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Thursday, 25 February 2016

TSUJIRI Green Tea Brand From Kyoto Japan ~ 1st Outlet Launch In Malaysia @Damansara Uptown Petaling Jaya

The TSUJIRI Tea Brand With 155 Years of Heritage 
Launches Its First Outlet In Malaysia
The TSUJIRI Tea Brand with Over 155 Years of Heritage Launches its First Outlet in Malaysia on 20th February 2016, introducing Unique, Green Tea-Based Drinks and Desserts.

The launch of TSUJIRI Malaysia began with a ribbon cutting ceremony, followed by setting off the firecrackers.

Auntie Lilly, FollowMeToEatLa was truly excited when invited to attend Tsujiri's first outlet launch in Malaysia last week. VIP, guests and members of the media together with bloggers were treated to a exclusive tea ceremony demonstration by Tea Master Shiro Tsuji, who heads a Japanese tea and café business in Fukuoka, Japan.

 Authentic Tea Ceremony

The launch of TSUJIRI Malaysia saw 7th generation descendant of the brand’s founder, Shiro Tsuji, demonstrate a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

 Posing With Brand's Founder, Shiro Tsuji

Everyone had a wonderful time savouring free flow of green tea drinks, desserts such as ice cream and parfaits selections. Matcha lovers can choose from O-Matcha, tea, latte to desserts, ice blended,  shaved ice, floats and not forgetting delightful Parfait selection with Soft ice cream too. All in all, my favourite was of course their best quality Japanese green tea in its original form ~ Signature O-Matcha! 

Tsujiri Menu
Heavenly Must Have Desserts At Tsujiri Malaysia

TSUJIRI, a renowned and established green tea brand from Japan with 155 years of heritage, continues its mission to promote and convey the beauty of Japanese culture and the splendour of Japanese tea to Malaysia with the opening of its first TSUJIRI outlet at Damansara Uptown.

Malaysians can now savour the best quality Japanese green tea in its original form, and in many innovative hot and cold drinks, and desserts.

Eric Chang (Director of TSUJIRI Malaysia), Karen Teow (Managing Director of TSUJIRI Malaysia), Shiro Tsuji (Owner of TSUJIRI Japan), Dan Osano (Chairman and CEO of TSUJIRI Taiwan and TSUJIRI Global) and Akiko Akao (Managing Director of TSUJIRI Singapore)
(From left to right)

CEO and Chairman of TSUJIRI Global Dan Osano

Dan Osano shares the history of TSUJIRI, which was founded by Riemon Tsuji in 1860, and explains the philosophy behind the brand – of providing harmony, reverence, purity and tranquility. 

“TSUJIRI now has over 14 outlets worldwide including Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, China, Canada, and now, Malaysia. Very soon, we will also be expanding into UK, US, Australia, Indonesia and Thailand,” said Dan Osano, Chairman and CEO of MOD’S & Kaw Ping Co. Ltd.

General Manager of TSUJIRI Malaysia Mike Yong exhibits some of the desserts and drinks available at TSUJIRI Malaysia

“We are happy to introduce this prestigious Japanese brand to Malaysians. My younger brother first discovered TSUJIRI when he visited Japan in 2014. He loved it so much that he decided to take up a franchise for London, and also recommended me to try it. Back then, the nearest branch was in Singapore, so I flew to TSUJIRI Singapore back in 2014 to taste their drinks and desserts and immediately fell in love with it. I thought, if only I could have this every day; and that’s when I decided to take up a franchise to bring this amazing tea brand here. 

We hope that Malaysians can enjoy the culture and heritage of Japanese green tea, alongside its health benefits, through our café-style outlet,” shared Karen, Managing Director of TSUJIRI Malaysia during the launch. “Additionally, while keeping cool with our drinks and desserts, we can enjoy the unique and soothing taste of this tea.”

“Consumers today are more informed and are more discerning than ever. They look for quality, taste, and variety. I believe TSUJIRI meets all these criteria and I am confident that we are able to cater to their needs with our stringent quality control and continuous innovation.”

Established in 1860, TSUJIRI was founded by green tea specialist Riemon Tsuji, an entrepreneur who sought to improve the tea industry. Through several innovations, he found ways to enhance the flavours and sweetness of green tea, resulting in high-quality Gyokuro tea leaves, which is a breed of shaded green tea from Japan. He also designed a method of transporting tea leaves so that they could maintain their freshness after harvesting.

Through his techniques, the benefits of green tea, known to be rich in antioxidants and believed to promote anti-aging, are maintained. Thus, TSUJIRI offers green tea rich in Vitamin A, C, E and Beta Carotene, as well as Catechin, which plays a role in burning calories.

Green Tea Drinks and Desserts - Continued Innovation
Keeping Riemon’s desire to continue to innovate while sustaining its traditions, TSUJIRI ventured into green tea-based drinks and desserts, but maintains its philosophy of offering the best quality. TSUJIRI products utilise the best green tea selected and preserved from Uji in Kyoto, and uses the traditional grinding method to convey its strong fragrance as well as flavour.

O-Matcha Cappucino
RM 12

O-Matcha Roll Cake
RM 10

Tsujiri O-Matcha Parfait 
RM 16.50
Tsujiri O-Matcha Shaved Ice
RM 17

RM 13

O-Matcha Soft Ice Cream
RM 6.50

Their menu comprises of the following: O-matcha, Specialty Drink, Tea, Latte, Ice Blended, Soft Ice Cream and Parfait, Shaved Ice, and Sweet selections for in-store dining. With 48 drinks and dessert items in their menu, TSUJIRI easily offers one of the most varieties of green tea drinks and dessert in Malaysia.

In addition, patrons can also purchase take-home products such as their O-matcha Power and various blends of green tea bags. The price of drinks and desserts starts from RM6.50, while their Home Products starts from RM50.

TSUJIRI Malaysia
No. 58 Damansara Uptown
Jalan SS 21/58
 Damasara Utama
 47400 Selangor 
(Across from Texas Chicken)
Tel: 03 - 7733 5541
Business Hours: 12pm to 11pm
FaceBook: Tsujiri Malaysia

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