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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

FOOD MATTERS.ME Malaysia ~ Healthy & Affordable Lunch Delivery At Your FingerTips

"Healthy Food & Affordable Lunch"
Right At Your Office

Food Matters is the latest on-line food platform for ordering tasty, nutritious and truly affordable lunches prepared with the concept of healthy and guilt-free eating for everyone. Food Matters makes it easier for office workers with busy work schedules, adventurous palates with household budgets by ordering meals online.

Imagine yourself of sometimes having to finish off late and stay back at office during lunch break, leaving you with no option but to order some fast food delivery of burgers, pizzas or perhaps sinful fried chicken to fill that empty stomach.

Fret not, Food Matters is here to provide healthy and absolutely delicious food, affordable and convenient at the same time, bringing to your doorsteps hot and healthy lunches every time.

Food Matters make healthy eating simple - with their Online Ordering Website; just a few clicks of a button, you will have great-tasting lunches delivered right to your office. They offer customers six options daily ( out of a range of 40 dishes ) to choose from, so that the customers will not be tired of their wide variety of nutritious option such as fusion meals, local favourites, low-carb diet favourites and many more. Click here for their Menu : Foodmatters Menu 

Online Ordering Website

For as low as RM10 per meal for monthly subscribers, you can have up to 20 meals credits for RM 200 per month for the 'Complete Subscription". There's an option of maximum 20 meals credit to as little as 4 meals credit per month costing up to RM 14 per meal at RM 56 per month!

No worries too, Food Matters are genuinely serious in full customer satisfaction as they offer 14 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE with a full refund. So if you feel that their service or food is not suitable for you, you may write in, and they'll be more than happy to provide a refund.

Feel free to use Food Matters App that allow you to place your orders from  their menu of up to 40 mouth-watering dishes. Click here > APP STORE to make new orders and edits to current orders. Get all your notifications live on the app and never miss your meals again!

Click Here: Foodmatters Menu

With the convenience of Food Matters's pre-booked meals now, you can order and indulge in delectable healthy versions of tasty local dishes, unique fusion meals, mainstay Western and vegetarian to low fat, low-carb diet sensitive favourites or even gluten free meals at the comfort of your office with affordable prices. It is in fact the best of two worlds where one can have high quality dishes with fresh ingredients enjoyed at households budgets.

Founder of Food Matters, media executive turned nutritionist Alexandra Prabaharan, puts in lots of effort and hard work into whipping out a variety of Asian, Western and fusion dishes for lunch, delivered daily to your office in and around Klang Valley. 

Much R&D have been done, to ensure that the meals served are well balanced, highly nutritious as well as flavourful but still maintaining its taste and texture. Caloric information and nutritional value with calories, proteins, carbs and fats are noted in each individual lunch box.

The good and exciting part of the story is that passionate founder, Alexandra continues to develop wholesome recipes to expand their ever-changing menu to whet your appetite, using only high-quality and fresh ingredients for her new menu.   

Following are some of the delectable, nutritious and rich in nutrients dishes I'd tried recently.  

These tasty noodles are lightly tossed in soy sauce and topped with teriyaki chicken breast and nutrient-dense nori seaweed. This low caloried dish packs a punch with its flavours. While this dish seems simple enough, the technique involved is quite complexed.

This is in fact my Top Pick, my choice of healthy eating which I look for in eating clean and light meal. Mildy flavoured with light soy sauce, it's get the flavouring from the nori seaweed. I always enjoyed eating the lean non-fat chicken breast meat as I'm not a fan of chicken skin too. 

Excellent choice picking soba noodles, which is made from buckwheat flour as part of the ingredients for the dish. I liked the nutty flavour of the soba which work work well as a base for this low-carb dish.

• Soba noodles are low in calories and are rich in Manganese which converts food into energy.
• Made with skinless boneless chicken breast.
• Seaweed is high in fibre and essential minerals and vitamins.


If you are feeling like something exotic, their take on the middle eastern classic, Falafel, will hit all the right spot. High in fibre and packed with energy, this zesty pita wrap will have you feeling satisfied till your next meal. You no longer have to snack in between meals!

My son loves this to bits (I still dunno why), but I'm pleased that he enjoys this pack a punch of healthy pita rather than the usual McDonald as well as Kentucky Fried Chicken that he sometimes craves for. Serving may be small but somehow it kept my son satiated till his next meal; dinner!

• Chickpeas are a lean protein and are high in fibre.
• Yogurt promotes digestive health.
• The whole wheat pita boosts the fibre content of the dish.


They lightly stir fry this spicy dish and serve it with brown rice for an added boost of fibre and nutrients. This healthful dish will not disappoint lovers of Thai cuisine with our simple but delicate approach to cooking it.

I would recommend it to  those who like spicy food but not the oil, the chicken breast is stir fried with snow pea for the added crunch, together with the house made spicy Thai sauce.

• Made with skinless boneless chicken breast.
• Brown rice makes you stay fuller longer and helps to maintain a healthy body weight.
• Snow peas are quickly stir-fried to retain crunch and vitamin content.


Instead of cooking the brown rice in santan, it's toss with virgin coconut oil known for its boost of energy, healthy fatty acids and fat-burning properties. The combination of the sambal (chilli), hard boiled egg and anchovies makes for one exciting dish and pays tribute to one of Malaysia's most iconic dishes.

Well, your craving for the sinful nasi lemak stop here, a well-thought dish replacing the santan with coconut oil; chicken and sambal were good and you still get your regular dose of Malaysian's favourite food from Food Matters, without sacrificing on the taste and flavour. 

• Brown rice makes you stay fuller longer and helps to maintain a healthy body weight.
• Virgin coconut oil is a superfood, which aids in fat loss and promotes glowing skin and shiny hair.


Calling all Korean cuisine lovers! This wrap is packed with lean steak slices marinated in bulgogi sauce and topped with slivers of kimchi and caramelized onion. Busy and can’t spare time to sit down and eat? Don’t fret as this wrap is fuss free and can be eaten on the go.

Good to go food for those looking for a quick meal or bites while being busy at work. You will love the spicy and sourish flavour of the healthy kimchi wrap with lean steak and sweet onions.


These fishcakes are baked till golden and served with a nutritious protein-rich quinoa salad tossed with a miso dressing. Perfect if you’re seeking a nutritious and protein dense meal especially after a solid work out at the gym.

 Nutritious Protein-Rich Quinoa Salad

• Baked salmon, a lean protein that’s high in omega-3 fatty acids and an excellent source of      Vitamin D.
• Quinoa is a protein rich food that contains all nine essential amino acids.
• Quinoa has almost twice as much fibre as other grains.

All-on-all, I truly believe that healthy eating is made more accessible for Malaysians now with Food Matters offering a food delivery service to all now.  

For more information or to order, please subscribe and embark on a healthy and delicious journey savouring great-tasting hot delivery lunches at their Website here > FOOD MATTERS

For all other enquiries, send them an email> atcust@foodmatters.my

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