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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Brunch & Munch Restaurant - A Porky & Egg-y Affair @G Village Desa Pandan Kuala Lumpur

Brunch & Munch Restaurant
A catchy name to call a restaurant - Brunch & Munch, it derives the name from the owner who loves having late breakfast, munching away his favourite 2 food items - PORK and EGG! Well, if you are a serious pork and egg eater, this is just the right place to satisfy your cravings for everything and anything with pork and egg.

With a strategic location at the newly opened G Village retail hub, below the G residence Condominium by Tan & Tan Developments, Brunch & Munch is the latest brand new egg and pork concept restaurant that just 'hatched' in town. Located not too far from KLCC area, bordering the  U-Thant and Ampang Hilir enclave, Bunch & Munch just opened its doors to customers just a few months ago.

Mandatory "Egg & Peace" Pose

Inarguably the main attraction of this all-day-dining restaurant is the iconic 7 feet tall 3-dimensional egg sculpture that greets you once you step into this eatery. Artistically arranged to represent the rustic set-up - very interesting and captivating with the retro cool-looking old-style chairs and furnishing. 

Bright and stylish with natural lighting by day, serving a wide range of Western and Asian cuisines; Brunch & Munch offers an exciting food experience dishing up creative twists om comfort food focusing on porky and egg-y dishes. Diners can pick from a simple menu of "Munch" (Starters) and "Brunch" (Mains).  Do check out their "Munch Menu": HERE and "Brunch Menu"HERE    

Red & White Accent Chairs

Casual Raised Up Bar

Brunch & Munch also sports a casual bar, raised up 3 feet platform from the ground. With great cocktails created by award winning mixologists from View Rooftop Bar at GTower. By the way, these 2 restaurants are under the same management, which explains the great combination of food and drinks it offers too.

An Extensive Range Of Alcoholic Drinks To Choose From

Black Nikka 12 years “Bearded Black”
Rare Single Malts Japanese Whisky

 Egg-Cellent Salad 
RM 18

Our 1st dish is the Egg-Cellent Salad, a creative mix of mesclun greens of radicchio, rockets, green olives, black olives, carrots shreds, onions rings,  bacon and not forgetting the must-have items; egg white and quail eggs too. Drizzle over with zesty honey-citrus with lemon dressing. a great starter to get our palate ready for the "Munch" menu!   

Scottish Eggs 
RM 18

Our "Pork & Egg" gastronomic adventure starts in an endless parade of colours, textures and flavours with the clever creations of Brunch & Munch's chefs. The menu reads "Soft-Boiled Eggs in Spiced Pork, Sweet Hot Sauce & Pickled Cucumber", this dish reminds me of my mom's cooking a lot.

Real comfort food with two-in-one offerings, you get to enjoy the spiced minced pork on the outside wrap-around soft boiled egg on the inside. The sweet hot sauce was great as it takes away the dryness from the deep-fried pork and egg meatball. We polish off with some sourish pickled cucumber and a side salad.  

 Pork Corn Belly
RM 18

A luscious-looking dish when presented to us, our saliva is almost dripping as the cameras are clicking away... we just can't wait to taste this fragrant blackie pork dish. A mouth-watering roasted pork belly cooked perfectly with dark soy sauce and dried chillies to enhance the flavours, it came on as a savoury and meaty dish. Wonderful complement with warm white rice but diners can choose to have it with some hash brown instead if they like.

Brunch & Munch Carbonara
RM 26

If rice and roast pork do not appeal to us, you can have some creamy pasta dish instead. Brunch & Munch's Carbonara-Style Tagliatelle feature fettuccine with pork belly, bacon, aged cheese, and mushrooms and is topped with a sous-vide egg. I love the soft boiled egg that goes into this pasta dish, definitely a clever play of taste and texture adding to the creaminess of the overall presentation of the dish.

Not So Boar Ribs
RM 30

Pork ribs lovers will be in for a real treat with Brunch & Munch's ribs-licking dish of Not So Boar Ribs. A tedious process of cooking goes into preparing this dish as it was first slow-cooked with house-made marinate sauce to get the meat tender and soft before grilling to a charred finishing for the smoky flavour. Served with a generous portion of sauteed cabbage with bacon and crispy hash brown.

Cheese "Boar"-Ger
RM 35

Sandwiched between the charcoal bun is a mouth-watering chunky piece of signature homemade BBQ pork patty topped with a sunny side, Chinese sausage (lap-cheong), bacon, aged cheddar, pineapple relish, tomato slice, gherkin, lettuce and coleslaw. 

The meat itself is not too dry, leaving enough juices to soak runny fried eggs. The 180 gm patty is sure to fill up even the most hungry of diners. The burger comes with a crispy helping of hash brown too. Highly recommended for pork and egg lovers!

BKT Eggs & Belly
RM 18

Brunch & Munch's own version of their BKT - Bak Kut Teh eggs and pork belly. It consists of traditionally cooked tea egg and pork with bacon in tea broth infused with star anise and cloves, served with steamed rice.

Home Made Smoothies
Careless Whisper (RM12) & Karma Chamelon (RM12)
(Left to Right)

Peach Fizz
RM 8

My drink of the day was this refreshing Peach Fizz. A concoction of peach, mint leaf and lime juice with soda. 

An Awesome Dining Experience At Brunch & Munch

Brunch & Munch
G Village Lot G-05
 Jalan 1/76, Off Jalan Desa Pandan
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03 - 4065 0860
Opening Hours: 10:30am to 10pm
Closed On Monday
Pet-Friendly Restaurant  

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