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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

WAY Modern Chinois Restaurant ~ Dim Sum Menu @Clearwater Damansara Heights

WAY Modern Chinois Restaurant
Adding Contemporary Flavours To A Traditional Fare

A stunning menu awaits diners at WAY Modern Chinois Restaurant with their brand new selection of  dim sum in August this month. Leading the crew, Head Chef Kent Chan helms the creation of an exquisite yet modest meal which utilises molecular cooking techniques in preparation of the dim sum resulting in a luxurious mix of flavours. 

Mention "dim sum" and images of banquet-hall type restaurants or grubby coffee shops packed with boisterous diners immediately spring to mind. Sad to say for KL's dim sum devotees, there aren't a great variety of places that serves these bite-sized snacks - that is, until WAY Modern Chinois Restaurant came bounding along, a classy, sensual avant-garde modern cuisine restaurant.

Taking a seat in one of the black wood chairs and dining in one of WAY Modern Chinois private room is an experience to mark on one's bucket list. Easing the senses after a long working week, savouring well-prepared dim sum evokes a feeling of comfort and warmth that radiates throughout your body as you consume the savoury and sweet morsels.

With a Michelin star chef from the USA to their team, WAY prides itself on serving honest Malaysian fine dining Chinese cuisine with a subtle twist and sophistication. Speaking of twists, Head Chef Kent Chan elevates traditional dim sum and tweaks them to include contemporary flavours. Fret not, the flavours are by no means strange or conflicting.

Skinless Shanghai Soup Dumpling 
 RM 6 per piece

How does Skinless Shanghai Soup Dumpling sound to you? Or maybe Truffle Crab Soup Dumpling or Prawn Dumpling with X.O? Starting off with the crown jewel of the dim sum courses is the Skinless Shanghai Soup Dumpling, an elaborate mix of textures ~ the unique creation of a transparent "xiao long bao".

With its ingredients visible to the eyes, it looks extremely special without the skin dough. Savouring the delightful morsel required one to eat it in one spoonful where you literally pops the whole skinless dumpling in your mouth. The well-seasoned soup burst once in the mouth to be followed by the sourish flavour towards the end. Its comes from the bubble form of vinegar and ginger concoction at the end of the spoon, which completes the "xiao long bao" tasting experience.

Do note that WAY Modern Chinois serves up to 12 pieces of these extraordinary dim sum due to its tedious process of making it. A must-try for the unforgettable WAY experience! 

Truffle Crab Soup Dumpling
RM 14 for 4 pcs

This one of a kind dumpling is unique because of the signature black colour from the squid ink used. It's filled with crab meat and ginger broth, similar to the Shanghai style, xiao long bao.

Crab Roe Dumpling 
RM 19 for 3 pcs

The Crab Roe Dumpling is easy on the eyes in terms of presentation. Beautifully made with a light yellow pumpkin skin wrapped around the flavourful mixed prawn and crab roe, this delicate find arrived decorated with crispy squid ink 'net' on the top.    

Crispy Dumpling with Wasabi Mayo 
RM 15 for 4 pcs

Crispy Dumpling with Wasabi Mayo meets the requirement of having crunchy yet firm spring roll bundle with flavourful chicken and chives. Really enjoyed the crispy dumplings which snapped satisfying in my mouth the moment I bite into it. Served on a bed of wasabi mayo providing a slightly pungent with a hint of spiciness but not hot at all. A clever combination with different taste and texture. 

Crab Claw Dumpling 
RM 15 for 3 pcs

Pleasing to the eyes and pretty-looking delicately made dim sum, that's how I would describe the dainty Crab Claw Dumpling. Instead of spheres, Head Chef Kent takes it up a notch by making triangles with with cute crispy toppings and coriander as garnishing. These bite-size triangle morsels with its translucent skin bursting with chock-full of sweet, fresh prawns with premium Japanese crab claw meat. making each bite bouncy and firm.   

Sticky Rice Lamb Siew Mai 
RM 19 for 3 pcs

I skipped this Sticky Rice Lamb Siew Mai after being told by my dining guests that the taste is rather strong and gamey. Combination of sticky glutinous rice wrapped around the firm and tender minced lamb meat with chinese celery makes it a favourite with the fans of meatballs. 

Prawn Dumpling with X.O 
RM 16 for 3 pcs

Another luxurious concoction of flavours is the Prawn Dumpling with X.O. The delicate prawn dumplings are easy on the palate, with its natural colouring from carrot juice giving its a bright and attractive orangey colour. A winner for great flavour and presentation with its fresh and succulent tasting prawns stuffing.  

Fish & Chip 
RM 16 for 3 pcs

Crispy Bean Curd Skin Roll 
RM 17 for 3 pcs

A sure winner with all cheese lovers, Crispy Bean Curd Skin Roll came on as a deep-fried prawn roll with strong cheese flavour of cheddar cheese in tofu milk skin. One of my favourite although it was kind of sinful with the cooking style and kind of fillings within.

Wok Fried Cheong Fun with Original Spice Paste
RM 10

An interesting dish to savour, given a new twist to cheong fun. The Wok Fried Cheong Fun with Original Spice Paste was a crowd favourite for its robust and flavoursome spicy fragrant dried shrimp chilli sauce coating the cheong fun. The combination of the otherwise rather bland bundles of rolled-up rice flour with the spicy delectable home made paste leaves a lingering after taste in the mouth like a delightful afterthought. Highly recommended dish to try!

Lotus Leaf Steamed Sticky Rice with Duck 
RM 10 for 2 pcs

Way Modern Chinois's version of glutinous rice dish comes with aplenty of ingredients such as mushrooms, salted duck egg yolk, water chestnut, carrot and last but not least, the main ingredient of roast duck. Though I enjoyed the abundance of ingredients, I feel that there is lacking in flavour in the sticky rice.   

Coriander Char Siew Bao 
RM 9 for 2 pcs

Coriander being one of my personal favourite parsley for its health benefits makes its way into this Chinese meat bun. Head Chef Kent keeps it traditional with serving steamed Char Siew Bao but with a twist by adding chopped coriander stalks to the pau dough with a filling of sticky, sweet and salty chicken meat and chopped coriander leaves for the added fragrance.    

Dim Sum Promotion Set at RM 29.00++ per pax

Way Modern Chinois is currently offering a Dim Sum Promotion Set at RM 29++ per pax, available during lunch only from 12pm to 3pm on weekdays (Monday to Friday), the new dim sum menu showcases Head Chef Kent Chan 's creative take on traditional and innovative dim sum. 

The promotion set includes Chef's daily entree, assorted 8 pieces of WAY specialty dim sum, a choice between XO Pan Fried Radish Cake or Wok Fried Cheong Fun with Original Spice Paste and Chef sweets of the day. For more information, kindly call 03-2095 1118 for more details.

Note: Dim Sum Menu is available from Monday – Saturday from 12pm to 3pm

WAY Modern Chinois Restaurant
G-1, Work @Clearwater, Changkat Semantan,
Damansara Heights

50490 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03 - 2095 1118
Fax: 03 - 2095 9292 

Business hours: Mon – Sat (12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 10.30pm) 
Closed on Sundays

Website: way.com.my
Facebook: www.facebook.com/waymodernchinois 

Email: info@way.com.my

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