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Sunday 13 December 2015

Golden Sweet Home Restaurant @Bandar Menjalara Kepong Kuala Lumpur - Food Haven For Foodies

Golden Sweet Home Restaurant
Local Hawker 
Street Food Haven 

Sometimes I travelled the distance to check out some tasty and affordable food from recommendations from my foodie friends to share with my readers. Golden Sweet Home Restaurant is one of these places I take a long drive from my home to far end of Klang Valley located at Bandar Menjalara Kepong seeking some real amazing eats.
One of blogger friend was asking me why do I even bother to go and review hawker food as it's so common and available on every corner of our city centre. Well, as a food blogger I'm not choosy about where I eat and review, from fine dining restaurants, posh cafes, luxury hotels to coffee shops and even sitting under a tree at the mamak stall to seek out where delicious and good food take me to. 

Writing about my dining experience and sharing it on my food blog had brought me immense happiness and satisfication, so in the end Auntie Lilly will follow the food trails just seeking out good-tasting food to share with my loyal followers and readers; FollowMeToEatLa is just simple as that!     

It's quite easy to locate Golden Sweet Home Restaurant, just keep a look out for a long rows of shop which houses coffee shops and restaurants along the road. It's also located right opposite Tesco Hypermarket of Bandar Menjalara in Kepong. They occupied 3 shoplots in a row with 120 tables with capacity of up to a few hundred customers at one time. You can never miss the long row of outdoor seatings facing the foodcourt.

 Spacious Indoor Seatings

There are about 26 hawker stalls for the morning and lunch crowd with each stall selling a different food item, so you can be assured of having 70 varieties of food choices including all kinds of rice, noodles, rice and desserts to choose from. Pretty impressive where each of the hawker stall actually sells a particular dish to avoid having competition doing business in the eatery. 

The landlord also does his food-tasting from time to time to maintain the food quality and standard. Besides, he does not allowed his tenants, the hawkers stall owners to increase the food prices at their whims and fancy. 

I was pretty lost for choice when dining at Golden Sweet Home Restaurant. My hubby and I take a walk around to observe the 'happening' or busy stalls and make our orders. Easy guideline to follow when dining at a unfamiliar place, just see what most of the locals are eating and just go for it (follow suit). Basically, this is the standard rule and you won't go wrong if you follow it!
Canton Style Roast Duck Stall

Check out the mouth-watering roasted to perfection duck at the stall. Business is brisk for this stall as I notice that his ducks are going off the display racks quite fast. They offers home made hakka pan mee and white rice to go with the delicious roasted ducks.

We have some roast duck with their home made noodles instead of the usual rice. The owner's recommendation is to try out his noodles as he's rather proud of the housemade noodles which he's pretty sure we will find it tasty and special.

 Quarter Portion of Duck
RM 16

I guess the food shot I took here paints a thousand words, no description needed. It's flavourful with succulent and tender duck meat served with cucumbers slices soaking on duck sauce. 

Home Made Hakka Noodles  
RM 3

I enjoy the texture of the hakka noodles. Tasted like the pan meen; ala-dente and not soft without the boric acid taste. The duck sauce soak up perfectly and well-coated, a perfect match with the delicous roast duck. Well, you are not into noodles, you can always order some rice for RM 1.50 to go with the duck instead. Highly recommended, just go ahead and try the noodles, it's really something special.

Chillie and Garlic/Green Chillies Dipping Sauces

 Fried Kuey Teow Stall

A short chat with the humble cook reveals that he have been cooking the ever popular chau kuey teow close to 10 years. In fact, he is one of the pioneering stall owner that can 'survive' in the foodcourt since it's opening for many years ago.

 Menu of Noodles & Rice

Duck Egg Fried Kuey Teow
RM 5.50

This is one of the better tasting chau kuey teow I ever tasted. Full of wok-hei and not oily, portion of noodles with the chives and beansprouts are good. I always like my fried kuey teow with lots of taugeh (beansprouts) and the boss did it just right for me in his awesome dish.

My order is with prawns and cockles  with yellow noodles (mee) and flat rice noodles (kuey teow). He added that using duck egg does bring out the fragrant and taste in the noodles as compared to the chicken egg. Well, this quite evident in his well-fried noodles. I have to say that once you tasted the duck egg version, you will never like any chicken egg in your regular chau kuey teow again!    

Fried Chicken Chop Rice & Noodle Stall

Our next tasting is the husband and wife team stall operating a fried chicken chop dishes. Originated from Ipoh, they serves 3 choices of flavours such as Original, Teppan-Sesame and Salt & Pepper. All their dishes comes with choice of either rice or noodles with 4 selection of dipping sauces which includes black pepper, BBQ, mushroom and Thai.

Salt & Pepper Chicken Chop Rice
RM 6.50

Simply mouth-watering with the basic flavouring of salt and pepper, the juicy and tender thigh meat hits the all right spot for me. Enjoy the fragrant and crunchy little bites of the sesame seed topping the juicy meat. 

A closer shot of the chicken thigh meat. Generous portion is served as you can see they serves the whole leg and not only the drunsticks. 

Teppan-Sesame Chicken Chop Rice
RM 6.50

Another choice is this Teppan-Sesame Chicken Chop Rice serves with fried egg, sausage, tomatoes, lettuce and housemade special sourish sauce. I mistaken it as Worcheshire sauce but according the owner. it's actually Chef's special inhouse made concoctioned sauces.
Generous Toppings Of Sesame Seeds

100% Home Made Fish Ball Noodles Stall

Worth checking this stall if you are a great fan of fishballs. The owner with 20 years experience in making fish ball; uses only premium fish paste from mackerel (tenggiri) and wolf herring (ikan Parang) for his fishballs.

Fish Ball Noodle
RM 6.50 (BIG)

Lovely bowl of fish balls noodles soup served with fish paste and fish balls together with fried beancurd (foo chok) in clear soup. Highlight in the dish is of course the bouncy and springy to the bite fish balls which I enjoy eating. The soup is flavourful enough but moves towards to the saltier side.

Hakka Lei Cha

Another interesting food item is the Hakka Lei Cha. This type of hawker food is rare and not easily available in many places, so it's a surprise find for me and I decide to opt for something unique and nutritious to fill my tummy.

Lei cha literally translates into “thunder tea rice” in English. The vegetable-rich dish is fast becoming a favourite among today's health-conscious diners. Made with myriad of ingredients such as purple cabbage, onions, preserved vegetable (choi po), fried dry shrimps, long beans, peanuts, black eye peas and choy sum, this is certainly one hearty and healthy dish fit for the soul. 

The secret to an authentic traditional lei cha does not lies in the rice or condiments,  but the bowl of accompanying broth that mesmerises with its unusual green colour and taste. The rich green broth makes up from sesame seed, tea leaves, basil, mint, anchovies and peanuts.   

Fruits Rojak Stall

Fruits Rojak
RM 4.50

My hubby can never miss out ordering his favourite starter which is the fruit rojak. Owner made the rojak sauce herself without the presence of shrimp paste (belacan). So if you are a vegetarian, don't worry just come and try it this 100% vegetarian rojak. I'm rather impress with her secret recipe to making her rojak sauce which still tasted original with any shrimp paste!   

Teppan Pau
RM 1.20 per piece
Another interesting finds at Golden Sweet Home is this Ipoh Teppan Pau Stall. Business is brisk for this stall's owner as he has a regular line of customers patronising his stall buying several types of teppan pau. I enjoy eating this authentic pastry for its originality and uniqueness. It's soft with savoury and sweet filling while it's quite filling and tummy satisfying too!

Armed with skills he inherited from his grandfather, Mic the owner made his special pastry from scratch using flour, coconut, peanut, red bean paste, chicken meat floss and even BBQ pork. These pan-fried, fluffy and soft pastry comes into several fillings such as grated coconut, red bean paste, grounded peanuts, chicken meat floss and BBQ pork (Char Siew). 

Lam Mee

You must try their coffee if you are dining here, Choose from the hot "neat" kopi, kopi ping (Coffee with ice) and kopi lai (coffee with milk). Rich and smooth, fragrant coffee is the pride of the shop owner here.
Hot Coffee - Kopi
RM 1.60

Coffee with Milk On Ice
RM 2.30

Plain Coffee With Ice
RM 2.30

Ribena Lemon Drink

Golden Sweet Home Foodcourt
19, Jalan 9/62A
 Bandar Menjalara
Kepong Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours: 6am - 11:30pm

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  1. You can try go to Penang and look for delicious food from the hawker stalls in Penang :D I always forget to take photo on the penang food as I really love curry mee and chee cheong so much. When it served first, I grab to eat it so quickly!

    1. I love Penang food. So original, authentic & most of all, very affordable too

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  3. Auntie Lilly Go "Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan" to Bandar Menjalara in Kepong & Found Good Food such as Canton Style Roast Duck with Hakka Noodles, Teppan Pau (GrandPa's Recipe), Hakka Lei Cha, Vegetarian Fruits Rojak & many more here, click for more foodies news >


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