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Saturday, 22 August 2015

The Champ Kitchen @Taman Perindustrian KIP Kepong Kuala Lumpur

Hidden Treasure of Kepong
The Champ Kitchen 
Serves Some of The Best Braised Pork Knuckle Dishes in Town

One of latest discoveries on my gastronomic adventures is The Champ Kitchen in Taman Perindustrian KIP, Kepong in the Klang Valley. Okay, I know this a bit far-fetched, but if you want to savour real good porky dishes, The Champ Kitchen is the place to visit. Read on and check this restaurant out, then you will understand the trip I made was worthwhile.

My foodies blogger friend, Logan Goh  had invited me to a food-tasting session organized by a popular Facebook Foodie Group ~ KL~吉隆坡美食~KL and Take Eat Easy.  

Hidden in the middle of Kepong industrial area, The Champ Kitchen opened its door to patrons in early July 2015 this year. This no-frills typical chinese restaurant is the brainchild of an ambitious chef turns businessman, who decided to churn out his family's century old heritage recipe to local folks in Klang Valley.

Driven by passion to ensure that true family recipes was preserved for generations to come, his love for good food has drives him to open up a restaurant serving his great-grandfather's family time-honoured recipes that has spanned over 4 generations. With 'The Champ Kitchen' now, his family's legacy lives on in the dishes he served to customers every day.

The Champ Kitchen, signature speciality dish is none other than the Claypot Pork Knuckle. Senior Yap, his father supervises the cooking of around 100 to 150 pork knuckles twice or thrice a week in the specially made big wok. You can never miss the sight of it as it was placed strategically right at the main entrance of the restaurant.

It was not my lucky day as I was not able to capture a shot of the big wok cooking during my review that day. But you can come by on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday to feast your eyes on this big cook-out of over 100 pork knuckles in the big wok. Can just imagine the fragrant aroma with lots of herbs and spices that floats through the whole restaurant on those days!

He aims to make this flavourful prized dish affordable and readily available to more people. They serves a wide selection of dishes from ala-carte pork hind dishes to noodles and rice with add-ons side dishes to go with your meal. Since opening, The Champ Kitchen have been drawing in the crowds with reasonable prices and value for money with dishes starting from as low as RM5 to RM28 for a whole Dang Gui Salted Chicken.

Here are some of their Daily Special Signature dishes in the house are as follows:
 Claypot Pork Knuckle
RM 38

Age-old recipe handed down from his great grandfather, the Claypot Pork Knuckle was fragrant and aromatic infused with fresh ingredients prepared from scratch using the long hours of traditional cooking method just like the olden days. It features fall-off-the-bone meat that comes bathed in a luscious dark brown savoury sauce, an instantaneous hit with all pork lovers. 

As for me,  I loved the sauce for its rich flavour, aromatic with smell of almost every spice you can find to bring out the best in the dish. All pork knuckle lovers can rejoiced with this wonderful juicy and tender dish. You must first savour a spoonful of the gravy to check out the tastiness for yourself. Sauce is best eaten with not only rice but tasted good when dip with fried mantou buns too.

Dang Gui Salted Chicken
RM 15 (Half) RM 28 (Whole)

The Champ Kitchen came up with  a variety of all-in-one noodles and rice dishes that comes with the special pork knuckle, preserved vegetables and special 'hot spring' egg. Diners can choose variants of either rice, soup noodles or dry noodles with the delicious toppings.

'Hot Spring' Egg
RM 2

The Champ Kitchen's 'hot spring' eggs are actually egg cooked skillfully in hot water with a control temperature to produce a somewhat runny egg yolks. Unique as they are soft-boiled but the egg yolk is never fully cooked, it can be custard-like with a firm texture. You must try this impressive 'hot spring egg' with softly firm whites and creamy and runny golden yolks if you are dining here!

Pork Hind Rice
RM 14

Generous portion of the pork hind are served with flavourful preserved vegetables of ham choy, mui choy and a 'hot spring' egg in a bowl of rice.

Soup Pork Hind Noodles
RM 10 (S) RM 12 (B) 

Pork Hind Dry Noodles 

A similar version with the same toppings but instead of rice, diners can have the dry noodles ie. without the soup.

Pork Soup Noodles
RM 10 (S) RM 12 (B) 

Pork Dry Noodles
RM 8

Spicy Soup Pork Noodle
RM 12 (S) & RM 14 (L)

For those who prefer something hot and spicy, this is a good noodles dish to choose. Springy egg noodles served in spicy soup topped with shredded black fungus (mok yee), chopped scallions and a melt-in-the-mouth 'hot spring' egg.

An Array Of Appetising Add-Ons

Big-eaters can order add-on dishes to satisfy their cravings at The Champ Kitchen. Foodies can opt to have extra dishes of 'hot spring' egg, preserved vegetables (ham choy/mui choy), pork slices, pork lard rice, pork lard noodles and perhaps some sinful but absolutely delicious crispy pork lard! Goodness me !

Pork slices (2 pcs) RM 6, Ham Choy/Mui Choy RM 3, 'Hot Spring' Egg RM 2, Crispy Pork Lard RM 2
( From Top left Clock wise)

Slow Braised Beef Brisket With Rice
RM 10

Slow Braised Beef Brisket With Noodle
RM 10

Besides special pork knuckle dishes, beef lovers fret not as The Champ Kitchen also offers some Beef selections such as Slow Braised Beef Brisket to serve with your choice of rice or noodles dishes.

Simple & Classic Side Dishes of Egg & Tofu

Cold Tofu
RM 5

Vegetable Of The Day
RM 5

Apart from the pork and beef dishes, this restaurant also serves a variety of egg and tofu dishes to whet diners appetite. You will be spoilt with choice of 3 equally delectable tofu dishes cooked in 3 different styles.

 Salted Fish Minced Tofu
RM 8

My favourite among them was the delightfully comforting dish of Salted Fish Minced Tofu. Feeling nostalgic when eating it as this dish often reminds of my family home-cooked food. My late mom used to cook this Hakka dish for us when we were young as it was easy to eat and highly nutritious.

Steam Egg With Chives
RM 5

The Champ Kitchen also came up with some home-styled family dishes such as Steam Egg with Chives and its signature dish of Minced Meat Omelette. These other signature dishes are equally popular with dining families. 

Minced Meat Omelette
RM 8

A comforting delicious dish, is how I would describe the special Minced Meat Omelette. Generous portion of flavoursome minced pork meat cooked perfectly with eggs. This dish would go well with young and old alike, taste great eaten with a warm bowl of rice. Highly recommended, a must try dish to order at The Champ Kitchen if you are a serious egg-lovers! 

Pork Neck Skewer - 4 pcs 
 (RM 2 per skewer)
RM 8

 HK Century Egg Ginger
RM 5

Fried Man Tao Buns
@RM 1.50 per pc

While waiting for your dishes to arrive, diners can order some tasty appetisers to satisfy hungry tummies with snacks dishes such as pork neck skewer, Hongkong century egg with ginger and last but not least some freshly fried Man Tao buns.

Since its July 2015 opening, The Champ Kitchen's owner have been experimenting and introducing some new dishes to complement his brand new baby, The Champ Kitchen's new menu. As follows are his range of new creations specially made to tempt your palate.  
Braised Goose Feet with Fish Maw & Giant Mushroom

  Waxed Meat Claypot Rice (Lap May Fan)

Lamb Belly 

  Preserved Vegetable ~ Sweet Mui Choy Pork Belly   

 Sze Chuan Style Grilled Horse Mackerel

 HongKong-style Wanton Soup Noodle

Premium Double Boiled Soup with Shark bone, Old Hen & Fish Maw

Everyone knows that a warm and tasty soup will definitely put hearts at ease. The Champ Kitchen provides 2 soups of delicious, healthy and nourishing choices consisting of Premium Double Boiled Soup with Shark bone, Old Hen & Fish Maw and Lotus & Arrow Root Soup. 

Slurp your way into delicious goodness with a whole lot of nourishment to fill your tummy and reminisce upon those delightful soul comforting soups that's prepared by your mom. Definitely a great starting point towards leading a healthier lifestyle.

 Lotus & Arrow Root Soup

A must-have of the Chinese soups is the Lotus & Arrow Root Soup. Served in a mini pot, the soup was lusciously delicious and superbly rich in chicken flavours. Slow-simmered with combination of chicken feet, lotus, arrow roots and peanuts, this soup does wonders to clear your stress and freshens up the mind.

If you still have space for some desserts in your stomach after the scrumptious porky dishes, do try out some of their home made green tea ice cream or signature home made Sea salt ice cream. Wash down with some home cooked herbal tea or 'Kim Eng' herbal tea  to ease your body heatiness, chill & cool your stress away!

 Home Made Sea Salt Ice Cream
RM 5

Home Made Green Tea Ice Cream
RM 5 

Overall, The Champ Kitchen is a decent and good-tasting family restaurant that provides a varieties of ala-carte home-styled Chinese cooking dishes to go with rice or noodles. Meanwhile, they aims to provide everyone with affordable pork rice and noodles for young and old alike be it; the office workers, college students, young couples and busy working mothers among others. The Champ Kitchen also aspired to bring their simple yet tasty pork rice to all, making it a popular food for many seeking to have a quick and fast meal to fill a hungry stomach when eating out. 

I enjoyed my tasting session very much especially the pork rice. Priced at only RM 8, it's really a good price to pay for a delicious meal of pork rice with egg and preserved vegetables all thrown in. I loved the different texture and flavours of the tender pork slices, creamy lava 'hot spring' egg mixed together the sweet and sour of the ham choy with the mui choy. Thumbs up for that!

The Champ Kitchen
No 19 Jalan KIP 1
Taman Perindustrian KIP
52200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 - 6275 1919 

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday - 11.30am to 8pm
                             Sunday - 9am to 7pm

FaceBook: www.facebook.com/thechampkitchen

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