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Sunday, 2 August 2015

Piggy Tail Restaurant & Wine Bar @ Bangsar Telawi 3 Kuala Lumpur

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Let's talk about porky-licious food today, shall we? Last month, Uncle Hong and I were invited to the newly opened Piggy Tail Restaurant Wine & Bar for a food review session with a bunch of our foodie friends with special invites from OpenRice Malaysia.

It was a night filled with good vibes, good drinks and good music. Everyone enjoyed the scrumptious spread of mainly pork dishes starting from small bites to mains of pork steak, long and short ribs to chunky thick pork burger patties, pork knuckle and even some pork franks!

Those who enjoy best cuts of premium, highest quality ~ Sakura Pork might find something to their liking on the Piggy Tail's menu. Piggy Tail which has been around for the past 9 months in Bangsar, is popular with diners who enjoy good quality food with some good wine and beers.

During a special preview for OpenRice Malaysia's bloggers, we were offered a chance to savour appetising meaty-licious creations of Piggy Tail's top chefs for that special night. Let me feature my highly recommended dishes from the TOP FAVOURITE on my list.

Star Of The Night
Piggy Pork Shoulder Steak
RM 45

The highlight of the night was the popular Piggy Pork Shoulder Steak, loved by diners. The well-marbled cut, extremely tender and juicy was cooked just right to perfection. Its owner Joseph Hoe said that premium pork shoulder meat is special as it's very limited in quantity and it makes an excellent flavourful dish for roasts, barbeque or braises cooking methods.

Barbecued with unique Piggy BBQ Sauce, the taste of the Sakura grain-fed pork meat took centre stage with its nicely charred thick chunk of meat, providing a toothsome bite. A must-try dish for all pork-lovers!

Premium Pork Aglio Olio
RM 25

The Premium Pork Aglio Olio, prepared with grilled Sakura Pork Neck meat, is another offering that sits well with meat aficionados like me. This pasta dish featured spaghetti Aglio olio with red chilli flakes, garlic, olive oil and sliced bacon topped with the meltingly tender and deliciously flavorful grilled pork neck meat. 

 Spicy Short Pork Ribs
 RM 58 

BBQ Long Pork Ribs
RM 55

For an absolute indulgence of finger-licking good pork dish, you must try Piggy Tail's Spicy Short Pork Ribs and BBQ Long Pork Ribs. Both were char-grilled to perfection with house-made unique Piggy sauce which utilizes the best cut from the ribs, was succulent and juicy fork-tenderness. These amazing pork ribs come served on a bed of mash and side salad.

Spicy Short Pork Ribs consist of a rack of premium, lean short ribs, barbecued with our unique Piggy spicy sauce. Loved the spicy belacan flavour giving a new twist to the classic dish.    
While the BBQ Long Pork Ribs feature premium long ribs with layers of thick meat balanced with some fat. This dish does not disappoint as it was equally tasty and mouth-watering barbecued with Piggy BBQ sauce, served on a bed of mash with a side salad too.    

Piggy Pork Burger
RM 28

If the pork steak or the pork ribs are too much to handle, pork-lovers can check out Piggy Tail's signature burger. A delicious and juicy pork burger on the menu, aptly named 'Piggy Pork Burger', where their chef churns out ground pork burgers patties by hand for its restaurant using the only premium meat for their gourmet burgers.

The gourmet burger, which an a la carte price of RM 28, has a house-made patty layered with a slice of melted cheese, lettuce and onions ring between toasted buns with tasty crispy curly fries and salad on the side.

The Ultimate Chunky & Thick Pork Patty

Here I truly enjoyed eating this porky goodness with a super chunky generously portioned thick burger patty that is wider than a human jaw. Joseph Hoe explained that no sauces go onto the bun as the pork patty itself oozes out its own natural flavourful juice to a hand made moist and tender gourmet pork burger.

 Mixed Pork Franks
RM 30

Besides steak, ribs, burger and pasta dishes, Piggy Tail serves a mixed pork franks dish as bar bites for its diners to go with their alcoholic drinks. Featuring a uniquely spiced Premium Pork Franks of 3 different flavours and variants, I enjoyed tasting the spiced and herb franks served with mash and a side salad.

Signature Pork Knuckles
RM 86

No pork cuisine is complete without  Pork Knuckles. Meat lovers can enjoy a plate of Piggy Tail's perfect mix of crunchy crackling skin with juicy and tender knuckle meat. Best eaten with supreme gravy sauce and it comes with mash and a side salad. It is a heavy meal to have on its own, so it is best shared.

 Signature Lamb Chops
RM 45

Last but not least, diners can choose to have some lamb for a change, can opt for Piggy Tail's Signature Lamb Chops. Grilled to mouth-watering marinated NZ lamb chop with house-made Mongolian sauce and served with chips and vege of the day. 

Truffles Ice Cream
RM 18

One cannot leave Piggy Tail without tasting their Signature Dessert ~ Truffles Ice Cream, for which they are known for. A pleasing-to-the-eye home-made truffle ice cream drizzled with crispy bacon bits and drowned in chocolate sauce.... a perfect mix of sweet and salty.

Interesting dessert of Truffles Ice Cream, this beautiful dessert is little out of ordinary but it's sure to be a hit with many diners. Everyone was wowed over with the heavenly mixture of sweet with savoury dessert, a very impressive dish to end our review at Piggy Tail that day!

The rest of the dishes served were the Snowy Piggy Carbonara and Wild Mushroom Soup which was obviously outshine by all the premium pork dishes of steak, burger, ribs and franks. Nevertheless, you can still try them out if you still have some space left in your stomach!  

 Snowy Piggy Carbonara
RM 22

A comforting pasta dish ~ Snowy Piggy Carbonara which is a creamy white sauce spaghetti cooked with bacon strips topped with a runny egg yolk for the added creaminess. Egg-lovers will enjoy this simple tummy-filling dish with ooey-gooey runny egg yolks getting all mixed with the ala-dente spaghetti.

My Almost Perfect Shot Of The Runny Egg Yolks 

Oodles Noodles of Snowy Piggy Carbonara

Wild Mushroom Soup
RM 18

If you really need a tummy-warming food to start up your appetite, do check out Piggy Tail's Signature Soup with Wild Mushroom and Cream. Creamy soup with a mixed variant 3 types of fresh mushrooms cooked with white cream and a dash of truffle oil for the added fragrant. 

Pork Corn
RM 16

For a total Piggy Tail experience, start your meal with Pork Corn, a tasty and addictive small bites to go with drinks before your mains. It is the best starter to have when enjoying a good conversation while waiting for the perfect ribs or steak.

Irresistible bites of deep-fried chunks of Sakura Pork peppered with secret spices and served with special BBQ mayo. Mind you, these delightful crispy Pork Corn was demolished by everyone at the dining table as soon as it arrived. Sinfully delicious, great bar bites to go with your excellent cocktails, beers or wine!  

Piggy Tail Restaurant & Wine Bar
No. 39, Jalan Telawi 3
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 010 - 232 1600
Operating Hours: 10am-1am daily
Website piggytail.webs.com
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