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Monday, 30 September 2013

Ngau Kee - Beefy-li-cious Beef Balls @Tengkat Tong Shin Bukit Bintang by FollowMeToEatLa

Bouncy Beef Balls - Ngau Kee Beef Noodles in Bukit Bintang Klang Valley
Bouncy Beef Balls

This is by far one of the best beef balls in town. I have tried the Zhing Kong Beef Noodles next to Klang bus stand but it's failed to amaze me. It lacked in the flavour & bounciness. Well, sometimes it's hard to explain, but for foodie like me you'll sense it ... once it gets into the mouth!

On the contrary, Ngau Kee's beef balls is deliciously springy. It's firm, tender and super tastywhen eaten together with the beefy soup. Basic combination of chopped spring onions, and coriander as well as a dash of pepper to complement the already piping hot and flavourful broth punctuated with a robust beefy taste pleases me the most. 

Real comfort food. Forget about the noodles, try ordering a whole bowl of 10 beef balls, (oh yes, I mentioned 10, not 6) and savour them slowly, one by one, bit by bit ... relish the bite into these tasty morsel. Guaranteed to be your most enjoyable eating experience that you will never forget. 

Mmmmm ...... I'm getting hungry again from all these reviews and I want to eat my Ngau Kee beef balls tonight. Oh gosh!

Date of Visit: 2013-09-21

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