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Sunday 25 August 2013

Best of the Best Claypot Mouse Noodles @ Yoke Heng in Seri Kembangan by FollowMeToEatLa

Must-Try Dish Claypot Mouse Noodles - Imperial Pot Hong Kong Dim Sum in Sri Hartamas Klang Valley
   Must-Try Dish Claypot Mouse Noodles
RM 7

Restaurant Yoke Heng is a typical no frills & pretty well known eatery nestled in Seri Kembangan. This place is famous for their Clay pot Mouse Noodles (Nga pou lou shu fun) which is the main dish every single patrons would ordered. Be it lunch or dinner, it has always been their best seller. It's their star and signature dish.

Unlike any other clay pot mouse noodles which is cooked with black sauce, their version is infused with a lighter broth, almost a braised version. A very thick concoction of eggy sauce, the tasty broth is loaded with minced pork & dried prawns that gave the extra crispy texture. Best eaten with a dash of the black vinegar as it adds unique flavour to the soup, a blend of sweetness and saltiness, and slightly sourish because of the vinegar.

My hubby's favourite as he personally named it the 'Special Shark fin Loh Shu Fun' because of the smoothness, flavourful eggy soup with the slippery noodles. Price is reasonable too as a big tasty pot even to feed two (if you re small eater) costs RM 7.00 for a single or small pot. Remember not to order the big pot as it's doubled the price - RM 14.00 but servings does not equal to it. Wiser to order 2 smaller pots, therefore you end up having more in servings. But beware of the lady boss, (the plump lady) she's kind of rude & once get annoyed with us when we ordered 4 single small pots for a table of 5. Anyway, no fear just 'taruh' her balik & tell her who's the customer!

Succulent Honey Pork Ribs Wrapped in Foil - Imperial Pot Hong Kong Dim Sum in Sri Hartamas Klang Valley
   Succulent Honey Pork Ribs Wrapped in Foil
RM 28

This is my all-time favourite honey pork ribs which I can never have enough of. It's Yoke Heng's Signature Dish where this honey glazed succulent ribs are wrapped in the aluminium foil to preserve the heat. Tender texture infused with a savoury, smoky flavour, a sweet and sourish tangy sauce, it was definitely a friendly companion with the rice. There is a melt-in-the-mouth experience that I could not stop eating them. Highly recommended for pork lovers .

Aromatic Herbal Chicken - Imperial Pot Hong Kong Dim Sum in Sri Hartamas Klang Valley
   Aromatic Herbal Chicken

This is my first trying out this particular Herbal Chicken dish at Yoke Heng Restaurant. My regular dishes every time are none other than their Signature clay pot mouse noodles & the unforgettable Honey Pork Ribs in Foil for my family & I. Well, so happen we're entertaining our long-time close friends from Singapore that day, so we decide that we should go out of our 'comfort zone' & order something else instead. 

When we unwrapped the chicken parcel, the dining table is fill with wonder aroma of the herbs. The fragrance from the aromatic herbs just permeates through & the taste of the ingredients cooked in chicken come forth instead of being overwhelmed by it .

Very well cooked with lots of herbs like the wolfberries (kei chee), angelica root (dong kwai), red dates, yok chuk & many more for a flavourful healthy dish. The sauce flavour penetrate fully into the meat which is pleasing to the palate. Good to eat with rice. If you have not tried this before, it is about time to do so!

Photo of Imperial Pot Hong Kong Dim Sum in Sri Hartamas Klang Valley
Tasty Stir fry Lala with Garlic & Chillie Padi
RM 15

Stir fry Lala or Clams is cooked with garlic, chillie padi & generous amount of dried shrimps. Loaded with 'wok hei', it's definitely a prefect dish that is sure to please seafood or lala lovers. It's fragrant, spicy & full of garlicky flavour, good enough to eat on it's own as it's not too salty. Well, I can tell you that the lala tasted even better than it looked in my picture!

Stir Fry Sweet Potatoes Leaves - Imperial Pot Hong Kong Dim Sum in Sri Hartamas Klang Valley
 Stir Fry Sweet Potatoes Leaves

My two thumbs down for this lousy dish. Simple & easy dish to cook but the chef failed miserably in frying this vegetable dish. What lacking is the 'wok hei', tasteless & quite oily too. The saving factor is that the serving is generous. Anyhow, since we are not in the habit of wasting food, everyone somehow managed to finish it clean but vowed not to order it any more.

All in all, Yoke Heng is a good place to dine with your family weekend outings. Just stick to the favourites like Mouse Noodles, Pork ribs and their Lala, other than that everything else is mediocre.       

Restoran Yoke Heng
No. 33 Jalan SR 8/4
Taman Putra Indah
Serdang Raya, 
43300 Seri Kembangan 
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-8943 8753

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