion of hand-grinded ingredients that included mixtures of cumin seed, fennel, black pepper, star anise and many other “secretly-guarded spices and ingredients” in developing the beef and chicken Bubur Lambuk varieties.

Noodle lovers are also in for a treat with a wide variety of soup and gravy based noodles at the noodle station which includes the Mee Rojak, Mee Bandung Sumatra, Laksa Lemak, Laksa Johor, Prawn Mee and Pan Mee. 

Over at the Roti Station, the chefs will be toasting a la minute Malaysian favourite roti like the Murtabak, Roti Pisang, Roti Jala and Roti Tisu which can be enjoyed with the selection of Gulai Kawah that will be served outdoor in super-large cauldrons. 

With a selection of two (2) Gulai Kawah served nightly from eight (8) rotational varieties, the list of Gulai Kawah comprises the Gulai Kepala Ikan, Gulai Kambing Kelantan style, Gulai Assam Pedas Kupang, Gulai Rendang Tok and much more.

Salad & Fruit Towers
Salad & Fruit Towers

The Resort Café’s signature octagonal-shaped wrap-around Salad and Fruit Towers will be filled with a wide range of the freshest greens and local seasonal fruits. During Ramadan, the Fruit Tower will feature a range of local fruits served in slices, cubes and as a whole which includes selections like Rambutan, Dragon Fruit, Jack Fruit, Ciku, Langsat and more.

Traditional Ulam-ulaman
Over at the Salad Tower, the main highlight will be traditional Ulam-ulaman offering an assortment of over 15 local picks like the Kacang Botol, Petai, Daun Selom and Jantung Pisang as well as pickled fruit (jeruk) which can be enjoyed with local dressings like Sambal Belacan, Cincaluk and Budu. 

Diners can also expect some Asian home-made dressings where each day sees a rotation of favourite Asian salads such as Ulam-ulam, Pasembur, Gado-gado, Miang Kham, Som Tam, Pecal Jawa and Rojak Buah taking the highlight, which will be served nightly on a rotational basis.

A dedicated island-buffet for dessert is a must stop; with fresh and on-the-spot local sweet that many Malaysians grew up with; the Apam Balik at The Resort Café comes in four (4) filling choices – the traditional corn with nuts or for a twist, give the Red Bean, Pulut Hitam (Black Sticky Rice) and Sweet Coconut Palm Sugar (Inti Kelapa) filling a try. Platters of home-made Malay and Nyonya desserts complete the meal. 

Diners can also enjoy an assortment of agar-agar with agar cendol, agar-agar santan, agar-agar Gula Melaka and agar-agar jagung; an assortment of puddings like chocolate, jagung and kacang merah; Lempeng @ Pek Nya with kelapa and pisang; Som-Som with Putri Mandi and Badak Berendam, Lompat Tikam, Ketayap inti kelapa manis; an assortment of bubur with kacang hijau, jagung, pulut hitam, keledek, labu, cha cha and the all-time favourite bubur durian. Sarawak cake lapis will be featured on the buffet with its amazing layers and colours, an assortment of raya cookies with batang buruk, kuih siput, kuih bangkit, kuih rose, kuih karas, kuih semperit, kuih kapit, dodol; and favourites like kuih Bingka @ Bangkang like bingka ubi kayu, bingka labu, bingka roti, bingka pandan, bingka tepung and bingka kelapa. 

To complement the extensive selection of Malay and Nyonya desserts, Goreng Pisang, Pengat-Pengat like Pengat Durian, Tapai Ubi and Tapai Pulut are amongst the desserts along with The Resort Café’s Bread and Butter Pudding, Chocolate Fountains with 15 fresh fruits, berries and candied condiments and so much more.

The Resort Café will serve its Ramadan buffet dinner nightly from 27 May to 24 June 2017, starting from 6.00pm to 10.30pm and priced at RM188 nett per adult / senior citizen and RM98 nett per child (aged between 6 to 12 years old). 

FOR DINNER RESERVATIONS at The Resort Café, please call +60 3 7495 2009 / +60 3 7492 8000 or email to srhs.trc@sunwayhotels.com to secure preferred seats and/or tables. Advanced reservations are encouraged.


Pre-purchase of this special buffet dinner can be done at The Resort Café from now until 26 May 2017 to enjoy the EARLY BIRD pricing of RM118 nett per person (normal price at RM188 nett per person). 

This special offer is valid for dine-in / redemption period from 27 May to 5 June 2017 only. Terms and conditions apply. For reservations and enquiries on the Hotel’s Food & Beverage offers, please call The Resort Café directly at Tel: +60 3 7495 2009 / +60 3 7492 8000, email to srhs.trc@sunwayhotels.com or visit www.sunwayhotels.com


For Group gatherings of 100 persons or more, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa offers specially tailored buffet menus for those interested in organising private or special get-togethers during the season. Private events can be organised at the pillar-free Grand Lagoon Ballroom which seats over 2,200 persons, or in any of the other 62 function rooms in the Hotel. Buffet menus are priced according to the buffet selections. For further enquiries, please call the Hotel’s Sales Department directly at +60 3 7492 8000.

Picture Credits To bestrestauranttoeat.blogspot.com

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46100 Petaling Jaya
Tel 03 - 7492 8000
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