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Wednesday 1 July 2020

Cakes Delivery: TRUE LOAF BAKERY Offers Banana Cakes Delivery

TRUE LOAF BAKERY Offers Banana Cakes Delivery
Banana Cakes Delivery From True Loaf Bakery! Freshly baked daily, these moist and delicious banana cakes are just perfect for breakfast or an afternoon pick-me-up. Grab a cup of coffee & dig in. 

Freshly baked daily, just perfect for tea time break!

Unboxing Of True Loaf Bakery Banana Cakes Delivery

Received those delightful freshly oven treats from True Loaf Bakery and just excited to share more about this home baker that supplies pretty awesome home bakes of Banana cakes in town.  
Walnut & Raisins 
RM 22

Dark Chocolate Chips 
RM 20

RM 16

Home Baked With Love, they are sweet, but not overpowering. Mega banana flavour, certainly more banana flavour than any banana cake I’ve ever eaten. The banana cake was dense, but not heavy. The crumb was very soft, but they were tight crumbs & didn’t fall apart when you took a forkful. Loved it! 

Walnut & Raisins 

Dark Chocolate Chips 


I always enjoy this kind of loaded Banana cake with a mixture of the main three components that are chocolate, banana and nuts. This is an awesome trio that can’t go wrong and has been served together in various desserts and snacks.

The banana cake was very fluffy, but not dry. The texture was moist and light, yet its banana flavour was in abundance. It was definitely no less than what a perfect banana cake would be.

Auntie Lilly's Favourite
Walnut & Raisins

My top pick has to be the Walnut & Raisins ~ Packed with the natural sweetness of raisins & crunchy bits of roasted nuts. The hearty flavours built upon the background flavour of riped bananas, this is one cake that everyone will appreciate! 

Hubby's Original 

On the other hand, my hubby's enjoys the original or classic version of the Banana Cake on its own with the fragrant banana flavour while my young man or son just love the 'bits and bytes' of the Dark Chocolate Chips with each mouthful of the Dark Chocolate Chips Banana Cake! 

Son's Top Pick

Be spoilt for choice with these rich, fudgy and moist treats, perfect for any time of the day, be it for breakfast, tea or a light snack too, just choose from True Loaf Bakery's selection to delight your palate.

For Orders, WhatsApp 012-288 0832

Price starts from RM 16 onwards for 550g Per Loaf or gets MINI set (350g 2x Loaves) from RM 25 onwards. Choose from Original RM16, Dark Chocolate Chips RM20, Walnut RM20, Walnut & Raisins RM22 or Walnut & Dark Chocolate Chips RM22. 

For Orders📲📲📲, DM or WhatsApp 012-288 0832. Self-Pick is available at Sunway or Delivery via Lalamove. 👍

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    1. Yes, these are really good especially those with fillings of Walnuts, Raisins & Dark Chocolate Chips. Try them & you will know what I mean.


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