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Saturday, 5 December 2015

Salad Plus ~ Healthy Eats @Quizinn Foodcourt Nu Sentral Mall Brickfields Kuala Lumpur

*** SALAD PLUS ***
Recently, my foodie friend, Ruth Wong aka food blogger at perutbesi.blogspot.my invited me to check out a brand new salad and sandwich joint ~ Salad Plus Co which was located in Quizinn Foodcourt at Nu Sentral Mall in Brickfields. Well, it was an eye-opening experience for us as we were treated to a wide array of low-fat, nutritious, healthy and yet tasty plus appetising meals to fill our hungry stomach that afternoon. 

You can never miss Salad Plus as it's located strategically right across the main entrance at the Quizinn Foodcourt. Spacious, clean and comfortable seating are available at the foodcourt where you can dine in comfort and bright atmosphere.  

Salad & Sandwiches

Amazing sight for me to see such wonderful spread of tantalizing, nutritious and all-natural wholesome market-fresh greens at the salad counter!

Extensive Selections 

Choose from an extensive variety of vegetables/fresh greens and you can pick your choice of toppings with some delectable seeds, nuts, grains, fruits and complete your healthy and well-balanced salad with your choice of protein such as cajun chicken, tuna,  turkey, smoked salmon, grilled aubergines and pan-fried tofu among others. 

Mixed of  Shredded Purple & Yellow Cabbage

Salad Plus' Chef, Diana Moe is proud of her house-made dressings, all are specially concocted to complement the salads and warps as well. She takes pride in preparing them using only fresh and premium ingredients like basil, mint, cilantro, lime, palm sugar, ginger, garlic, apple cider, olive oil, sunflower seeds and premium soya sauce just to mention a few.

All Salad Plus's dressings are suitable for vegetarians as Diana is careful not to use any animal products like the fish sauce for her homemade dressings. She explained that the dressing is made fresh from scratch without any preservative, hence they are kept for a week or two to the max and discard before a new batch needs to be made. 

Take your time to check out their menu for breakfast, brunch salads, salads, wraps or even Salad Sets that come with a choice of either soup or coffee or a combination of both to whet your appetite of clean eating!

On top of that, there are also appetising hot wraps, sandwiches, homemade yoghurt and desserts for those looking for a quick bite ~ "Grab N Go" concept. Good choice especially for busy working adults and students who are looking for some nutritious and wholesome meal to keep them going.

Our gastronomic adventure at Salad Plus starts with a parade of colours, textures and flavours from every salad served, artistically fused together for an unforgettable vitamin-rich, all-natural and well- balanced experience. Read on ..... 

High Energy Greek Delight 
RM 14.30 ~ 400 calories

Started off with a High Energy Greek Delight featuring grilled aubergines, romaine lettuce, onions, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, black olives and feta cheese with Greek dressing. 

The grilled aubergines are flavourful and tasty, goes well with with the salad. The homemade Greek dressing is made from a host of ingredients such as oregano, mustard, shallot and olive oil which find to be exceptionally natural-tasting.     

Spinach Chicken Salad
RM 17.50 ~ 550 calories

Next is the Spinach Chicken Salad. An excellent combination  of  romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, hard-boiled egg, apples, red cabbage, Parmesan cheese and croutons with yogurt Caesar dressing. Serve along side is a chunky piece of pan-fried chicken breast, this makes a great tummy filling salad with the extra protein of chicken and boiled eggs.  

Brown Rice with Steam Vegetables & Chicken Rendang 
RM 9.90

For those that must have rice in their meal, should check out this special rice dish. For RM 9.90, it makes an affordable, tasty and complete well-balanced meal with carbs, protein and vegetables on the side. 

The rendang chicken is cooked with loads of fresh herbs and spices; quite evident when I take my first bite of the chicken. There's no coconut milk used for this dish but it does not lose the creaminess, yet rich tasting with fragrant sauce that goes hand in hand with the nice warm brown rice. 


Next comes the wraps for a change. I always love eating them as they are delicious and healthy alternative to standard sandwiches. Neat and compact, making them perfect to eat for lunch or a healthy lunch on the go especially when you're busy at work or do not want a heavy meal for lunch. Salad Plus offers healthy wraps including chicken, beef or tuna wraps, vegetarian wraps and sweet wraps sandwich, are also great for picnics or a light dinner. 

You can choose to have some hot wraps with cheese, mixed greens, tomatoes, pepper, onions on low-fat mayonnaise. Pick from a choice of 6 types of fillings such as mixed mushroom, chilli beef, meatballs, tuna melt, vegetarian or peanut butter with jam and banana. Don't fret or worry as all these wraps are well below the 700 calories count! 

Chili Beef Hot Wrap 
RM 14.30 ~ 680 calories

Meatballs Hot Wrap 
RM 14.30 ~ 680 calories

Thai Salad with Chicken in a Spinach Wrap
RM 14.30 ~ 720 calories

Patrons can have the option of having their salad in wraps like in this Thai Salad with Chicken that is served in spinach wraps. The wrap is more filling compared to the salad and I do like the spinach wrap; not thick or too doughy, just the right thickness to fill everything in nicely.  

This zesty Thai-infused wrap is colourful with a mix of orange. white, yellow and green with 4 colours of food ~ coriander, basil, spring onions, cherry tomatoes, mixed peppers, carrots, chilies, nuts and vermicelli and served with spicy, sweet and sourish Thai dressing ~ a special taste of lime juice, sesame seeds and ginger.

 Japanese Miso Salad Crabsticks & Tofu in a Spinach Wrap 
RM 14.30 ~  600 calories

Japanese food lovers, you guys are not forgotten. Check out this wonderful creation from The Land Of Rising Sun complete with a home made miso sauce dressing of miso, sesame oil, sesame seeds, mayonnaise and premium soya sauce. Selections of fresh greens like romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, shredded carrots, spring onions, radishes and even apples goes into the wrap with Miso honey dressing with crab sticks  and tofu too. 

One of my favourite as I find it light and refreshing with all my choice pick of ingredients which goes hand in hand with the sweet and savoury fragrant Miso honey dressing.

Healthy Banana Split 
RM 7.30 ~ 335 calories

Desserts lovers fret not, calories count for this dreamy and mouth-watering Banana Split is 335 only. Diana's home made Greek yogurt is a blessing here, creamy and rich topped with mixed fruits of mango, grapes, green apples, mandarin oranges, raisins, crunchy nuts and banana. Oh mine, I think I can eat this guilt-free anytime of  the day even for my breakfast!

Generous Toppings To Melt Your Heart

Hot Peanut Butter, Jam, Banana Wrap 
RM 7.30 ~ 430 calories

Simple Yet Tasty Sweet Wraps

If you have a sweet-tooth, try lip-smacking Hot Peanut Butter, Jam, Banana Wrap made from peanut butter, banana and drizzle with chocolate sauce. These 3 food items always paired up wonderfully for dish be it for dessert or even as pizza toppings.

Special Home Made Yogurt Desserts 
RM 5.20

Something healthy to snack on, you can "Grab & Go" with Salad Plus' Special Home Made Yogurt Desserts. Mix them up with the sauce and granola toppings before you dig in. 

Mango Puree with Chia Seeds
RM 5.20

Healthy Yogurt with Granola 
RM 5.20

Non-Dairy Pumpkin Soup with Garlic Bread
RM8.40 (L) ; RM5.20 (S)

Pure puree pumpkin soup made from roasted pumpkin and seasoned with herbs and spices. Sweet and pure, packed with nutrients and vitamin. Good enough even for vegetarian as no milk or cream is added to it. Just a simply hearty and full-filling pumpkin soup to fit your palate.  

Non-Dairy Broccoli Soup with Garlic Bread
RM 8.40 (L) ; RM 5.20 (S)

Marigold's 100% Juices 

Special Offers On Menu Board

Premium Latte RM6.90 & Premium Black Coffee RM5.30

Blogging world also opened up many opportunities for me to meet and talk to creative and passionate business owners of restaurants or Chefs as they shared their passions and dreams of working in the food and beverages industry. It was an enriching and eye-opening experience for me getting to meet with Mdm Diana Moe, Chef of Salad Plus Co.  

Diana Moe ~ The Chef That Cooks from Her Heart  

She is an advocate of healthy and clean eating. Salad Plus Co is her baby and she's driven by interest and passion to share her delicious recipes of salad, wraps and healthy dishes thru her eatery. Every single dish offered in her menu has gone through many trials of food testing before it's on the menu. She painstakingly made and fine-tune all the 14 types of house made dressings to fit your palate, including 10 types that are vegan suitable while the remaining 4 are lacto-vegetarian suitable as they contain plain yogurt.

Do check Salad Plus Co at Nu Sentral Mall if you're looking for for down-right hearty, healthy and wholesome food to feed your soul and body. I found mine in Salad Plus' ~ Thai Salad with Chicken in a Spinach Wrap and her guilt-free dessert of  Healthy Banana Split!   

**** Eat Well, Stay Healthy, Stay Fit, Live Happily ****

Salad Plus.co

Stall No. 7 Level 3
 Quizinn Foodcourt
NU Sentral Mall

201 Jalan Tun Sambathan
Brickfields Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 012 292 9707

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  1. Well, it was an eye-opening experience for us as we were treated to a wide array of low-fat, nutritious, healthy and yet tasty plus appetising meals.

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  3. Check out a brand new salad and sandwich joint at NU Sentral & was treated to a wide array of low-fat, nutritious, healthy and yet tasty plus appetising meals to fill our hungry stomach on that fateful day! Read On About My Healthy Eats Here:

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