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Thursday 1 March 2018

Amazing Health Benefits Of CAROMA Bentong Ginger Tea

Amazing Health Benefits
CAROMA Bentong Ginger Tea
Amazing Health Benefits Of CAROMA Bentong Ginger Tea
CAROMA Bentong Ginger Tea
10 Sachets In A Box
RM 15.90

First Time Trying This CAROMA Bentong Ginger Tea 

Bet everyone knows the benefits of this amazing root vegetable - GINGER.  An old Indian proverb once states 'Everything Good Is Found In Ginger'. Not only is ginger known as an essence and a spice, it is known to be one of the oldest remedies in herbal and aromatic traditional treatments,  used for more than 5000 years especially in China, India, and the Middle East.

The aromatic, spicy root has long been used in both traditional and Western healing systems to make tea. Ginger tea brings with it a host of powerful health benefits. Ginger is always a must-have staple ingredient in my kitchen. 

Caroma Cafe Food (M) Sdn Bhd
No 1&3, Jalan Tembaga SD 5/2D
Bandar Sri Damansara
52200 Kuala Lumpur 
Tel 03 - 6272 5229
Website caroma.com.my

A Piping Healthy & Hot Cup Of Ginger Tea

Every now and then, my family will be brewing a piping hot cup of ginger tea which is extremely beneficial for health. Once made into tea, you can add honey or lemon to mask the taste of ginger, to truly enjoyed this soothing beverage. But to make a good cup of ginger tea requires one to peel, chop or grate to brew the ginger tea and straining before drinking.

What is CAROMA Bentong Ginger Tea?
Recently, I was introduced to CAROMA Bentong Ginger Tea, a healthy and fragrant tea made from locally farmed Bentong variety of ginger. Bentong ginger is popular for its higher level of spiciness and is actually named as 'The King Of Ginger', thus price wise is 4 to 5 times higher. 

For those who are looking for a good and strong ginger tea, I would recommend CAROMA Bentong Ginger Tea as it's one of the spiciest I have ever tasted. Think of strong, intense and prominent in the taste of this Bentong ginger tea. Caroma infuses Bentong ginger with fragrant tea to give you a boost of natural goodness with a spicy ginger flavour.

It's anything but mild, but no worries, if you are a first-time drinker of the ginger tea who wants to reap the benefit of drinking ginger tea but cannot stand the spiciness of it, just add-on some honey or sugar with lemon to jazz up this amazing health drink!

Watch Video On Caroma Bentong Ginger

How To Brew The CAROMA Bentong Ginger Tea?
The tea is totally convenient and easy to brew, similar to a 3-in-1 coffee premix where the tea is in sachets. Just need to pour the contents into a cup, add hot water and Voila, you just make yourself a piping hot ginger tea in less than 1 minute! It’s just that simple, fuss-free and easy to make, which definitely beats the old school way of actually cutting ginger and boiling it with your tea.

Brewing The CAROMA Bentong Ginger Tea Is As Easy As 123 & Done In 1 Minute

The Fine Granule of The Bentong Ginger

CAROMA Bentong Ginger Tea
10 Sachets In A Box
RM 15.90

There are in total of 10 sachets of 20 grams each in the box. Recommended level of hot water is 150ml, which is just a small glass. For me, I prefer a milder version of ginger tea, hence I opted to add more water of up to 250 ml and sweeten it up with good old honey.

Health Benefits Of Drinking CAROMA Bentong Ginger Tea
Let's list down the health benefits of this soothing CAROMA Bentong Ginger Tea, 100% natural and without added preservatives ginger tea. 

Drinking ginger tea can:
  • Help nutrients absorption
  • Help calm nausea & vomiting
  • Help with irritable bowel syndrome
  • Help with weight loss
  • Supports stable blood sugar
  • Promote healthy blood pressure
  • Improve blood circulation & food digestion
  • Reduce arthritic inflammation
  • Relieves congestion and respiratory problems
  • Relieve menstrual discomfort
  • Natural Pain Reliever
  • Remove bad breath
  • Relieve stress
  • Stimulate appetite

Well, the list can go on and on for the amazing benefits of ginger tea. I hope I have convinced you to try drinking ginger tea on a regular basis to enjoy the natural goodness of it. 


Where To Purchase CAROMA Bentong Ginger Tea?
CAROMA Bentong Ginger Tea can be found at all Village Grocer outlets. This is in conjunction with the Village Grocer’s Health and Wellness event which is scheduled to be held from 1st to the 11th March 2018. So, do drop at any of the outlets for a sampling of CAROMA Bentong Ginger Tea before purchasing to try the taste of the tea.

Get your own cup of these ginger tea at the following locations:-

| Bangsar Village | Bangsar
| Mont Kiara | Mont Kiara
| Sunway Giza | Kota Damansara
| Desa Park City | Desa Park
| My Town | Peel Road, Cheras

Apart from Village Grocer, CAROMA Bentong Ginger Tea is also available online from www.11street.my Promotion of Buy 2 BOXES (20 sachets) Get 5 Sachets FREE is available from now until March 11, 2018. Hurry while stock lasts!  

For more information of CAROMA Bentong Ginger Tea, do check out their WEBSITE & Youtube Channel Caroma Cafe Youtube Channel 

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  1. So many health benefits from this product and I love my warm cup of ginger tea especially during cold raining days :)

  2. Bentong ginger is indeed the besttt!

  3. Very interesting post!! You have shared so amazing thing. Thanks for that. I really enjoyed to read it.
    I used to start my day with a cup of "English Breakfast Tea
    . I love ginger taste.

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