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Thursday 8 March 2018

THE BREW HOUSE At Sunway GIZA Kota Damansara Petaling Jaya

 Sunway GIZA
Bistro * Cocktail * Bar * Wine 
THE BREW HOUSE At Sunway GIZA Kota Damansara Petaling Jaya

Let's talk about porky-licious food today, shall we? Last month, Uncle Hong and I was invited to the newly opened THE BREW HOUSE located at Sunway GIZA Kota Damansara in Petaling Jaya for a food review session with a bunch of our foodie friends. 

Outlet At Sunway GIZA Kota Damansara

Fret not, if you are not staying around Petaling Jaya, as THE BREW HOUSE have another 2 more outlets located in the Klang Valley with one in Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) and another in Seri Petaling in Kuala Lumpur. Get the 3 locations from HERE   

Unit C-03 & C-03A Block C
Sunway Giza Mall
No. 2 Jalan PJU 5/14, PJU 5
Kota Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya
Tel 03-6141 8022

Wide Selection of Pan-Asian & Modern Western Cuisine 

It was a night filled with good vibes, good drinks and good music. Everyone enjoyed the scrumptious spread of mainly pork dishes starting from small bites of salted egg fish skin with pork floss and pork gyoza to mains of bacon pork steak to chunky thick pork burger patties, Nyonya curry laksa with roast pork and even Nasi Lemak roasted pork! 😍😍😍
THE BREW HOUSE opened its doors to customers a few months ago making its mark on the map as a trendy chill-out restaurant bar. Located in the affluent neighbourhood of  Kota Damansara, this place is fast making its name in becoming a popular and thriving casual drinking spot for many city slickers.

This place rocks when it comes to offering the super promotion on their cold brews for beers such as the 'FROZEN BREW PACKAGE' - RM 88 for 10 mugs of extra cold Carlsberg Draught, 'FROZEN MUG' - RM 7 before 7pm' to 'BOTTLE BEER' promotion among others.

Value-For-Money Daily Lunch Set From RM 10.80 Onwards  

 The Weekend Roast Promotion From RM 50 Onwards

The restaurant predominantly offers a fusion of Pan-Asian and modern western gastronomy cuisine with an array of small bites, pasta, pizzas, noodles, rice, burgers, soups and salads with steaks to choose from. 

Good Food, Good Taste & Good Deals From RM 8.80 Onwards

Those who enjoy best cuts of the premium, highest quality of pork might find something to their liking on THE BREWHOUSE's menu.  They have been around for the past few months in Sunway GIZA, is popular with diners who enjoy good quality food with some good wine and beers.

A swanky place for drinks with a long list of jovial beverages such as premium malt whiskeys, tequilas, gins, rums, vodkas, wines, sangrias, champagnes, mocktails and cocktails to get you boozy.

Great Place To Chill & Relax With Fine Food & Good Drinks

If you dine upstairs, there are the comfy sofa with a few dartboards for you and your buddies to chill and relax over a few drinks and porky snacks. I was told by Kent, their outlet manager that customers can hold private family gatherings, office parties or small celebration on the spacious 1st floor of the restaurant.

Comfortable & Spacious Al Fresco Dining

During a special preview, we were offered a chance to savour appetising meaty-licious creations of THE BREWHOUSE's top chefs for that special night. Let me feature my highly recommended dishes from the TOP FAVOURITE on my list to eat.

 Pork Gyoza 

These are one of the tastiest porkiness gyoza I ever tasted. These Japanese delights, plump and meaty with a flavourful stuffing of minced pork, chives, minced garlic, ginger and cabbage are wrapped neatly in the thin slice of the dumpling skin. Comes serves with pickled cucumber and sesame Thai dressing for the extra kick. 

I enjoyed the generous portion of ground pork within the gyoza which is usually lacking in many others gyoza I tasted in Japanese restaurants. Do give it a try and as I'm writing this .... my cravings start for these amazing little yummy gyozas from THE BREW HOUSE! 😋😋😋

Salted Egg Fish Skin With Pork Floss
RM 10.80

Next, the Salted Egg Fish Skin With Pork Floss was a wonder to taste minus the sinfulness of deep-fried food. Light and crispy upon the first bite of the very thin fish skin with the taste beautifully enhanced with pork floss and creamy rich salted egg sauce. Everything falls into place (ie into the mouth)  and you cannot stop munching on these addictively sinful snacks! 

Ultimate Buffalo Fries XXX
RM 13.80

If you love fries, then this dish of  Ultimate Buffalo Fries XXX could be a good choice. Similar to Sloppy Joe fries, they replaced the minced beef with pork floss and Thai basil minced pork and topped it up with chopped scallion and creamy cheese sauce.

Porky Platter
RM 25.80

The highlight of the night was the popular Porky Platter loved by diners. With the mouth-watering generous platter of everything pork, pork-lovers will get their cravings fixed from the grilled pork ribs, cracklings roast pork to the petite little savoury mini luncheon meat burger sliders. It is a heavy meal on its own, so it is best shared.

 Finger-Licking Good  Sticky Ribs

I enjoyed most out of the 3 selections was the tender Sticky Ribs. Barbecued with unique THE BREWHOUSE's BBQ Sauce, the taste of the pork ribs took centre stage with its nicely charred thick chunk of meat, providing a toothsome bite. A must-try dish for all pork-lovers!

Cracklings Roast Pork

The pork belly cut of the roast pork, extremely tender and juicy which was cooked just right to perfection. I wish I had some premium soya sauce to go with this at that time!  

 Petite Savoury Mini Luncheon Meat Burger Sliders

It's been a while since I had luncheon meat with buns. Well, this kind of comfort food brings back pleasant memories of my late mom preparing my school snack for me. This is one of favourite sandwich I enjoyed eating in school. My mum favourite brand back then was the Ma Ling premium pork luncheon meat that comes in a round blue and orange can.

Bacon Wrapped Pork Meat Ball Braised In Stout Sauce
RM 14.80

If you really need a tummy-warming food to start up your appetite, do check out Bacon Wrapped Pork Meat Ball Braised In Stout Sauce. Comfort food quality with its rich heavenly full-of-porky flavour stout sauce that's bound to win you over.

This dish is another offering that sits in well with meat aficionados like me. This pork meat ball dish featured big juicy pork meatballs wrapped tenderly in sinful bacon (more pork) braised in the special Guinness malty stout beer. 

Served with toasted bread to soak up the flavoursome sauce and I guess this would go well with warm white rice too. 'Tolong, Nasi Tambah, Satu!" which be my order the next time I come back for this hearty dish! 🍚🍚🍚

 Bacon Steak
RM 19.80

An Incredible Juicy Texture Of Fats & Lean

Next, another crazy delicious pork dish to try. One of my favourite despite having more fat than lean! House-made Bacon steak was char-grilled to perfection with house-made unique butterscotch sauce which utilizes the best cut from the pork shoulder was succulent and juicy fork-tenderness.

The thick slice of bacon come served on a bed of potato salad and side mixed corn, green peas and grilled cherry tomatoes.  

Pork Bacon & Peach Pizza
RM 18.80

If you must have pizza, then Pork Bacon & Peach Pizza might be an excellent choice for more piggy-licious dining.

A thin crisp pizza base comes topped with smoked bacon, mushrooms, caramelized onion, spring onion, sliced peach with a drizzle of sweet tangy balsamic reduction for a gourmet pizza treat!

Brew House Pork Burger
RM 15.80

If the Bacon steak or the Sticky ribs are too much to handle, pork-lovers can check out THE BREW HOUSE's Signature Pork Burger. A delicious and juicy pork burger on the menu, aptly named 'Brew House Pork Burger', where their chef churns out ground pork burgers patties by hand for its restaurant using the only premium meat for their gourmet burgers.

Handmade Moist & Tender Gourmet Pork Burger

The gourmet burger, which an a la carte price of RM 15.80 only, has a house made patty layered with a slice of melted cheese, lettuce and grilled peach between toasted buns with tasty crispy fries and salad of apple slaw on the side. Here I truly enjoyed eating this porky goodness with a super chunky generously portioned thick burger pork patty that is wider than a human jaw. 

Roast Pork Nasi Lemak

Roast Pork Nasi Lemak? Yes, THE BREW HOUSE living up to their piggy-licious menu on everything about pork has come up with a new dish of  Roast Pork Nasi Lemak. Malaysia national dish making its mark here with roast pork is a wonderful gastronomic experience for many nasi lemak lovers.

This is an interesting dish to try because you probably can't find any regular nasi lemak elsewhere that served roast pork with this dish.

 Generous Portion Of Roast Pork

Nyonya Laksa With Roast Pork
RM 18.80  

THE BREW HOUSE's Nyonya Laksa With Roast Pork was a hit with me. I can taste the rich homemade creamy broth made with fresh herbs and spices of how a good Nyonya laksa should be. A good soup noodles dish is determined by the quality of broth and the ingredients that go in are secondary.  

Again, their chefs are generous with the toppings of roast pork, tau pok, bean sprouts, vegetables and your choice of noodles. Remember to squeeze in the lime juice for the extra zest to this delicious dish. 

 Lala Soup Noodles
RM 15.80

Veering off from some pork dishes, seafood lovers should try this big bowl of steaming hot Lala Soup Noodles. Big juicy and fresh lala cooked in a flavoursome broth bringing out the freshness of the lala. 

Fresh ingredients of ginger and wolfberries are used to enhance the broth and finishing off with premium Chinese wine is a must for any seafood dishes. See the huge portion of lala over the generous bowl of mee hoon (rice vermicelli) noodles, sure enough to make one's salivate.

If you like to try more seafood noodles such as the Vietnamese Clam Soup, which is another value-for-money eats at RM 8.90 at this link GUESSWHATVietnameseRestaurant 

Seafood Truffle Fried Rice
RM 18.80

More seafood dishes to entice you like this Seafood Truffle Fried Rice. This dish came to us to the dining table with an aromatic smell of truffle oil. Lots of fresh seafood ingredients such as squids, mussel and prawns goes into this fragrant pan-fired full of 'Wok-Hei' dish. 

Chef heightened the tasting experience with toppings of ebiko and tobiko for the ultimate seafood fried rice of THE BREW HOUSE. 

Moo Ping ( 3 Pcs)
RM 13.80 

 Soft Shell Crab With Young Papaya Salad
RM 18.80

The rest of the dishes served were the Moo Ping and Soft Shell Crab With Young Papaya Salad  which was obviously outshine by all the premium pork dishes of roast pork, steak, burger, ribs and meatball. Nevertheless, you can still try them out if you still have some space left in your stomach! 

Moo Ping ~ Pork Neck Skewer With Thai Dipping Sauce

 Soft Shell Crab With Young Papaya Salad

Fried Soft Shell Crab In Salad With Coriander & Tangy Thai Dressing

For a total THE BREW HOUSE experience, start your meal with their pork snacks, a tasty and addictive small bites to go with drinks before your mains. Sinfully delicious, great bar bites to go with your excellent cocktails, beers or wine. It is the best starter to have when enjoying a good conversation while waiting for the perfect ribs or steak.

Overall, THE BREW HOUSE's pork dishes takes the centre stage with their pocket-friendly affordable and delicious cuisine that goes really with their on-going cheap beers promotion all the time. Diners are spoilt-for-choice with their offerings of meats, pastas, pizzas and Asian delicacies - just perfect just for grazing and the ideal accompaniment to a pint of the freshest brew or glass of wine. 

Do drop if you are around the vicinity and try out my recommendations of all the piggy-licious dishes!



  1. Roast pork nasi lemak! Yummy! :D

  2. Place is superb but please avoid customer from smoking or vaping at the your place.its really annoying and uncomfortable for non smokers.

  3. Place is superb but please avoid customer from smoking or vaping at the your place.its really annoying and uncomfortable for non smokers.


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