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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

DeHunan Hotpot @Fahrenheit 88 Jalan Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur ~ Hunan's Vibrant Flavours


DeHunan Hotpot Restaurant @Fahrenheit 88

Dining at DeHunan Hotpot has taken me and my family to a fiery and spicy gastronomical dining experience, a special culinary journey of Hunan cuisine tasting DeHunan's scrumptious spread of Hunan menu. We were looking forward to some tantalising hot spicy flavours and they really did an excellent job with their spread of authentic Hunan dishes, all specially cooked and prepared by their chefs from Hunan Province, China.

Currently with 2 outlets in neighbourhood of Kuchai Lama and Bandar Puteri Puchong. DeHunan Hotpot, has finally branched into the city centre with a latest branch newly opened and strategically located at Fahrenheit 88 Jalan Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur.

Spice and Fire - I think is the best way to describe the vibrant flavours of traditional Hunan cuisine. Also known as Xiang cuisine, stems from a province that has an age-old reputation as 'Land of Fish and Rice'. Its also one of the Eight Great Traditions of Chinese gastronomy. You can find out more about the interesting info about Hunan cuisine from here  
De Hunan has a private room that can serve up to 12 customers per room. Perfectly suitable for business entertainment, family gathering, birthday celebration, event organizing and so forth. With a seating capacity of 266 pax, the restuarant is a well designed to provide customer a private dining feel while savouring the delicious Hunan cuisines with family or friends.

Lovely Décor of  Chillies

Spacious Contemporary Dining Space

I was pretty impressed with their spacious, comfortable and contemporary dining interior. Brightly lit hotpot restaurant, decorated with pretty cute bright red chillies hangings against light wood panel walls.

There’s also a window seating area, from which you can enjoy your meal with the view of the ever thriving Jalan Bukit Bintang while savouring the mouth-watering selections on the menu. A great place with cozy and casual environment for you and your friends to dine in.

Diners at DeHunan Hotpot must sample their tasty appetisers ranging from some healthy treats to some sinful but delicious treats like the pickled cucumber, seaweed, foo chok and pickled pig ears. Do note that appetisers like these differ from day to day, so not to be boring for returning customers.

Pickled Pig Ears, Seaweed, Foo Chok, Pickled Cucumber 
RM 3.50 per serving
( From Top Left clockwise )

Really refreshing and good-tasting starters to open up your taste buds with cold, spicy and sour dishes. My favourite was the cold and crunchy zuchini, extremely addictive till I can finish the whole bowl on my own. The tofu and seaweed were not bad either.  

Hunan cuisine is notable for its liberal use of chilli peppers, shallots and garlic which give the dishes a hot spicy flavours, fresh aroma and deep colour. During our dinner review to savour some of Chef Li Zhen Fang's toothsome dishes, we started off with Hunan Farmer Style Fried Pork.

Hunan Farmer Style Fried Pork 
RM 22

Hunan Farmer Style Fried Pork, a simple and delicious dish, which comes with a fragrant spicy flavour and full of wok-hei. The green chillies and garlic were cooked with marinated pork belly while the nutty flavour comes from the deep-fried green chillies seeds that was cooked together in this dish. Loved this dish to bits, will definitely come back for more. 

Deep Fried Spicy Chicken with Dried Chili 
RM 30

Next, one of the highlights on their menu is the Deep Fried Spicy Chicken with Dried Chili. Juicy and tender chicken thigh marinated with beer, chinese wine (fah tiew cao) and salt were deep fried before frying with dry chillies till fragrant. Topping it up with sesame seeds bring out aromatic flavours, seriously this is another dish you must try.

Intimating dish to try by the sight of the large portion of dry chillies in the dish, but don't worry, it's not as hot or spicy as it looked. One of the most popular Hunanese dishes, it is easy to see why, as this seemingly uncomplicated dish is a hothouse of flavours.

Stir Fried Beijing Cabbage 
RM 20

Their menu also offers less 'hot' dishes such as this simple Stir Fried Beijing Cabbage with Pork Belly. A complete dish with good portion of vegetables and meat, the Beijing cabbage leaves are plucked by hand and not cut for some special reason and cooked on high heat with marinated pork belly. The crunchy fresh vegetables were cooked "al dente", full of wok-kei with a smoky flavour. It is a definite favourite at the table. 
Fried Home made Beancurd with Salted Egg 
RM 18

Creamy with melt-the-mouth sensation, this savoury salted egg and tofu dish was a real winner. No eggs were used as we were told, Chef Li's expertise in Hunanese cooking crafts out an authentic and richly-flavoured oriental delicacies from just 2 simple ingredients of salted egg and soft tofu. My young son really enjoyed eating this dish with a delicate texture and it went well with the a bowl of hot steaming rice.

Uncle Mao Special Braised Pork 
RM 30

Uncle Mao Special Braised Pork as it was named after Mao Zedong, so we assumed it is definitely Uncle Mao's favourite porky dish. Mao was born in Chaochan in Hunan province, thus they decided to name it after him. 

With imported pork meat from China, the chunky pork belly are braised and stewed in high pressure cooker with lot herbs and spices resulting into a luscious sinful dish of pork belly in thick dark sauce with rich flavour.       

Spicy Skewered Prawns in Hunan style 
RM 33

Hunan Yuen & Yang Steamed Fish Head - 'Ling' Fish 
RM 60

A synonymous Hunan fish dishes to try is the Hunan Yuen & Yang Steamed Fish Head - 'Ling' Fish. With an intense spiciness from the imported Hunan's green chillies, this is one dish that is not recommended for the faint-hearted. The Hunanese are famous for their use of the sharp punch of vinegar-pickled chillies with salt. 

Although it looks very appealing and quite colourful with the green chillies, red chillies and scallions used, but the spiciness actually numbs your tongue with a burning sensation to the lips after the diced Hunan green chillies kick in.

Noodles were added to soak up the salty and spicy sauce from the fish dish and eaten together for an overall spicy and fiery tasting.

Sizzling Skewered Lamb
RM 28

Lamb lovers, do check out these juicy and tender Australian lamb served in skewers. Marinated before being deep fried and topped with a combination of fresh ingredients  such as garlic, onion, fresh red chilies and the signature green chillies (xiao mi jiao 小米椒 ).  

Following up after the mains dishes, we were treated to some very unique hotpot soups at DeHunan. So if you are craving for a hotpot meal with a dash of yummy goodness, do check out their selections of 4 types of No-MSG soups ranging from fish head soup, pork bone soup, duck soup to chicken soup. 

Fish Head Soup 
Small Pot - RM 15 (per pax) / Big Pot - RM 40 for 4 pax

Hunan cuisine is noted for pungency, thanks to its generous but judicious use of spices, especially the use of chilli, which is as standard to Hunan cuisine. The special seasoning of Hunan cuisine include soy sauce, tea seed oil, spicy oil, Chinese red pepper, fennel and cassia bark, each of which add its own particular colour and flavour to the cuisine.

Duck Soup
Small Pot - RM 15 (per pax) / Big Pot - RM 40 for 4 pax

Both soups flavour were intense, salty and tends to be oilier. Lots of spices like the star anise and mandarin peels were added to bring out the pungent and robust flavour in the duck soup. For the fish head soup, the spiciness comes from use of three types of chillies to give it a distinct rich yellow colour. Be prepared to thrill your taste buds as authentic Hunan steamboat dining experience has been brought that much closer to you by DeHunan Hotpot.

Choose from the steamboat menu with up to 40 items including fresh seafood, chicken, pork, lamb. beef, meatballs, fish balls, vegetables, mushrooms and more. It was an enjoyable steamboat dinner as there are many types of ingredients to dunk into a flavourful broths, feasting our palate with a rather unique herbal duck soup and spicy fish head soup. 

Fresh Tiger Prawns goes well with both flavours

Premium Sliced Australia Beef Fillet (RM 18) & Sliced Pork Shoulder Loin (RM 14)

Golden Sweet Potatoes with Honey
RM 22

For desserts, the Golden Sweet Potatoes with Honey was pleasant surprise, giving us a break from the hot and spicy dishes. Deep-fried sweet potatoes coated with tapioca flour and custard powder mix was fragrant and crunchy, with soft and warm insides. Bursting with flavour and crisp from the sticky honey coating, these golden sweet desserts would leaves you wanting more!

 Delightful Sweet Desserts 

Potato Pancake 
RM 10 for 4pcs

 Happy Eats with my sister,Alice and daughter, Clarrisha (on the left)

Tummy Happy Food Tasting Day For the Ladies

DeHunan Hotpot
Lot 2.05, Level 2 Fahrenheit 88
No 179, Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03 - 2141 3469

Website: www.dehunan.com
FaceBook: www.facebook.com/DeHunanHotpot

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