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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Restoran Angcle Peoh | Authentic Penang Asam Laksa in Bandar Bukit Tinggi Klang

Angcle Peoh
 Penang Ayer Itam Market 
Asam Laksa
City dwellers craving for Penang food need not go far in search of it as Uncle Peoh aka 'Angcle Peoh' is cooking up his authentic and original Asam laksa all the way from Penang Ayer Itam Market to Klang in Bandar Bukit Tinggi! 

Ang Kok Peoh aged 63 or known as 'Angcle Peoh' has a poignant story to his beginnings in Penang. His story started in the 1950's with Uncle Peoh's mother being a good cook especially in asam laksa. Everyday, his mother would carried the laksa ingredients on a rattan basket and walked 4km to the Ayer Itam Market to sell her asam laksa at the side of the bridge.

At a young age of seven, Uncle Peoh started to help his mother selling asam laksa at the market. Ten years later after much hardship, they owned their first pedicab when Uncle Peoh was 17 years old. In 1977 after 27 years of hard work, Uncle Peoh finally owned a small lorry. That's how the story goes .....

A Happy & Joyful Uncle Peoh at Work

Now, asam laksa lovers no longer needs to travel all the way to Penang Ayer Itam Market to enjoy the popular and authentic Penang asam laksa. Take a trip down to Bandar Bukit Tinggi Klang for an escapade to Penang as a father and daughter team had just open up a new eatery serving an array of tantalising and authentic Penang cuisine to local folks in Klang Valley.

Passionate lady, Ms Ang posing with Auntie Lilly

Uncle Peoh or 'Angcle Peoh' was roped in by her daughter, Ang Kar Bee to run her business in this Klang restaurant. Her daughter takes great pride in her Penang delights. She grew up in Penang helping her dad, Uncle Peoh and learnt to cook from her family since young.

Like father, like daughter, Ms Ang started at a young age of seven helping out at her father's asam laksa stall too.  "I was driven by passion to ensure that true family recipes was preserved for generations to come," she said.

It also her love for good food that drives her to open up a restaurant serving her grandmother's ~ family time-honoured recipes that has spanned over 3 generations. With 'Angcle Peoh' now, her family's legacy lives on in the dishes she served to customers every day.

Strategically located within the bustling suburb of Klang in Bandar Bukit Tinggi, and fast becoming a popular dining spots around the neighbourhood in this part of Klang. Drawing in the crowds with reasonable prices and value for money with dishes starting from as low as RM 6.90 to RM 9.90.

Penang Ayer Itam Market 
Asam Laksa 

Here are some of their Daily Special Signature dishes in the house....

Penang Ayer Itam Market 
Asam Laksa 
RM 6.90

Age-old recipe handed down from Angcle Peoh's mother, the fish with asam broth was fragrant and aromatic infused with fresh ingredients prepared from scratch using the traditional stone grinder just the olden days. Loved the appetising laksa broth as it was laden with generous portion of fresh sardines and I really savoured every spoonful of the laksa down to the last drop.   

The Angcle Peoh's Ayer Itam Market Asam Laksa prepared with a variety of fresh herbs and ingredients like fresh mint leaves, sliced onions, julienne cucumber, chopped lettuce, ginger flower, and bird eye chillies. Also not forgetting a drizzle of thick prawn paste sauce (hae koh) for that special added taste in any asam laksa.

Prawn Mee
RM 6.90

A steaming hot bowl of prawn noodles soup with many type of ingredients to dunk into a flavourful noodles dish. Preparation for the broth starts with frying of the prawn shell, blend it and boiling together with home made chillie paste for at least 1.5 hours. The broth is made from long hours of brewing the prawn shells and spices together to bring out the rich taste of prawns.

It came served with prawns, thick slices of marinated pork, hard boiled egg and kangkung. Plentiful fried shallots is used as a topping to bring out it's flavour. The trick to savouring its exquisite taste is to stir and mix the soup with the toppings before eating. The noodles is very appetising, the prawns are fresh and the delicious broth give lovely flavours with every mouthful. 

Char Kuay Teow with Duck Egg
RM 8.90

Paying homage to fried Kuay Teow fans, one simply must order this in house ~ Char Kuay Teow with Duck Egg. Full of wok-hei, this fried flat noodles dish is simply addictive and sinful with the duck egg. Loved the fact that it was well-fried with lots of bean sprouts, chinese chives and cockles. Full of great flavour and contrasting textures, I can easily have another plate of Char Kuay Toew, this time all for myself ! No sharing with my fellow makan kakies.....

Curry Mee - Penang Style 
RM 6.90

I love the spicy and rich curry mee served in a light coconut milk-based broth with sotong, fish ball, bean curd (foo chok), tofu puffs (taufu pok) and cockles. The fragrant broth is thick and richly flavoured with herbs and spices. Not overly spicy but with a level well bearable, not too overwhelming.  This robust and flavoursome broth really gives you the kick from every spoonful that you take. Good to the last drop, all three of us finished it up within minutes!  

ABC Ais Kacang
RM 5

RM 5

Some of the desserts to look out for are the ABC Ais Kacang and Cendol. My daughter, Clarrisha and I enjoyed the cendol very much. So much so that we decided to order and have a second bowl of this simple yet satisfying dessert for ourselves.

I was told that the secret lies in the gula melaka, which also accentuates the tastes of the dessert. The soft and tasty cendol are house-made by hand with pure pandan essence and rice flour by one of Ms Ang's family member.

Happy Faces of my family bloggers with Xavier Mah and Ms Ang Kar Bee

 Enjoying a tasty bowl of Penang Curry Laksa

Overall, I had a lovely dining experience savouring all the delicious Penang food in one place. The food they serve is really good quality. Fresh ingredients are used in all their cooking, from making their own paste to the spicy sambal belacan that are all made from scratch. The dishes are all family's original recipes, completely different from the commercialised outlets.

As the saying goes like this "The best recipe comes from our heart" is no lie!

Restoran Angcle Peoh
No. 42 Lorong Batu Nilam 21B
Bandar Bukit Tinggi 2
41200 Klang
Tel: 017-9362 2223
Open daily: 9am to 9pm

FaceBook: www.facebook.com/angclepeoh 

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  1. Great place to eat. All-in-One eatery to savour Penang favourites of Asam Laksa (Original Ayer Itam Market), Prawn Mee, Curry Mee, Rojak, ABC & Cendol too. Prices are affordable & food is great !


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