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Monday, 17 March 2014

My Aesthetic Medlite Laser Experience @ Mediviron UOA - Part 1

Taking a break from my usual food posts, I would like to share my experience with you on my very first laser treatment for my pigmentation problem. This was a problem that I have been suffering for some time; with every passing year the pigmentation get a bit worse. I noticed that it has become darker and there are generally a lot more of them now. I have always been extremely careful about sun exposure and I am very careful to apply sun screen every day. Well, I think that this is part of the aging process as I’m not getting younger anyway, but I am determine to do something about this!     

So at the end of last year, I decided to do this treatment and ever since, I have been looking around for different types of laser treatments available in the market. I found out that there are various different treatments offered by many different doctors, clinics as well as beauty centres too. 

During my search, I stumbled upon UOA Mediviron Clinic which offers this treatment as well. I was pretty impressed with the information I found in their website which includes listing of their panel of physician aesthetic doctors, services offered, prices, write ups and even an online chat to attend to any enquires on site.

Entrance of Mediviron UOA

Plenty of flyers and pamphlets with useful information about their treatments & services

Reception cum Waiting Area 

 Waiting Area

 Consultation Room completed with the Face Analyser

 Nice and Comfortable Patient Waiting

When I first arrived at the clinic, I was given a tour of the aesthetic centre which also houses a medical clinic too. It has a comfortable and pleasant setting consisting of waiting area, doctors’ rooms, consultation rooms, treatment rooms and even a VIP waiting room too.

I was brought into the consultation room and there I met my aesthetic doctor who gave me a consultation by firstly asking about the history of my skin problem. I shared with her my worries and concerns over the darkening of my pigmentation that has become more obvious over these years.

She explained that my pigmentation problem stemmed from the hormonal imbalance and the natural ageing process. She recommended the Nd: YAG Medlite C6 Laser to treat my skin problem. According to her, the pigmentation on my face would require at least 10 laser treatments for any noticeable results.     

The treatment recommended for me was to go for the 10 laser treatments with Meso Whitening injections to speed up the treatment process.

I was immediately put at ease by the doctor professionalism and patience, and I have complete confidence in their treatments. Needless to say, I felt less anxious now after the consultation, I was 100% ready to have the treatment done for myself under the good hands of the doctors from Mediviron UOA.

Prior to the procedure, a numbing cream was applied to my face. The role of numbing cream is basically to reduce the pain by numbing the area specifically for treatment. I think it’s a locally applied anaesthetic cream to be precise. It was left on my face for 30 minutes before the laser is performed. 

Well, after around 20 minutes or so, I felt a real numb sensation around my mouth, and it was like my whole face was frozen. I am still okay amid all these new experiences and anxiety, waiting patiently and looking forward to the laser treatment.

I haven’t had any prior experience with laser treatments but this is not the most pleasant treatment for me so far. It felt like electric shocks all over my face. The laser machine gave out some ‘crackling’ sounds like a tiny electrocuted spark was buzzing around my ears. I kept reminding myself to stay cool and steady, assuring myself that it was going to be over in no time. No complaint for the sake of beauty.

I smelled something burning after 20-30 seconds into the treatment. my doctor felt my anxiousness and was very quick to assure me that it was just the laser beam burning away my facial hair and NOT the surface of my skin! In fact, she said that after the treatment all my facial hair will turn white instead.

At least it was incredibly quick. I have no doubt in my mind that the speed of my treatment was down to the expertise and experience of the doctor, who performed the treatment on me.  

Next, she followed up the procedure with a couple of Meso Whitening injections on my face. According to her, this technique was used to deliver lightening agents directly into the skin layers which in return will help in the lightening process together with the laser treatments.

Not what I expected. I thought one or two jabs on each side of the cheeks will do fine, but instead, I realised that doctor needs to inject this all over the pigmented area of my face. Although it wasn’t very painful and was bearable for me, I still felt uncomfortable as I can feel the needles poking into my face.      
UV cream SPF50 was applied to protect my treated skin immediately after the treatment. I was also given a prescription of cream called Hydroquinone 4% bleaching cream to be applied only at night during treatment. It was not advisable to use it during the day because even minimal sunlight may cause melanocytic activity or re-pigmentation during the treatment.

She advised for a daily application of a broad spectrum sunscreen to protect my treated skin for now on. Well, I will probably limit my sun exposure or wear protective clothing like a wide-brimmed hat to protect myself further from the dangerous UV rays.

Here are the pictures of my face; before the treatment, two days after it and followed by five days after the treatment.  

 Picture credit to CarmenHong.com

As you can see from the pictures above, the pigmentation spots actually darkened with each passing day. Not to worry though, because I was informed by my doctor that the spots will actually darken due to the laser. I’m curious to see what the next treatment will bring. I shall be heading back to the clinic for my second treatment in two weeks' time.

Do follow me on my blog as I’ll be updating here about the progress and the results of this laser treatment for pigmentation. And if you want to know anything else don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below!  

Before I end my post, here are the details of the clinic if you’re planning to drop by for consultation or treatment. By the way, consultation is FOC from Monday to Thursday only but on other days (Friday – Saturday), RM60 will be charged. 


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