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Tuesday, 28 April 2020


Shopping Day For A Brand New Wok 
Guess which one I bought? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

Are you stuck cooking at home during this MCO? You're not alone! Cooped up by Covid-19, millions in Malaysia discover the joy of cooking at home. Being stuck at home many new home cooks are borns with many people who do not usually cook are now discovering an unexpected interest in cooking, with restaurants closed nationwide. 

Looking for a good quality wok for all your cooking needs or are you looking for a big enough wok for your family? If you are hunting for the best wok to buy then you right on track here - on my latest new blog post! Read on for more...

Festive Dish 'Loh Hon Chai'

A few months back, I was on a shopping day searching for a brand new wok to cook my Chinese New Year festive dish - Loh Hon Chai. 

As this grand festive vegetarian dish comes with more than 20 ingredients to serve the family on the 1st day of Chinese New Year, we needed a really big wok to fit in all the ingredients at one go. right? 

No kitchen in any Chinese family is complete without a good hardworking wok. It's an essential cooking utensil in traditional Chinese dishes. Woks are fabulous for the 'Wok-Hei' in stir-frying dishes, sauteing vegetables and even steaming.  

Hubby, Uncle Hong Cooking With My New Wok 

My search ended in NSK Supermarket Kuchai Lama where I finally found a super durable, long-lasting and affordable 'Tai Chow' carbon steel wok of the right size for my kitchen. 

If you are shopping for woks, this is the place to be as you'll be spoilt-for-choice searching for your ultimate selection of woks for the kitchen here. Come follow me as I featured your favourite woks you need in your kitchen today that I found while shopping in NSK Supermarket that day! 

Carbon Steel Wok 41cm/16"
RM 19.50

For me, my top pick is Carbon Steel Wok. These Carbon Steel woks are by far the most popular woks and are almost exclusively used in Chinese restaurants by the Tai Chow Sifus. This traditional wok is made from natural materials of carbon steel thus allows for quick and even heating, which is, of course, important to cooking delicious Chinese cuisine with the Wok-Hei! Carbon steel woks heat up quickly and evenly, are very durable and also relatively inexpensive. 

They are the least expensive and sturdy yet not too heavy and lighter than cast iron. Additionally, the carbon steel woks season nicely over time itself to create a natural non-stick surface. Most of the carbon steel wok does not arrive seasoned, so you have to put in a little work before using.

Steel Enamel Black Wok 37cm/14.5"
RM 30.05

Next, you have the Captain Brand, Steel Enamel Black Wok ~ also another popular choice because of its superior heat retention and conductivity. The enamel coating makes it long-lasting and convenient to use and easy to clean with a non-stick smooth surface.  It can withstand with a maximum heat of up to 350'C. 

Stainless Steel Wok 40cm/15.5"
RM 39.60

You can’t go wrong with Stainless Steel Wok. They are durable and long-lasting, ideal as wok and don't need to be seasoned. Although stainless steel takes some time to heat, it has good, even heat distribution and can withstand high temperatures and ensure every element of your stir-fry cooks evenly. The only setback is they don't have those natural non-stick qualities as with cast iron or carbon steel woks; requires more oil to coat the surface for frying food.

Some of the advantages of stainless steel wok are that they’re non-reactive, which means they’re good for making vinegary or acidic foods.

Aluminium Wok 38cm/ 15"
RM 30.50 

Moving on, there are woks made from aluminium. Aluminium Woks are quite popular with the Malays and Indians and not with the Chinese; for what reasons which I don't know why. I read about it being an excellent conductor of heat, but it has a somewhat inferior thermal capacity as compared cast iron or carbon steel. 

Although they're very lightweight and easy to use; only anodized aluminium alloys can stand up to constant use, plain aluminium woks are too soft and damage easily.

Coated Iron Wok 41cm/16"
RM 52.70

Last but not least, is the Coated Iron Wok. nonstick cooking surface makes it easy to use and clean since food won’t stick and this one is particularly wallet-friendly at RM 52.70 for a 41cm big wok. 

I'm never a fan of non-stick coated cooking pans or woks as they don't last and will need replacing if the non-stick coating wears off, but they're easier to maintain and wash up. Many will disagree with me stating that it’s low maintenance because of the non-stick coating – food doesn’t get stuck to it, it doesn’t have to be seasoned and a wok is not supposed to last forever!  

Oh yes, another reason I don't fancy this coated wok is the fact that they need extra care when washing without any abrasive pads or cleaners; also using wood, nylon or silicone utensils will help extend the life of the nonstick surface. Oh yes, having that said, as with all non-stick woks, it still simply can't take the heat that carbon steel or cast iron wok can!

Oh well, here you are with facts and figures stated in my finding at NSK, hope my blog has helped you to shop and decide upon which woks work best for you in the kitchen!

 Happy Cooking or Happy Woking Everyone During MCO now!



  1. Hello Auntie,
    So you're saying any brand of wok is okay to use? All this while I used non-stick coated pans/woks, I'm thinking of changing to other types.

    1. Auntie Lilly old school type! I would recommended you to use those woks used by our ancestor that is those Carbon Steel Wok (Tai Chow Cooks Wok) or Cast Iron Wok. These are safe, natural & sturdy... very long lasting too, also comes with natural non-stick coating. Most of all, it far cheaper than those cnaggih COATED or COATING Woks or Pans!


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