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Sunday 23 October 2016


Tasty, Simple & Heart-Warming 
Comfort Food
For those who have not heard of PUTIEN, let me enlighten you on their brand story, here goes:

 From the Humble Home Kitchen Meals to City Cuisine - The PUTIEN Story.

Founded by Mr.Fong Chi Chung who migrated from Putian of Fujian Province in China 16 years ago, PUTIEN restaurant began his business as a coffee shop in Singapore's Kitchener Road in 2000. It was borne of an inspiration to recreate home-cooked dishes from his native homeland which he had missed dearly.

 PUTIEN Outlet In One Utama

That first modest and down-to-earth meals derived from the traditional concoctions of Mr. Fong's native Putian home kitchen has since grown into a popular chain with 28 outlets internationally in the last 16 years and will soon expand into 33 outlets by end of 2016.

Executive Chef  For PUTIEN Malaysia, Chef Li Shunrong, a native from Putian

Over the last 16 years, PUTIEN stays true to their tagline or household SRO philosophy:
  • SOURCE of Ingredients
  • Seeking out the freshest and best source of ingredients and using only the best and most premium part of the ingredients.
  • REVEALING the Season's Best Ingredients
  • PUTIEN presents seasonal dishes using in-season ingredients which, according to the law of nature, helps our body mesh harmoniously with the four seasons, boosting wellness.
  • ORIGINAL Taste
  • They believe that good tasting food does not need to be complicated, as long as it is prepared from the heart. PUTIEN's dishes are prepared culinary methods that retain the essence of tradition - bringing out the best and most original flavour of the ingredients.
Modern Putian cuisine, therefore, carries the essence of its people from ages past – unpretentious, simple and pure.

Impeccable hospitality is that was how the Putian people of yore treated their guests – with an unyielding “Spirit of Hospitality”. At PUTIEN, every single diner deserves nothing less than the very best they can afford.

For PUTIEN, turning 16 took a starry twist in the form of winning the ONE STAR MICHELIN AWARD for its Kitchener Road Outlet by the MICHELIN Guide Singapore 2016. To mark the auspicious and memorable occasion, and as a gesture of appreciation to members of the media and guests, PUTIEN celebrated its 16th Anniversary  and ONE STAR MICHELIN achievement with an exclusive starry and festive gala dinner on 13th October 2016 recently.   

Chinese Tea Serves On An Authentic Wooden Tray
Jasmine Tea, Chrysanthemum Tea, Ginger Tea
(From Left To Right)

I'm privileged to be invited to the Gala Dinner, the 1st Annual Get-Together for PUTIEN with media and associates, debuted with a delightful tea ceremony to commemorate the occasion. This occasion also served as a launching pad to introduce PUTIEN Festival - a month-long celebration featuring Festival Roadshows and special Festival Menu comprising a sumptuous selection of new dishes such as the Deep Fried Yellow Croaker, Yam Braised Pork Ribs, delicious Fish Maw Soup, and Strawberry Prawns. Appetizers were equally mouth-watering with house signatures such as PUTIEN Style Century Egg and Braised PUTIEN Handmade Bean Curd.

An Array Of Sumptuous Selections

We were treated to 11 of PUTIEN signature delicacies specially crafted by Executive Chef  for PUTIEN Malaysia, Chef Li Shunrong on a gastronomical sensory journey featuring all 5 tastes - saltiness, sourness, bitterness, sweetness, and umami to amaze the palate of Malaysian.

 Seaweed With Mini Shrimps

Braised Bamboo Shoot

My Top Pick Of The Starter Menu
PUTIEN Style Century Egg

 Braised PUTIEN Handmade Bean Curd

 'Yan Pi' Fish Maw Soup

Premium Offering Of Collagen-Rich Fish Maw Soup  

 Stir-Fried Seaweed
 Another Must Try - Highly Nutritious Seaweed Dish

Shredded Meat With Bun

 Sesame Bun

Simply delightful comforting and hearty dish to savour. The onions go hand-in-hand with the tender and flavoursome shredded pork. The bun was soft on the inside with a fragrant crispiness on the outside. This is so good that one bun is definitely not enough to satisfy your craving for this simple home-style comfort food.

Deep-Fried Yellow Croaker 

PUTIEN Seasonal dish of Deep Fried Yellow Croaker, simple but good-tasting to delight your senses. The fresh fish is marinated with premium peppercorn and sea salt for 24 hours prior to deep-frying to perfect crispness yet still tender, juicy meat within. Flesh is sweet but careful with the tiny bones which are quite a handful to eat. 


Slurpy and springy noodles give you the taste of home, especially when eating this delicious bowl of noodles. Remind me a lot of my grandma's cooking when she cooks for me during my younger day when I not in the mood to eat rice. Truly a nostalgic dish to eat at any time of the day!

You ought to try this if you are a fan of noodles. Generously cooked with a plethora of seafood such as scallop, prawn, clam, and tau pok with mushroom too. 

New Dish Of Strawberry Prawn  

 Chilled Lemongrass Jelly With Fruits

To seal the meal, a refreshing dessert of Chilled Lemongrass Jelly With Fruits was served. The jelly was smooth having different textures with the sweet watermelon, dragon fruit and chai seeds.

Operation Hours

Join in for to celebrate with food-tasting, fun, and games, plus a chance to win some festive prizes when you drop by at their PUTIEN Road Show booths on weekends at the following locations:

Date (Sat & Sun)                                Venue
15th & 16th October 2016                   One Utama Shopping Mall
22nd &23rd October 2016                   SS15 Courtyard Subang Jaya
29th & 30th October 2016                   Sunway Pyramid

G213A Ground Floor Promenade
1 Utama (Old Wing), Lebuh Bandar Utama
Bandar Utama
47800 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03 7722 1539

LG1.45 Lower Ground Floor Sunway Pyramid 
No. 3, Jalan PJS 11/15
Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03 5621 1399

1-05, First Floor, SS15 Courtyard,
Jalan SS15/4G
47500 Subang Jaya Selangor
Tel: 03 5612 3377

Website: www.putien.com

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