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Monday, 30 September 2013

Hakka Style Yong Tau Foo ~ Wai Kee Restaurant in 4 1/2 miles Old Klang Road by FollowMeToEatLa

Wai Kee Restaurant is a typical, no frill coffee shop lot Chinese restaurant located at the main road of Jalan Kelang Lama or better known as Old Klang Road. Specialised in a variety of typically homemade dishes like the steamed minced pork with salted fish, braised pork belly with yam, curry fish head, signature homemade taufoo and not forgetting everyone's favourite the yong tau foo.

Great stuff @RM 1.50 per piece - Wai Kei Restaurant  in Seputeh Klang Valley
   Great stuff @RM 1.50 per piece

What I like about the Wai Kee's yong tau foo is that the serving is extra large. Real value for money. The rectangle shape tau foo is stuffed with fish paste and cooked in bean paste for added flavour. Pure Hakka-style, made just like how my mum would do it. And it goes well with the hot steaming white rice, especially with the bean paste (meen shee) sauce. Healthy and truly nutritious ... I enjoy eating this stuffed tau foo all the time.

Brinjal have always been one of my health food. The nutritious eggplant or brinjal just as other colourful veggies, has a host of health benefits. Known for its amazing health benefits, it helps keeping diabetes in control, good for the heart and brain, anti bacterial properties and keep our digestive system healthy too. Even though not many people are fond of this vegetable, it is a wondrous vegetable with a horde of benefits.

Brinjal @ RM 1.50 per piece - Wai Kei Restaurant  in Seputeh Klang Valley
Brinjal in Fish Paste @ RM 1.50 per piece

Although I not very fond of it but I do ensure to make it a part of my diet for its health values. I think the only time I probably enjoy eating it if it cooked stuffed with the fish paste, just like the yong tau foo. Wai Kee's stuffed brinjal always tops in my list as it's really value for money. Big cuts of brinjal is stuffed overflowing with the smooth fish paste. 

Hakka style cooked in the brown bean paste or tauchu really brings out the flavour. It is really good and pretty much the same as the way my mom cooks it. I usually 'tau pau' or packed the yong tau foo back for dinner and eat these with rice during my lazy weekends when I refused to cook.

Crispy Fried Foo Chuk with Fish Paste
@RM 1.50 per piece

Foo chuk or bean curd is very versatile food. Some may used it for vegetarian dishes, cooked in porridge, stew with ginger chicken, dessert - foo chuk tong shui among others. Best for me is when it stuffed with fish paste and make into the yong tau foo. 

Wai Kee's foo chuk is deliciously well seasoned. You can taste the flavour of the fish, thefreshness of the raw ingredients. Freshly stuffed, then deep-fried or boiled, the pieces of Yong Tau Foo at Wai kee screamed of utmost freshness and good, home made quality. Braised with the brown bean paste (tauchu paste) for the best combination; bringing out the flavour of the stuffed fish paste. 

Wai Kei Restaurant 
S/Lot 2, 4 1/4 Miles 
Old Klang Road 
Kuala Lumpur. 
Tel: 013-391 8269 / 016-227 6210 
Business hours: 11.30am to 3pm, 6pm to 10pm 
(Closed on Monday)

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