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Tuesday 14 April 2015

Palm Garden Hotel - Thai Fest Buffet @ IOI Resort City Putrajaya

Splendid Thai-licious Fest Buffet
Palm Garden Hotel 

If you are looking to take a break and unwind at dinner time amid the hustle and bustle of city life, Palm Garden Hotel may just have what you need. Throughout this month of April 2015, the hotel's Dinner Buffet, themed "Thai Fest Buffet", pays tribute to all things Thai and Nyonya with an interesting array of cuisines ranging from tongue-scorching spiciness to simple yet decadently sweet desserts.

Spacious and Pleasant Dining Setting

It all starts from Friday evening with the new Thai Fest Buffet served from Aroi Dee Thai Restaurant. Thai Chef Seeri Phokeaw whips up his Thai specialties and some Nyonya items for this special buffet. Aroi Dee Thai Restaurant, which name itself means "Good Taste" offers only an a la carte menu with Thai and Nyonya selections. It's open daily for lunch and dinner. 

Meanwhile, at the Friday Thai Fest Buffet is the only day you can enjoy more varieties of its tantalizing offerings Buffet-style. The Thai Restaurant shares the same location as the Palms Cafe and offer a choice of indoor or out door seating.

Snap-a-pic with Thai Chef Seeri Phokeaw 

Thai Chef Seeri Phokeaw of Malaysian-Thai descent, helmed the kitchen as Head Chef, working together with his brigade of chefs to serve authentic Thai and Nyonya cuisine with family-oriented dining experience.

Spread of Sumptuous Buffet

Spoilt For Choice: Colourful and Fresh Spread of Kerabu

White Rice,  'Phad Thai' Fried Mee hoon & Roast Chicken
( From left to right )

'Phad Thai' Fried Mee Hoon
Roast Chicken with Hot & Sour Sauce 
( From Top to Bottom )

The feast began with an embodiment of intensity in Thai cuisine, every popular Tom Yam Soup, Green or Red Curry, Prawns with Salted Egg, Fried Beef with Thai Crispy GarlicSavour the myriad of flavours of spice, chilli, lemon grass, coconut milk; key items of Thai cuisine. 

Prawn Tom Yam Soup

Prawn-licious Succulent Prawn in the Tom Yam

Ever popular Thai cuisine and a Must have in any Thai dinner ~ Prawn Tom Yam. Superbly cooked with its sourish acidity and spicy heat coming from the roasted chilli paste, made from scratch and accented sweetly by the fragrant lemon grass.  

Top Class: Salmon Fish Head Curry 

Full Of Flavour: Salmon Curry Gravy

Fresh & Tasty
Fried Fish with Thai Curry Paste

Recommended dish was the Fried Fish with Thai Curry Paste. Loved the curry sauce as it was thick aromatic gravy full of spices, reminiscent of the Malaysian masak lemak but with Thai influences and slathered onto the fish. Great dish, best eaten with gravy and all together with our staple rice. 
Mouthwatering Sinful Dish
Prawns with Salted Egg
Hot-Pick: Mussel Dish

Fried Beef with Thai Crispy Garlic

Nice Combination: Asparagus With Shrimp Paste

A personal favourite was the Asparagus With Shrimp Paste, which was redolent with all kinds of fresh herbs and spices. Fragrant dried shrimp was well-cooked with crunchy asparagus and certainly goes perfectly with white rice.  

For the Sweet-toothed ~ Wide range of Decadent Desserts  

No Thai meal is complete without desserts to soothe the spicy heat from the meal. Desserts lovers can pick from a selections of home made Thai desserts; Thai Glutinous Rice with Mango, Pumpkin Sri Kaya, Bananas in coconut cream as well as selections of Thai appetizers.

 Favourite Dessert of The Night 
Thai Glutinous Rice with Mango

I ended my meal with deliciously light but rich red ruby dessert, Thab Thim Krob. Made from shaved ice and glutinous pink water chestnuts in coconut milk topped with syrup. My hubby, Uncle Hong, on the other hand opted for his all-time-favourite, Thai Glutinous Rice with Mango and was overwhelmed with the creaminess of the coconut milk eaten together with the soft sticky rice with sweet mango. I was enjoying my water chestnuts desserts so much that I overlooked and forgotten to snap a picture of this lovingly tasty Thab Thim Krob!

Well, my verdict is a 'Big Thumb Up' for Thai Chef Seeri Phokeaw and his team who have gone all out to deliver authentic Thai & Nyonya's culinary heritage at one destination. So, take a leisurely drive to Putrajaya to enjoy all things Thai and Nyonya at Palms Cafe "Thai Fest Dinner Buffet" on every Friday night @ RM68 nett per adult and @ RM34 nett for kids aged 4 to 10 years old respectively. Kids below age of 3, eats for Free.

Promotions & Offerings for April 2015

Palm Garden Hotel
IOI Resort City
62502 Putrajaya
Tel: 03 - 8943 2233

Website:    palmgarden.com.my

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  1. Well, my verdict is a 'Big Thumb Up' for Thai Chef Seeri Phokeaw and his team who have gone all out to deliver authentic Thai & Nyonya's culinary heritage at one destination.

  2. Many thanks to Chef Seeri for serving us his authentic Thai & Nyonya dishes. Humble & friendly chef who takes heart & soul to make a good Tom Yam soup for his diners all the time!

  3. Loved his simple but very tasty 'Phad Thai' Fried Mee Hoon & Asparagus With Shrimp Paste :-)


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