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Saturday 8 April 2017

Kenny's Seafood Porridge At Taman Bahagia Petaling Jaya

Filling Up With Hearty
Kenny's Seafood Porridge
 Kenny Special Seafood Porridge
Kenny Special Seafood Porridge
Today I'm very excited to share with my readers my latest discovery of a unique and special seafood porridge - Kenny's Seafood Porridge, I tasted at Taman Bahagia in Kelana Jaya recently. You see, I was on my way to a nearby temple for my annual praying ritual and chanced upon this roadside stall located right in front of the SSTWO Kopitiam in Taman Bahagia, Petaling Jaya.

Kenny's Seafood Porridge Stall
Kenny's Seafood Porridge Stall

It seems that this little hidden gem been around for more than 20 years, run by both father-and-son working hand-in-hand with recipes taught from Kenny's dad to him. Their famous porridge is well-known to many local food hunts as the one and only 'Teng Chai Chuk' or 'Hong Kong Boat or Sampan Porridge' in Klang Valley.

To those that are not familiar with the 'Teng Chai Chuk' story, let me explained further. 

This is supposed to be a humble down-to-earth porridge served by families who lives in the boats in Hong Kong. A plain porridge is eaten with several ingredients as the topping and apparently served as a quick meal for the inhabitants in the boat. 

Kenny's Seafood Porridge Stall
It's easy to spot Kenny's Seafood Porridge stall by the roadside as it's located strategically along the main road. You'll not miss this stall as it's the first stall among the rest of the others several hawkers stall that sell a variety of other dishes such as asam laksa, nasi lemak, mee rebus, fried lala/clams and there's even a mamak stall among them.

 Must Try Hearty & Filling  Special Porridge RM 6.50
Must Try Hearty & Filling 
Special Porridge
RM 6.50

Since it's my first time tasting this place, I opt to try their signature porridge which was loaded with lots of toppings such as fried fish paste, fried ikan bilis with peanuts and deep fried crispy mee hoon for the added crunch and flavour.

The fried fish paste is both good to eat with the porridge or you can order as a side snacks. It's perfectly fried to golden brown, full-of-flavour and has this special umami taste which can get you hooked especially for fish cakes lovers! 

I was told that lots of fresh ingredients go into boiling this amazingly simple but tasty porridge. Chicken and fish bones, scallops are some of the ingredients that go into the big pot of thick and creamy porridge.

Kenny's Seafood Porridge Menu
Kenny's Seafood Porridge Menu

A look at their menu and you'll be spoilt for choice. They have a wide selection of porridge dishes to choose from such as chicken/fish porridge, salted egg with fish porridge, scallop oyster peanut porridge and so forth.

There are the chicken, fish, century egg, salted egg, scallop oyster, deep fried fish paste or deep fried fish head for diners to choose from to be eaten with the porridge. So, basically, you choose your favourite choice of fresh ingredients and Kenny will whip up a hearty and comforting dish to soothe your tummy!

Kenny Seafood Porridge At Taman Bahagia Petaling Jaya
 Picture Credits To www.facebook.com/kennysbubur

Apart from the good-tasting porridge selection, you can also try their noodles and soup dishes if you are not a great fan of porridge. I was too stuffed on my first visit and I may come back another day to check out the rest of their soup and noodles dishes such as the fish head mee hoon and fish paste noodles!

Kenny's Seafood Porridge
 Picture Credits To www.facebook.com/kennysbubur

Kenny's Seafood Porridge 
Jalan SS 2/4A
Taman Bahagia
47301 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 016-375 5304
Location FourSquare

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