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Saturday, 4 July 2020

Curry Puff Delivery: MyPuff Spiral Curry Puff

Curry Puff Delivery
 MyPuff Spiral Curry Puff  
MyPuff Spiral Curry Puff  

Any CURRY PUFFS Lovers out there? If you are looking for some of the BIGGEST Curry Puffs in town, then these BIG & HALAL Gempak XL Size MyPuff Spiral Curry Puffs might delight your palate!

MyPuff Spiral Curry Puff  
DM OR WHATSAPP To Order 📲 017-816 7188

 BIG & HALAL Gempak XL Size MyPuff Spiral Curry Puffs

Recently just when I was craving like crazy for these iconic Spiral Curry Puff or 'Karipap Pusing' during the MCO period (my regular Kari-Pop stall was closed due to COVID19), MyPuff Goodness, a curry puff delivery offers me to try out their fare.

 All Orders Comes In A Box Of 6 Curry Puffs

 6" Long 

 See How Big This Curry Puff On My Palm

It was love at first sight with these delicious and tempting-looking golden pastries filled with a flavourful spicy filling. Creamy curry potato with egg hugged in spiral pastry, deep-fried to perfection until crispy and golden-brown; the satisfaction from the sound of crunch for each bite! 

Savour the flaky goodness with TASTIER & CRUNCHIER spiral pastry. Crisp to bite, crunchy on the outside with yummy filling of spicy Curry Chicken, Potato and Egg filling, they're both delicious and addictive too! 

Crispy, crunchy and yet super addictive, this snack favorite will satisfy your lust for crisp! The MyPuff Spiral Curry Puff is so addictive that each mouth-watering bite will leave you wanting more. I have to say that MyPuff Spiral Curry Puff is one of the crispiest crackling curry puff that satisfies every crunch. 

This delicious pillow of goodness, MyPuff Spiral Curry Puff is bound to satisfy all Curry Puffs lovers with their super XL SIZE GEMPAK ensuring MAXIMUM satisfaction. High-Quality Halal Ingredients and cooked daily fresh for you. *They also offer them in the Ready-To-Cook Frozen package too! 🍛🥔🐤

To order, just DM OR WHATSAPP 📲 017-816 7188. For more details and latest updates, do check out their FACEBOOK www.facebook.com/PuffyGoodness or INSTAGRAM www.instagram.com/puffygoodness.my 

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