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Wednesday 15 April 2015

Palm Garden Hotel - Flaming Barbecues @ IOI Resort City Putrajaya

Weekend Indulgence at Palm Garden Hotel

Weekends are a great time to escape from it all, rest from the week’s work; rest from cooking; rest from traffic jams. Escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life and take time off at the Palm Garden Hotel for dining or leisure. The resort, which is located in Putrajaya is a quick getaway for city folks to unwind for a short weekend retreat.

Airy & Cooling Alfresco Dining for BBQ Buffet

Spice up your weekends by indulging in Saturday Barbecue Buffet at Palm Garden Hotel, IOI Resort City, Putrajaya. You have got to love buffets especially if you are dining with your family, as there is so much to savour, making the meal your money's worth. Great bonding time too with your beloved family as a family that eats together, stay together!

Getting Ready to Dig in the Flaming BBQ at Palms Cafe  

For Saturdays, enjoy in turn the fresh and delectable meat and seafood offerings at the Flaming Barbecue Dinner at Palms Café. Our Chef at the Barbecue station will grill your selections to perfection. Apart from the barbecue, diners can choose to have other chilled delights such as cold platter of fresh oyster, mussels and succulent poached prawns.

 Appetising: Fresh Oyster

Low Calorie & High in Protein: Excellent Fresh Oyster

 Simple & Tasty: Poached Prawns 

As a starter, we had some poached prawns, fresh oyster and mussel to stimulate our appetite. Loved the freshest of the seafood especially the poached prawns. It was delicate and light, not heavy on the stomach and tasted just great eaten without any dipping sauce for you to taste the sweet briny flavour of the fresh prawns.

If you like, you may eat it with a dash of Tabasco sauce for spicy flavours. Squeeze some lemon over the oyster and mussel for added tangy freshness and enjoy the deep sea bream flavours from the ocean.

Expert at the Grill 

Emphasising on quality of service and their food fare, Palm Cafe offers a medley of meats and seafood grilled over hot cast iron plate in an open-kitchen concept. We were practically spoilt for choice with the variety of meats such as mutton. beef, chicken wings, salmon, bamboo clams, prawn in skewers, lala (clams), mussel and special crayfish.

Meat-lovers will be satisfied with the hefty meat portions of the grilled meats. These can be eaten on its own or with dipping sauces available such as mushroom sauce. barbecue sauce or black pepper sauce to your liking.

 Lamb Slices

Thick Cuts Beef 

Marinated Chicken Wings

 Fresh Tiger Prawn in Skewers

Unique Offering of Crayfish

Fresh Lala Clams

Special Seafood: Meaty (L-Size) Bamboo Clams

 Mussels for Grilling

Healthy Fish: Salmon

At the Flaming Barbecue Buffet, diners get to choose and pick the fresh food for grilling. The Chef will do the cooking and grilling of the meats at the open kitchen, and once in a while, he will oblige with a dash of oil to work up a big flame to show off some real live action to the excited diners!

Delicious-looking Freshly Chargrilled Meat & Seafood

Crustacean Feast of Grilled Prawns, Bamboo Clams & Cray Fish

Another treat here that you must not miss out is the Satay. Tender, juicy and fat-free chunky meat of chicken and beef are grill to perfection. Peanut sauce was tasty, loaded with lots of chopped peanuts too.
All-Time-Favourite Satay Sticks

 Assorted Garden Salad

 Fresh Fruits

Aside from the barbecue items, balance the meal with the selections of salads, fruits and appetizers, other main course selections and delicious dessert offerings on the buffet.

The Flaming Barbecue is priced at RM 91 nett per adult and RM 45.50 nett for child age 4 to 10. Children aged 4 & below, eats for free. The restaurant has a capacity of 220 persons.

Palm Garden Hotel
IOI Resort City
62502 Putrajaya
Tel: 03 - 8943 2233

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