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Saturday, 1 March 2014

San Hui Wei Hotpot/Steamboat Goodness @ SS2 Petaling Jaya by FollowMeToEatLa

Welcome to the world of healthy and delicious eating of Chongqing Hot Pot cuisineSan Hui Wei (China Chong Qing) Steamboat offers a wide selection of fresh ingredients with more than 70 kinds of meat, seafood, vegetable and noodles for you to choose from. Take a trip down to SS2, Petaling Jaya for an escapade to China without having to fly.

Casual, comfortable and pleasant dining setting, this place has a seating capacity of up to 50 people. This lovely little restaurant is decorated with large posters of the mouthwatering hot pot delights. Besides that, each table is also equipped with a ceramic stove for clean, no messy and easy cooking.

** Elegant lady, Madam Maggie **
 Elegant lady, Madam Maggie
Madam Maggie, the restaurant owner is an expatriate from China. Her passion for food and search for an authentic Chongqing cuisine has lead her to opening her very own restaurant. She takes great pride in her signature hot pot broths, prepared under the expertise of Chef Tiang from Chongqing.

According to her, Chongqing is the birth place of the hot pot in China. It was a seasonal food designed to protect the locals against the low temperatures and frigid winds of the winter. People would sit around a table, eat hot pot, and revel in the instant warmth that would flood their bodies. Hot pot has become more and more popular today, and it is widely enjoyed by people and regardless of seasons and regions.
Sterilised Tableware
Sterilised Tableware
What was unique about the place was also the fact that the bowls and utensils for us were wrapped in plastic. The tableware goes through an ultrasonic high temperature cleaning and infra-red sterilization which guarantees clean and sanitary utensils for the usage of the customers. Wow, it can't go any cleaner that this, right?

Combination Soup @ RM 20
Combination Soup @ RM 20
Upon entering, my senses was overwhelmed with strong smell of the fragrant spices. Using fresh and high quality ingredients imported from China to preserve the authentic flavours of the soup, we have a choice of three different types of soups, including Chinese Herbal Soup, Combination Soup, and Sauerkraut Soup. A must-have is the popular Combination Soup consisting of Hot & Spicy Broth and Chinese Herbal Broth.

Fiery Red Hot  & Spicy Soup
Fiery Red Hot & Spicy Soup
Eating hot pot is a joyful experience. First, you need to choose the pot - spicy, pure or a combination of two - for the soup and dipping sauce. It comes in a large metallic pot partitioned in the middle and filled separately with each types of broth.

As the name suggest, The Hot & Spicy Broth really live up to its standard. It was distinctively spicy and pungent flavours with a rich interior fragrant with spices to it. Chilli pepper, sesame, fermented black beans, scallions, ginger, garlic, wine, soy sauce and an array of flavourings are used in this special soup.

Dry Spices like the star anise, Sichuan Peppercorn, black cardamom, green cardamom, sand ginger, cinnamon stick, liquorice and fennel seeds are among the spices used to prepare this special broth. Just imagine the taste, smell, flavour, shape, and nutrition are all carefully balanced in Chongqing dishes. No wonder people say that Chongqing food is not only attractive but nutritious!

Nutritious Chinese Herbal Soup RM 20
 Nutritious Chinese Herbal Soup RM 20
Soups are what I like most about steamboat. My favourites are always the non-spicy ones. Believe me or not, a good soup must come with the smell first, right? This aroma in the restaurant was completely filled with the fragrant of spices and herbs. From this moment, I knew I'm in for something good and delish! 

The Chinese Herbal Soup was heavenly, full flavour broth brewed to perfection with special chinese herbs and combination of pork bones or chicken skeleton. Aromatic and flavourful, it was very tasty and addictive, too! It was so good on it's own that I have several helpings even before the food were served that nite.

Here are the 3 types of dipping sauce are available to patrons for added spiciness. There is the red one, a spicy and tangy sauce made from fresh chillie & ginger, as well as a very special green sauce made from celery leaves (daun saderi), lemon juice, garlic & fresh chillies. Garlic oil is also available as part of the mixing of sauce too. Maggie showed us how we to mix the sauces together to come out with our own dipping sauces. She stressed that in this way each one can mix & match to come out with our very own concoctions with different degree of spiciness to suit our personal taste. Wow, how brilliant!

This sauce is a wonderful accompaniment to the fresh ingredients of hot pot. Not too hot or spicy, mildly sourish and come with a strong taste of the celery leaves. Therefore, don't miss the spicy dips and various dipping sauces you can DIY yourself.

Finest Pork Belly
Finest Pork Belly
Pork Belly is another fresh offerings from San Hui Wei (China Chong Qing) Steamboat. Well marinated and deliciously tender, not tough it practically melts in my mouth. The best part is that it doesn't curl up into tiny pieces that leave nothing to chew. Serving is generously good, costs RM 12.80 per plate only.

RM 12.80 per plate
RM12.80 per plate
Good to eat with the dipping sauces, especially the special green sauce made from celery leaves (daun saderi), lemon juice, garlic & fresh chillies. Tasted better if cooked in the Herbal soup instead of the Hot & Spicy soup. This is because the spiciness of the 'ma lat' soup sort of masked the flavouring of the pork. To experience some delicious goodness, remember to order this special Pork belly on your next visit to this place....

Most of the steamboat, shabu-shabu or hot pot restaurants served the usual or standard variety of processed food, selection mainly includes fish ball, pork ball, chicken ball, sotong sausages, fish cakes, foo chok etc. San Hui Wei Restaurant is pretty different in its own right as such that they focuses on serving fresh ingredient where they 'house-made' most of the food to preserve the authenticity of taste.
Homemade Parsley Pork Ball - RM 8
 Homemade Parsley Pork Ball - RM 8
One of their speciality is the Home made Parsley Pork Ball. Fresh made upon request, these roundish morsel was meaty, pure savoury comfort food. Loved the extra bits of chopped parsley within the minced meat, which gives an exceptionally taste to the palate. Sure winner with parsley lovers like me!

But fret not, if you re not a great fan of the parsley family, they do have the plain version without the parsley ie the Home made Pork Ball. Although, I was not given a chance to try it but I believe it should taste equally as good as the parsley ones.

San Hui Wei Restaurant
30, Jalan SS2/66
47300  Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7873 0559

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  1. Enjoy healthy and delicious steamboat with signature hot pot broths, prepared under the expertise of Chef Tiang from Chongqing. Loves the Home made Parsley Pork Ball.


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