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Friday 17 July 2020

WHISK MEAL Offers Hearty & Wholesome Ready to Cook Meals For Home-Cooking

 WHISK MEAL Offers Hearty & Wholesome Ready to Cook Meals For Home-Cooking 
Have you heard of Whisk Meal? Whisk Meal offers the ultimate solution to having a hearty and wholesome home-cooked meal at home without the headaches of recipe planning, shopping for groceries to preparation and pre-portioning the ingredients as well as marination too. 

 WEBSITE www.whiskmeal.my
FACEBOOK www.facebook.com/whiskmeal.my
INSTAGRAM www.instagram.com/whiskmeal.my
Order From Whisk Meal Grab Food & soulmade.beepit.com 

Whisk Meal is here – to whisk fresh, nutritious meals right to your door – whether you’re at work or at home, whether you’re cooking for a family or just ready to relax and enjoy a peaceful evening meal.

Whisk Meal PREP + We COOK = ENJOY! Whisk is fast, fresh and fun as they simplify everything for an efficient, speedy, hassle-free and easy home-cooking for us. 

Recently, I had the opportunity to try out one of Whisk Meal Daily's menu trying out their newly launched Thai menu. It was indeed an easy peasy dinner with Whisk Meal Daily cooking the Thai-licious meal with 'Thai Crispy Fish Fillets'.

Fresh Sliced Fillets

 Meal Prep Kit
Sliced Fish Fillets, Frying Flour, Thai Sauce

Frying Flour & Thai Sauce

 Easy Peasy Nicely Coated & Deep Fried Fish Fillets 

Choose from any of Whisk Meal's exciting new recipes as their meals rotate weekly. Fresh, perfectly portioned ingredients packed with care, delivered straight to your doorstep. Cook with simple recipe steps and enjoy flavourful meals worth sharing.

Step-By-Step Cooking Instructions

Now you can cook all your favourite home-cooked meals within minutes with Whisk Meal Daily. Get the ultimate fool-proof meal prep kit and you'll be able to cook like a professional in your own kitchen & have your meal ready within minutes.

Each meal kit come with fresh ingredients are cleaned, pre-measured & marinated ready for cooking with easy step-by-step cooking instructions.   
Best Eaten With Rice 

So, say Hello To Stress-Free Cooking and get Ready-To-Cook meals delivered to your doorstep so you don’t have to think about what to buy or where to eat. 

Whisk is a hassle-free way to ensure you’re getting the nutrition and nourishment you need, even on the craziest of days. 

Order WhiskMeal Daily today via GrabMart and enjoy FREE DELIVERY for purchase over RM30. Order Now from Whisk Meal Grab Food & soulmade.beepit.com 

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