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Monday 14 December 2015

TAO Authentic Asian Cuisine Restaurant @Dataran Sunway, Sunway Giza Kota Damansara Selangor - Eat All You Can Japanese Buffet

Going Crazy Over Japanese Fare
"All You Can Eat & Drink Buffet " 
Indulging in authentic Japanese fare has been made easier as Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine Restaurant brings in their "Eat-All-You-Can Ala-Carte Style Buffet " delicious cuisine to whet the appetite of diners. The delightful culinary creations are available in Sunway Giza Mall at Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara Petaling Jaya. 

Besides Japanese fare, the restaurant includes specialities such as Chinese, Thai dishes and other ethnic food in their buffet menu which is sure to bring happiness to the palates of diners. Affordably priced from as low as RM 59.16 nett for Lunch Buffet and RM 71.92 nett for Dinner Buffet on weekdays. Diners can enjoy the weekends and public holidays Dinner Buffet at RM 71.92 per pax.

Beautifully rustic with interior dominated by wooden features set to welcome patrons. Dim illuminations exude a sense of calm  and cosy dining ambiance setting the mood for pleasant dining experience. The restaurant represent the simple classic designed space where you can spend hours eating and chatting with your family and friends.

Hallway To A Scrumptious Fare

Under the helm of Chef Hew Chee Seng, the "Eat-All-You-Can Ala-Carte Style Buffet" will have sumptuous sashimi, assorted maki, sushi, tempura, yakimono, udon noodles and teppanyaki dishes. Check out Tao's awesome menu ~ HERE 

"There's something for everyone in this buffet as we realised that people like variety especially children," according to their manager, Mr. William. Fabulous entrees, appetisers, delicious hot and cold dishes with mouth-watering desserts comprise of over 130 dishes to choose from. One can never finish eating in one sitting!

Lovely Morsels Of Sashimi & Sushi 

Moriawase Sashimi (Assorted Raw Fish)

Start your meal with a wide selection of fresh sashimi platter featuring the Moriawase Sashimi (Assorted Raw Fish). The restaurant imports fresh ingredients such as white tuna, salmon, yellow tail and red tuna from Japan, so diners can be assured of the utmost freshest when dining at Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine.

Chilled Delights of Raw Fish

All I can say is that I really enjoyed the sashimi platter. Spanklingly fresh sashimi in a culinary class all of its own. Love it for its healthy clean attributes, silken texture and gleaming beauty.

Ebi (Prawn) Sushi

Hokkigai (Arctic Surf Clam) Sushi

Unagi (Eel) Sushi

Awabi Ebiko (Abalone With Ebiko Sauce) 

One of my favourite offerings from the Zensai Menu, I relish every single bite of this flavourful and fresh-tasting chilled abalone surimi. Goes especially well with the ebiko dipping sauce that's comes with dish.

Crazy Roll

Chef Hew's recommendation is to try out the Crazy Roll from the Maki Section. An excellent combination of prawn tempura and salmon wrapped with sushi rice and topped with bonito flakes. Messy-looking but absolutely delicious as the prawn tempura give the crunch while salmon is the melt-in-mouth texture together with the added smoky flavour from the bonito flakes. Wonderfully done, actually I can have this maki all for myself that day!

Green Dragon Roll

Next is the Green Dragon Maki Roll ~ Featuring of deep fried prawn, cucumber, kani, avocado and mango.  This time, the maki didn't appeal to me very much due to the sweet mayo taste pairing up with mango and avocado. It's reminds me of the Okonomi's dining experience tasting their Chinese New Year's special of maki with orange sauce pairing up with mandarin oranges. 

Ika Teriyaki (Grilled Whole Sqiud) 

Moving on to the Yakimono Menu. We must order their Ika Teriyaki, grilled giant whole squid in teriyaki sauce. Good choice for us for the fresh and chewy texture of the thick white squid.

Kaki Hiroyaki (Baked Oyster With Cheese Mayo)

If you live and breath cheese, then you must order their Kaki Hiroyaki (Baked Oyster With Cheese Mayo). This dish is sure to bring you to heaven and back for its rich and thick cheesy flavour.  

The chunky piece of oyster remained tender and juicy after seasoning under heap of cheddar cheese melted over the crustacean. If you are an oyster addict, just remember to order more and eat to your heart's content in this lovely buffet dining experience!   

Motoyaki Scallop (Baked Scallop With Spicy Mayo)

Next is the Baked Scallop which has a spicy sauce to pair up with the fresh scallop.

Grilled Smelt Fish

We are at lost when it comes to the Ayu Menu as they are so many choices of grilled fish to pick from. I seek the chef's opinion on which grilled fish I must eat before leaving Tao (so as to not having regrets for not trying it). So again with Chef Hew's recommendation, we are served with a small fish called Smelt Fish. 
Perfectly baked with light seasoning of shio (sea salt) just to bring out the sweet taste from the fish. Prior to eating this, you must remove the skin and savour the white flakes of the fish meat. The size of the fish with hardwork of dissecting the small fish, make me appreciated the fish more. So savour every single small piece of meat that goes into your mouth, ya!

Hot Plate Beef Bacon With Cream Cheese and Spring Onion

Teppanyaki lovers, you guys just got to try this. Chef Hew's creative combination of the tender beef bacon wrap with cheese and spring onion. The cheese provides an interesting added flavour, and it goes well with beef bacon and spring onion. Smoky delight you must try!

Idako (Grilled Baby Octopus)

Another offering to consider is the succulent Idako (Grilled Baby Octopus), firm and well-grilled octopus is good to eat, especially with a sprinkling of the spicy powder for added flavour.

EBI (Grilled Prawn)

Sake Hamaguri (Stir Fried Clams With Japanese Rice Wine)

From the Itamemono Menu, remember to order the Sake Hamaguri. A tantalizing broth with generous servings of  clams, spring onion and tomatoes in clear broth of sake rice wine. Just by getting a whiff of this dish is enough to tell me that it's something I would enjoy.

An addictive clam in rice wine dish, the clams are fresh, and adding spring onions and cherry tomatoes heightened the taste of the clam broth while the dash of rice wine helps to enhance the flavours and removed the fishy clams smell. A highly recommended dish to try as it's good to the last drop.

Chicken Herbal Soup 

Everyone knows that a warm and tasty soup will definitely put hearts at ease. A must-have is this popular Chinese-style Chicken Herbal Soup. Served in a ceramic soup bowl, the soup is lusciously delicious and superbly rich in chicken flavours.

Chef Hew gives me a long list of the chinese herbs he used to boil the nutritious soup which makes me appreciate it even more while slurping up the delicious goodness. Slow-simmered with combination of chinese herbs and spices, it does wonders to clear your stress and freshens up the mind. Thumbs up for that! 

Tempura Moriawase   

From the Agemono Menu, do check out their Tempura Moriawase which consists of a mixed platter of prawn tempura with a combination of seasonal vegetable such as ladies fingers, sweet potatoes, brinjal and okra too. Served with tempura sauce, you got to dip them in before relishing the crispy delights.

Crabmeat Cream Cheese

The Crabmeat Cream Cheese features deep fried flour skin wrapper with stuffed crabmeat and cream cheese. I'm not too fond of these crispy morsels as for the skin is thick and floury, maybe I'm comparing to the crispy and thin wantan we used to eat all the time.      


These Japanese Croquettes are made with sweet potatoes filling. Good to eat if you like the soft with melt-in-mouth texture on the inside with nice crisp on the outside.

Gyoza (Pan Fried Minced Chicken Dumpling) 

Appetisers & Salads Spread

Current Promotion & Pricing

If you're making plans have a gathering or annual dinner with your family and friends, do check out Tao's Current Promotion now for December 2105 to January 2016 next year. Book early for Group Discount to avoid disappointment!

Overall, I really impress with the delicacies served at Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine. I can see that they place upmost importance on the quality and presentation on the dishes served to diners. Tao does not disappoint, with the sashimi, maki and nigiri offerings. You can taste the freshness and premium quality in each bite.

For a buffet setting, their ala-carte menu is wide and you can find a favourite catch in the extensive seafood range served in various preparations - baked, steamed, grilled and blanched.  Each dish is beautifully presented, generous portion with top-notch ingredients used, making it worth the price and real value-for-your-money. Drop by and be mesmerise by the Tao's dining experience! Bon-Appetite!

Lunch (Monday to Sunday)
12.00pm till 04.00pm

Dinner (Monday to Thursday)
05.30pm till 10.30pm

Dinner (Friday to Sunday, Eve Of & Public Holiday)
05.30pm till 11.00pm

Early bird special 10% discount for DINNER, dine in before 7:00pm from Monday to Friday except Saturday, Sunday, Eve of and Public Holiday.

Lunch (Monday to Friday)
RM59.16 nett per pax

Lunch (Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday)
RM71.92 nett per pax

Dinner Daily
RM71.92 nett per pax

Children charges are according to height measurement.
Below 90cm - FREE
90cm-140cm - Half Price
140cm & above - Adult Price

*Management reserved the right to change the information without any further notice.
*Any enquiry please contact outlet below
*All prices inclusive 6% GST.

TAO Authentic Asian Cuisine 
Sunway Giza Shopping Mall
 Petaling Jaya.
2nd floor No.2 Jalan PJU 5/14
 PJU 5, Kota Damansara 
47810 Petaling Jaya
For Reservations, contact: 03 - 6148 2826 / 6148 3826
For Customer Service, call: 012-7187826

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