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Monday, 31 January 2022

Carlsberg Malaysia Chinese New Year 2022 Celebration At KL Chinatown - Coming Together for a Smoother Year

Carlsberg Malaysia Chinese New Year 2022 Celebration
At KL Chinatown -Coming Together for a Smoother YearCarlsberg Malaysia CNY 2022 Celebration
CHINESE NEW YEAR CELEBRATION: Having had a rather muted Chinese New Year (CNY) celebration for the past two years, Carlsberg invites everyone to come together to support local art, culture, food and beverage (F&B) at KL’s heritage core, Petaling Street. Setting up at REXKL from 17 January to 13 February, Carlsberg has curated a one-month immersive CNY celebration.

Carlsberg Malaysia CNY 2022 Celebration
The event promotes local F&B and tourism in Chinatown by bringing a vibrant interactive experience to KL’s cultural hub. Carlsberg’s ‘Coming Together for a Smoother Year’ campaign offers urbanites a unique avenue to experience the contemporary culture, local gastronomic delights along digital immersive experience.

Carlsberg Malaysia CNY 2022 Celebration

The showcase, coupled with internationally renowned beers, elevates the traditional CNY celebrations, creating a perfect scene to toast prosperity and smoothness. “In line with our commitment to helping communities in need, especially during trying times, we aim to provide an avenue for our consumers to eat, drink and enjoy traditional CNY offerings for the entire Lunar New Year.

Carlsberg Malaysia CNY 2022 Celebration
Implementing our CNY activities in the community-based cultural hub also gives us the opportunity to support local tourism and our homegrown F&B vendors,” said Stefano Clini, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia.

Carlsberg Malaysia CNY 2022 Celebration
To unveil what lies in store for consumers, Carlsberg organised a kick-off party that started with delicious grub and beer served in REXKL’s food hall. Guests were then led to the main event area where ‘smoothness’ and ‘longevity’ was ushered in with CNY flair. Taking the stage with virtuosic symphonies was a traditional Chinese orchestra group followed by the artistic showcase of Malaysia’s acclaimed calligraphy artist, Ong Chia Koon. An explosive traditional lion dance performance then sealed the opening ceremony. 

Carlsberg Malaysia CNY 2022 Celebration
After hearing from the Chairman of the KL Hawker & Petty Traders Association, World’s No.1 expert in Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics, Dato’ Joey Yap, took the stage to share the outlook for 2022. The evening then progressed with cheers, beers and camaraderie as all guests observed social distancing and responsible drinking. 

Carlsberg Malaysia CNY 2022 Celebration
The collaboration between Carlsberg and REXKL presents a one month CNY showcase of customary performing arts, culture and F&B.  The premise will feature a fun maze bar created with Carlsberg crates, alongside an interactive digital wishing lantern area, where consumers can input their own CNY greetings or wishes. There is also an interactive Zodiac Wall, where beer enthusiasts can get tips on optimising abundance and prosperity for ‘smoothness’ and 'longevity’ in the year ahead.

Carlsberg Malaysia CNY 2022 Celebration
Carlsberg’s partnership with the KL Hawker & Petty Traders Association aims to help traders in Petaling Street get back on their feet. Through this collaboration, Carlsberg pledges support towards #SupportLokal to help hawkers and market vendors reclaim their glory days in both their lives and businesses. By telling their stories, highlighting their obstacles and driving awareness about their authentic culinary delights via video features on Social Media channels, Carlsberg believes it can promote and encourage local tourists to come together and support these traders.

Carlsberg Malaysia CNY 2022 Celebration
“We are extremely happy to be able to work with an international brand like Carlsberg to shed light on our local traders and attract more visitors to this international tourist attraction. Whilst things are slowly moving in the right direction, especially with the rehabilitation of Petaling Street, there is still much more to be done. Many of these vendors have been here for over a century, so it is no longer just about preserving livelihoods, but also conserving the history and rich culture of what these individuals bring to the area. We are extremely grateful to have a brand like Carlsberg leading the reigns,” said Dato’ Ang Say Tee, Chairman of Kuala Lumpur Hawkers and Petty Traders Association.

Carlsberg Malaysia CNY 2022 Celebration - Datuk Joey Yap

“The campaign theme for CNY this year, ‘Coming Together for a Smoother Year’ is extremely fitting given what we have all lived through the last two years. 2022 is a new beginning for all of us, and Carlsberg, with such an astute understanding of their customers, has put together a campaign that not only encourages positivity but allows everyone to have better clarity and focus for a smoother, happier and healthier year ahead,” said Dato’ Joey Yap when he took centre stage sharing insights on the Lunar New Year 2022.

Carlsberg Malaysia CNY 2022 Celebration

For more information on all ongoing Carlsberg’s Chinese New Year promotions and events, visit www.carlsbergcny.com.my Be sure to ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ CarlsbergMY on Facebook awww.facebook.com/CarlsbergMY for the latest updates!

Carlsberg CNY 2022 Promotion

Of course, as part of living a safe and responsible life, Carlsberg advocate responsible consumption, always remember if you drink, don’t drive – #CelebrateResponsibly.

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